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Author Topic:  [oct-mp] the crypt jam. [isis / open!]  (Read 518 times)

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Re: [oct-mp] the crypt jam. [isis / open!]
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Isis was already standing as the ride stopped, bouncing excitedly on her heels as if she could take a flying leap right over the heads of the rest of the students, superhero-style. She felt great, and part of her wanted to do it all over again...but with different scares, just to prove that she could deal with absolutely anything. And she'd nearly fallen off, too! Nobody else had come that close to those scary red eyes!

"Yeah, you totally deserve one for saving my life!" she agreed as she hopped down from the trailer, giving a little mock-curtsey as she let go of John Henry's hand before taking a couple of steps forward and staring around the stalls. "That one!" she said, pointing as they set off down the path. Isis was grinning from ear to ear, eyes wide as she tried to look at everything else at once. Then she stopped and stared for a moment at the haunted house. Earlier, it had looked far too scary, but now she couldn't wait to get inside and be the one doing the screaming.

"I have never been in a haunted house!" she exclaimed, actually taking a step in that direction before remembering the food "Strawberry shortcake first, haunted house after?" she asked, and together they continued down the path. This was definitely turning into the best Hallowe'en ever.