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[March 2004] The Beauxbatons Pegasus Derby
« on: April 28, 2021, 01:33:51 AM »

The Pegasus Derby will last for all of March playtime! During this time, drivers must complete a series of three challenges. At the start of the event, all three obstacles will be posted, and drivers are free to complete them at their own pace. A special bonus point will be applied to individuals for completing all three tasks before the event comes to a close.

All characters are welcome to take part in the sport regardless of skill. In-Character, there are three skill levels to chose from "Beginner," "Intermediate," and "Advanced." However, all drivers will be competing together Out-Of-Character. If your character has knowledge or skill working with horses in their sheet, they can be awarded a bonus +1; please let us know in the form below if this applies to your character.

Obstacles: Every tournament, there will be a total of three obstacles to complete in numbered order. Obstacles may include a wide variety of tasks, including jumping, flying through hoops, racing, and dressage. When an obstacle is posted, it will have a short description followed by +/- information. The descriptions are very basic and entirely open to your interpretation; feel free to be creative and embellish the event any way you chose.

Mounts: This year, students will be able to choose between three types of flying steeds; there are six total mounts available, and one will be randomly assigned to each character that signs up.

Traits: Each mount is unique not only in the breed but also in temperament. Some are better at flying, some more comfortable near the water, some are smart, and some are strong. These traits will either help or hinder your performance during specific tasks and are used as +/- toward your dice rolls.

Once the obstacles have been posted and drivers have received information about their mounts, posting can begin. Each player will create their own thread in the Beauxbatons Quidditch Pitch with "[PD]" at the beginning of the title. Completing the tournament will consist of FOUR total posts. The first post will be an introduction, lead to the first obstacle, and players will roll for obstacle one. The second post will be the result (pass or fail) of the first roll, the character's reaction, the lead up to obstacle number two, and then roll for the second obstacle. The third post will be the result (pass or fail) for the second roll, the character's reaction, the lead up to the third and final obstacle, and a roll for the third obstacle. The fourth post will be the result (pass or fail) for the third roll, the character's reaction, and the challenge’s conclusion. 

POST ONE: Introduction > Lead into Obstacle 1 > Roll 1.
POST TWO: Result of Roll 1 > Lead into Obstacle 2 > Roll 2.
POST THREE: Result of Roll 2 > Lead into Obstacle 3 > Roll 3.
POST FOUR: Result of Roll 3 > Conclusion.

To complete a Roll, you will post [roll*]1d6[/roll] (remove the asterisk *). You will not be able to modify a post after a roll is made. Previewing the post may also tamper with the roll. Players will create a role-play response based on the event, their roll, and their imagination. Each obstacle will have a minimum dice roll needed to "pass," and anything less will be considered a "fail". A mount’s traits may provide a better or worse chance to pass depending on the stat.

There are multiple ways to score during the event:

For Example: During the Water Jump event, riders must roll at least a 4 to make the jump. Mounts with the "Aquatic" trait get a plus 1 to all WATER rolls. So if a driver with an "Aquatic" mount rolls a 3 or more, they will pass the test (3 on the die + 1 from the "Aquatic" trait = 4 total). However, the "Dragonkin" trait is a minus 1 to all WATER rolls. A driver with a "Dragonkin" mount must roll a 5 or more to pass the test. (5 on the die - 1 from the "Dragonkin" trait = 4 total.)

Regardless of the die value, drivers have the freedom to decide what happens next in their post. If a failing roll is made, drivers may continue to the next obstacle, have something tragic happen to their character, cheat, or more, the choice is yours, but the failing points still apply. If at any time you are unsure of whether you have rolled a "Pass" or "Fail," please do not hesitate to PM Samm or Lianne for a ruling.

- Passing Obstacle 1: 3 Points.
- Passing Obstacle 2: 4 Points.
- Passing Obstacle 3: 5 Points.
- Failing a Roll: 1 point.
- Pity Points: 1 point. (awarded if you fail all three rolls)
- 1 Post: 1 point.
- 2 Posts: 2 points.
- 3 Posts: 3 points.

At the end of Playtime and the event winners will be announced, prizes will be issued—badges for the Trophy closet for 1st, 2nd, 3rd place, and the voted MVP. House points will be awarded to ALL participants with bonuses to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place and the voted MVP. Prizes may also include time-turner slots, custom titles, and more.

