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Sevastyan Yeshevsky [ Professor ]
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[BoT] Club Fair [open]
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This beginning of term was going to be like no other the school had experienced in a long time. Rather than a simple feast, there would be announcements followed by a club fair, with representatives from quidditch, dueling, artistic flying, Nautica, survival, dragonology club, and the Swedish language and culture club. Sevastyan had been in contact with the presidents of the respective clubs, and had asked each of them to come up with some information about their groups including meeting times for tryouts (if applicable). Also this semester there would be the Koldovstoretz transfers and their respective buddies who would be placed together. 
Most of the Koldovstoretz students already had housing assignments and did not need to be re-sorted, and as such the sorting ceremony was comparable in length to usual. Sevastyan was nervous and excited for this opportunity, and especially the first year muggleborn students who would be coming to Durmstrang for the first time. This was the first time the school had ever allowed first year muggleborns to be long-term Durmstrang students, and Sevastyan was worried a bit about how they would fare. Surely, there wouldn’t be another murder this year, right? 
As the announcements came to a close and the info tables populated, Sevastyan waved a wand to turn on lights. There was a buffet-style food table up front and small tables for socializing with new (and old) friends, in-between stops around the clubs on campus. Sevastyan thought that the clubs needed new life, and this was the best way he thought to get that done. 
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Kalevi Aare [ Inactive Character ]
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Re: [BoT] Club Fair [open]
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Dueling Club Booth

Kalevi was honored to be the Drakonya Krov Dueling Club Captain. He wore the title proudly. The senior Krov, his Co-captain, the Klyk Vampira Captain, @Zoya Chernova , and her Co-captain had brought moving pictures, different models of wands for display, and some pins for those interested in joining. They provided small packets of sand tightly wound in paper called Smopper Poppers. When they were thrown at the feet of another student, they exploded with a loud 'pop' and a small burst of smoke would surround them momentarily before disappearing high into air. They thought it would be a fun way to promote dueling. The objective was to have that student who was "attacked" then retaliate with some of the Smopper Poppers.

While he was not thrilled about having the Koldovstoretz students merge with Durmstrang-again- he played a good game of faking his pleasantries and hid his disdain. Headmaster Sevastyan Yeshevsky made it very clear everyone was to be treated with the same respect if he were to serve as Captain. It was a sacrifice he was ready to make. He was in his final year after all. Kalevi didn't have to make friends with the students of lower status as he had no intentions of seeing them after school.

"Are you great at weilding a wand? Do you want to improve your dueling skills? If you're capable of holding a wand, then this club was meant for you! All years are welcome! We'll teach you about an array of defensive and offensive spells, jinxes, and hexes! We'll teach basic first-aid for minor wounds. At the end of the year, a Dueling tournament will be hosted for all to participate! The winner will win a very special prize. Step right up! Ask any questions! Sign up to join!"

While he bolstered the dueling club with his enthusiastic declarations and charming good looks, he couldn't cease his wondering eyes from darting over to @Linnéa Holmström 's quidditch table. He needed to be sure to get his name on the try-outs list. Most importantly, he had a very serious question to ask her. As soon as the fair would slow down, he made a promise to himself he'd make it over to her.

Straight pearly white teeth were flashed at a group of girls as he caught their attention in an attempt to draw them near to the table. He hoped they would get the numbers for the club. They had such great plans ahead.

Zoya Chernova [ Klyk Vampira ]
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Re: [BoT] Club Fair [open]
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Dueling Club Booth

Zoya was more than excited to have been named the captain of her dueling club. Pride would barely begin to cover it either. It was more akin to obnoxious confidence instilled in her as she walked toward the Dueling booth. She had shined her pin more times than was needed before tonight. Her robes were perfect, her red hair up in a high ponytail that draped down to her lower back, and her head was held high. She was a Captain, and at Durmstrang, that really meant something. She was part of the Elite now, or so she assumed. She had worked together with the Drakonya Krovs, for now, to set up the booth and make it the most appealing they could. They had all sorts of trinkets and info and even some fun little firecrackers. She loved the idea of starting some trouble, naturally, and particularly if it would help garner some interest for their club.

Dueling was the best, of course, well maybe tied with Quidditch, and survival, and dragon flying, and Nautica... oh dear. Zoya, ever the overachiever, had always wanted to be a part of each and every club. There was so much to do, too much to learn, and bragging rights to achieve, after all.

Listening to Kalevi give his speech, she smiled, it was a lot of useful information, but it seemed he had left out the very best part. "Plus! School sanctioned violence!" She added, her freckled hands cupped around her mouth to help her voice carry. The grand hall was so busy right now that lots of students (even more with Koldovstoretz back for the term!) and had to make sure she was heard. "Can't beat that!" Durmstrang had always had a bit of a reputation for being a darker, more brutal wizarding school. Especially compared to its fluffy counterparts like Beauxbatons. And Zoya, among a lot of her classmates, leaned into that darkness.

She reached for one of the smopper poppers and threw it at a passing student, giggling as it exploded in smoke.