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Private talk and discussion / Re: What are you watching? #2
« Last post by Juliet on Today at 11:07:42 AM »
late to the wagon wheel but finished yellowstone and 1923, might watch 1883 next

1883 is good I highly recommend it. I actually like 1923 and 1883 better than Yellowstone
Private talk and discussion / Re: What are you watching? #2
« Last post by laura on Today at 01:55:36 AM »
actually just finished a binge rewatch of band of brothers, so we are now watching masters of the air
First Link / Heart Moving, Sailor Moon [jcink prem]
« Last post by Sailor Moon on Yesterday at 09:01:26 PM »

Heart Moving is a Sailor Moon site set after Sailor Moon Stars, where everyone has begun to live their dreams on Earth after the defeat of Shadow Galactica. Space-time anomalies began to revive the beating hearts of the planets, triggering the return of the original rulers of the Solar System as seals have been broken. It's only a matter of time before secrets of old unfold...

Post Sailor Moon Stars | Infinity Island | Real Life FCs

Diagon Alley / Re: [Information] Diagon Alley Shop Listing
« Last post by Jeremy Edwards on Yesterday at 03:23:53 PM »
the goblin hole

street address: 50 diagon alley
owner: zrux mabdrain/samm
    btaz folglum, bartender | nogr stonedrinker, bartender
    rossa boom, waitress | guderk bonehunder, muscle
    zautso ironlurk, short order cook | other various npcs, all goblins
    everyday 4PM to 3AM
— from the bar | domestic and imported beer. cider in half pints. goblin gin, rum, russian vodka, and irish whiskey. no wine—it's not that kind of place.
— from the kitchen | old school fries, thrice cooked. spicy hot wings. burgers with all the fixins. battered corn pups. rueben sandwiches on rye.
The Goblin Hole, nestled in a less affluent part of Diagon Alley between a defunct wizard supplies shop and a thrift store, presents a dark, unwelcoming exterior with its boarded-up windows illuminated by neon lights. Inside, a small vestibule leads to a bar area through a wooden, stained-glass door.

The bar, run by goblins, features a large wooden counter marked by years of use, surrounding liquor shelves and a mirrored back. The seating area, crammed with mismatched, worn tables and chairs, offers an old-fashioned ambiance with oil lanterns and a seldom-updated jukebox. A small room with pool tables and a kitchen serving no-fuss meals complete the interior. This dimly lit establishment, favored for its anonymity, often hosts various patrons, including the occasional dark wizard, and is serviced by a terse goblin waitress.
Durmstrang threads / Re: [June MP] Cruel summer [Zhenya/open]
« Last post by Ruslan Shishkin on Yesterday at 02:40:49 PM »
Any moment now Zhenya was going to be the sensible big sister, tell Ruslan they couldn't possibly go sneaking off when everyone else was at the feast, and he would have to walk in late and feel the eyes of the whole school on him. It would be horrible, and he just knew there wouldn't even be a seat next to Evelina and he would end up next to some grumpy sixth year. Ruslan felt his shoulders start to slump (and he quickly reminded himself of the importance of good posture and forced himself to stand up straight) when Zhenya...


His heart leapt in a way which might have been happy delight and might have been something akin to fear. Now his own doubts began. What if they were caught? What if not all the professors were in the Grand Hall and someone was patrolling just in case of students wandering the corridors? What if...

It would still be better than the whole school staring at him for a reason that wasn't a flying routine.

"Okay! This way..." he said, turning around and starting to walk down the corridor. He glanced back twice, once to check that Zhenya was close behind him, and a second time a moment later to double check nobody else was following. Partway along the corridor the space opened up to a staircase leading upwards. Ruslan took it without hesitation, and a moment later they were on the first floor. He walked more quickly now, confident that they weren't going to be seen. Before long they reached the far end of the first floor and a pair of matching deep alcove. Ruslan chose the left staircase and fairly began to bounce down the three floors that led down to the Klyk quarters.

"Did Rodion tell you it's underwater?" he asked unnecessarily and he practically ran on ahead, quite forgetting about the relatively recent damage to the Klyk common room that had caused the students to be temporarily rehoused "I saw a shark swim past once..!"
London / Re: ✨ blue eyes and jazz and attitude · ezra
« Last post by Ezra Cohen on Yesterday at 01:24:15 PM »
Ezra knew, deep down, this was a bad idea. He knew that he would get somewhat attached. While they had already agreed vaguely on a date, he didn’t have full faith that the other would see it through, but that didn’t matter really in the moment. Ezra was all about doing unwise things, especially when he had been smoking. He had been smoking even before River arrived, so he was particularly easygoing and pilant. He kissed back, slow and lazy, until the other slid his tongue over Ezra’s, lighting a bit of a fire in his gut.

He leaned into the fingers running down his neck and collarbone, exploring the other’s mouth just as passionately as River was doing to him. He was getting excited. He slid into the other’s lap and kissed him a little harder, not thinking of taking things further yet, but definitely not against the idea.

He ran his hands through River’s hair as he kissed him, eyes closed. He leaned his chest into the other’s chest, hungry for contact.
The Sorting Hat / Re: Character changes & retcons!
« Last post by Michael Evans on Yesterday at 12:40:21 PM »
Character's name: @Michael Evans
Changes made:
-added secondary profession
-updated recent history

Member Services / Re: Archive/Unarchive my account!
« Last post by Bérénice Bonaccord on February 28, 2024, 11:42:04 PM »
Please unarchive the following:
Character name: bérénice bonaccord
Driver: laura
User group: st mungo's employee

Private talk and discussion / Re: the gif game
« Last post by Maeve Mordaunt on February 28, 2024, 11:17:20 PM »
Member Services / Re: The Frequent Poster Program
« Last post by laura on February 28, 2024, 10:52:15 PM »
Name: laura
Level you're claiming: ruby
Choose your own CT: skype'd to @Olivia
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