Please PM the following to @Lianne :
Code: [Select]
Driver Name:
Character Competing:
Mount Number Choice: (choose a number 1-6)
Character Level: (for IC purposes, choose Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced.
Advanced level riders will be given a +1 bonus.
Please be honest about your characters skill level.)
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Re: [March 2004] The Beauxbatons Pegasus Derby
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are Beauxbatons's prized enormous winged horses and whiskey aficionados. Though incredibly strong and versatile in flight, they can be highly temperamental, and come in only one size: extra large. are proud and noble creatures, though their talons and sharp beaks might intimidate some students. They demand respect (sometimes violently), but once a rider earns their trust, their loyalty is unforgettable. are skeletal mounts visible only to those who have witnessed death, which can be a bit concerning to those with a weak stomach. They are graceful in flight, but their bony structures leave them gawky on the ground, especially when young.
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Re: [March 2004] The Beauxbatons Pegasus Derby
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The fence jump looks simple enough from a distance, but looks can be deceiving. As the rider and mount get closer, they can see that the fence increases and decreases in height at regular intervals.The objective is to traverse the jump without making contact with or knocking down the fence. Flying is not allowed during this jump.

AGILE & GENIUS mounts get a +1. GOOFY & CLUMSY mounts get a -1.

PASS: 3 or more
FAIL: 2 or less

As riders come up to the end of a cliff, they must take to the skies and pass through a series of airborne rings; though at first these challenges will be relatively simple, the further down the pitch, the more difficult they will be to traverse, with the last rings rotating or moving through the air. To succeed in the challenge, riders must make it through all five rings.

AERODYNAMIC & FAST mounts get a +1. STUBBORN & WEAK mounts get a -1.

PASS: 4 or more
FAIL: 3 or less

The final challenge is an aerial obstacle course: students and their mounts must duck, dip, dive, and dodge anything from rogue weather charms to flying creatures, recruited to swarm or harass students on their way across the Quidditch pitch. The most formidable of these creatures is a mini-dragon, but students should be wary not to underestimate even the Flemish pixies, which can be downright fearsome in numbers.

BRAVE & STRONG mounts get a +1. SKITTISH & SLOW mounts get a -1.

PASS: 5 or more
FAIL: 4 or less.
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Re: [March 2004] The Beauxbatons Pegasus Derby
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Q. Is it okay to post descriptions of the horses in my post?
      A. Yes, we have provided basic details of the different kinds of mounts, but anything more than that is entirely up to you, including color, personality, and so on.

Q. Can I post the name of my mount in my post?
     A. Absolutely; you are also welcome to use the image we send in the PM at the top of your post if you like. However, we ask that you do not share your number selection with others to keep the assignments random.

Q. Are the students told ahead of time which horse they will have during the event?
     A. Yes. In-Character the event is announced at the beginning of the first week of the month. Students have a few days to sign up and receive their assignments before the event begins on the weekend. During this time, they are welcome to head down to the stables to meet and greet their mounts if they like.

Q. Are the students given time to practice the obstacles, or are they put on the spot the day of the event?
    A. Specific details of the upcoming obstacles are not given to the students ahead of time, but they are told in general what kinds of things to expect so they can practice jumping, racing, flying, and so on.

Q. What exactly qualifies a student for the "Advanced" bonus?
    A. Only students with a history of horse riding in their character sheets will be granted the plus one bonus.

Q. Can I play more than once with the same character?
    A. You are welcome to play as many times as you like with the same character, and you can select a new number for a new mount at the beginning of each playthrough if you wish. Continue in the same thread for bonus FPP completion points!

Q. Are these posts claimable for the FPP? Are they considered Mini Plots? Can I claim it as completed?
    A. Yes, you can claim these posts for the FPP; they count for x2 points, so please check the Mini Plot box, and once you have completed all four posts, you can check the complete box to get the bonus.

Q. Can I name my horse?
    A. At the moment, no, all horse names have been assigned.

Q. What if I accidentally post with the wrong account?
    A. We strongly encourage that you log into your Beauxbatons character when doing PD posts. You will not be able to modify a post without tampering with the dice roll. If you post with the wrong account, please do not modify to switch accounts until you have PMed Lianne to confirm the original dice roll in your thread.
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Re: [March 2004] The Beauxbatons Pegasus Derby
« Reply #4 on: June 01, 2021, 06:54:35 PM »
The Pegasus Derby will conclude on June 5th at 11:59pm EDT! If you are interested in participating in the Pegasus Derby at all, make sure you get in a starter before then, and if you would like to be considered for a winning position, be sure to complete the thread by then.

Thank you!

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Re: [March 2004] The Beauxbatons Pegasus Derby
« Reply #5 on: June 06, 2021, 12:27:21 AM »
The Pegasus Derby is now closed! Thank you to all who participated! Final scores and rankings will be posted in April's Daily Prophet!