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Adonis Hristofis [ Professor ]
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[MP] Cat and Mouse [Venera, Kalevi]
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The semi-finals were on, and Adonis was excited. It was down to two pairs now, both dueling team captains: Zoya Chernova and Kalevi Aare a well as Klyk Vamira 6th year Venera Delcheva and Drakoyna Krov 7th year Alaric Zima. The matches were randomized, though houses were considered. For the third-to-last match of the season, Venera was matched with Kalevi. Knowing there was some animosity between the two, Adonis was particularly interested in seeing how this would go. The great hall was rearranged, with a dueling mat placed within the center of the room, and the tables pushed off onto the sides for spectators.  
As the students stepped into position, Adonis nodded at them. “Alright you two, good luck. Shake hands, then step back three paces.” He directed. There was some reluctance from Venera’s side. “Alright, on the count of three, begin.” 

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