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[BoT] Info Stand for Dragon Club! (open)
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The final year as a student at Durmstrang. Marja was pleased that for her last year, her beautiful Swedish language would reign supreme. Though she was Finnish, her father had taught her to favour his mother tongue from the moment she began talking. She was also quite content to remain Drakonya Krov’s student librarian again for the third year in a row. It really was the best job ever in her opinion, and if a career in Dragonology didn’t work out for her, then at least she knew that she had another calling in life that she could fall back on.

Another accolade that Marja could now add to her little collection was that she was now the club president of the Dragon Club. Such a position was going to be extremely ideal to mention when applying to jobs and becoming a dragonologist after graduation. She had been a part of the club since her very first year so it meant a lot to her to be spearheading it as she prepared to leave the school. The dragon-loving witch felt that the club was probably the most important in the school, in her honest opinion, they were better than all the other clubs. Dragon Club members were important people, Marja was convinced of this. Without them, the stables wouldn’t be spotless and the dragons would be miserable and hungry which wouldn’t be good for Dragon Flying classes. Of course, there were the dragon eggs (if and when there were any) that needed special and tender care too, which was also the duty of a Dragon Club member. Yes, they were supremely important indeed.

As the club president, Marja decided she was going to focus on the fact that the dragons they had at their stables were, first and foremost, companions and creatures deserving respect, rather than just tools to be controlled when flying them. She wanted everyone who was or became a member of the club to be compassionate towards the majestic and magnificent creatures, and be caring and loving towards them.

As she got into position behind her little info table, Marja could see some of her friends at the other tables. In particular, Zhenya at her new club for her sport. Marja made sure to wave at her and give her an encouraging nod with a warm smile. Soon after, she started preparing the finishing touches to the decorations of her info table. The sign-up sheet was in the centre of the table, a list of activities the club did (and hoped to do) beside it. Replicas of eggs, and even one real (but hatched) egg lay beside it, and some books were scattered about too. As student librarian, Marja had requested these be ordered herself, and she was pleased to have the first look at them before they were added to the library's collection.

Of course, she still had to prepare the crowning glory of her little display. She removed the wand from her pocket and muttered incantations under her breath as her brow furrowed in concentration. In front of her, a baby Swedish Short-Snout dragon appeared out of thin air, a beautiful and vibrant illusion. Marja smiled as it breathed out a tiny puff of fire, pleased by her ability.

She went to stand behind her table, praying that a lot of people would come to her and be interested. With her NEWTs looming, her student librarian duties and being club president, she would need all hands on deck. Hopefully, some younger students would drop by, as Marja hoped to instill her passion in the younger generation just like the club president did when she was a first year.

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Re: [BoT] Info Stand for Dragon Club! (open)
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Although he had made a promise to himself to visit all the different club stands, Ruslan felt much safer hovering close to the artistic flying area. Durmstrang was so much larger than anywhere he'd been previously, even on a par with the biggest competitions he'd observed, and his big plan to talk to everyone suddenly seemed a little too large for the new first year. He was just reminding himself of his reasons - to encourage others to learn artistic flying and also find out which clubs might complement and enhance his training - when a girl waved across to Zhenya.

Right. She looked friendly, and if she was a friend of his big sister she would probably be nice to him. Ruslan put his best competition smile on his face and walked across the increasingly-crowded hall with a confidence he certainly didn't feel. As he approached, the older girl pulled out her wand and made a tiny dragon appear out of nowhere. Suddenly Ruslan's smile was real. The fact that this was clearly the dragon flying club and thus one he would never join (it would be far too dangerous to risk getting burnt or injured) didn't concern him one bit. He would be quite happy to talk about the club, but really he wanted to know about the spell she had cast to create the tiny dragon.

"That's amazing!" he said as he approached, eyes on the beautiful illusion (though he hadn't yet realised that's what it was) "You must be very talented to create a spell like that. I'm Ruslan Shishkin, I think you already know my sisters..?" As he spoke, he glanced over the rest of the information the girl had laid out. Several books with interesting titles and moving pictures on the covers, the obligatory sign-up sheet, and what looked like to be actual dragon eggs. Even though the boy had no intention of joining the club, he had to admit this was an impressive display.