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Author Topic:  never fall; untouchable {benny}  (Read 400 times)

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Re: never fall; untouchable {benny}
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Benny was far less enthusiastic with the second round of practice. Like he'd gotten the wind knocked out of him, he was slower and less prone to laughing at his own mistakes, and it was awful. The Gryffindor passed the ball back and forth with Tomie, but it was clear he was still upset about everything. About her saying no when it would have been so easy to say yes instead. Or, at least, that was how the young wizard saw it. And while her defense about their parents never letting them date made sense, he didn't like the answer anyway. Benny would get over it, of course, because Tomie was his best friend, but he had earned his time sulking, too.

Putting yourself out there was hard, and he'd learned just how devastating rejection could feel today. It was a harsh lesson to learn, a whole lot more difficult to swallow than realizing his hands still weren't big enough to hold the quaffle with one, and it was going to stick with him for a while.