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Re: [Gruyères, Switzerland] Walk a Narrow Path | Mats & Nikon
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“It was my first, yeah.” He agreed. He blushed a little, thinking about it. “I mean, it was what it was but it meant a lot to me all considering.” He confessed. “I thought about you a lot. I mean, you were the first I ever knew, so I was judging guys against you for awhile.” He admitted. He laced fingers with the other a bit tighter.

“I know you’ve been really great about Rodion, Mats. I know that you’ve been very careful not to overstep and I appreciate that, even as much as I kind of wish you would have overstepped a little.” He confessed. “It’s been really hard navigating everything, but you guys have both been amazing to me about everything. Working together, even meeting one-another….” He sighed and ran ahand through his hair.

Nikon locked eyes with Mats as the other lifted his chin. Against his better judgment, Nikon leaned in to steal a kiss from him. “I’ll miss you, too. Miss this. Miss everything.” He assured. He lingered on the other’s lips for a moment, sighing.

“What do you want to do now?” He asked. “I mean, I dunno what’s next.”

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Re: [Gruyères, Switzerland] Walk a Narrow Path | Mats & Nikon
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This was a struggle, for sure. Nikon was trying, from Mats' perspective, to not get too emotional, while Mats was wishing he could be allowed to be more emotional. As it was, it was starting to sprinkle, and Mats hoped that Nik wouldn't think too deeply about that. But when Nik leaned in to steal one more kiss from him, the rain started to get heavier. Shit, Mats thought. He needed to get out of here to get under control, but he wasn't going to just leave Nikon abruptly like that.

Unfortunately, Mats had no idea how to answer Nik's question of "what do you want to do now?" Truthfully, he wanted to be honest. But this level of emotional honesty would also probably open a deluge that nobody there was prepared for; and it would, as he'd already pointed out to himself and even a little to Nikon, potentially screw things up more as Nik prepared to let go of his existing relationship.

"If I kiss you the way I want to, we'll all get soaked and I'll get in trouble with the Ministry," he blurted out, disappointment clear in his voice and on his face. "But I... don't want you to think it's easy for me either. I just don't get to show it very often." It wasn't working, the rain was getting heavier. I love you, he wanted to say. I can't say that, he reminded himself. He turned to look off to the side, and the sky grew darker. "Fuck," he swore, a single tear running down his face, fortunately on the side that was now facing away from Nikon. "Thank you for... every single moment we shared, not just the fun, not just the intimate, but the real too. As much realness as we could get out of it."

Maty braced himself with as much self-control as he could muster, turned and gave Nikon one last, long, lips-on-lips kiss, and said, "Go on inside, babe. You're going to look like a drowned rat instead of a pretty boy if I don't leave now." He stepped backwards and added, "Talk soon. I hope. Still." And then he popped away, the rainwater that hadn't filled his space before landing on the ground with a loud SPLAT.
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Re: [Gruyères, Switzerland] Walk a Narrow Path | Mats & Nikon
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When it began to sprinkle, Nikon did not immediately put together the idea that it was Mats’ emotions affecting the weather. He knew, from some experience and conversations, that Mats was capable of controlling the weather and causing storms, but he had not thought about it consciously–his mind was occupied with other things. He looked up at Mats carefully, hurting, and wishing it didn’t have to be this way. There was definitely still a part of him that had hoped Mats would refuse to let Nikon leave, claim him, and let it be at that. He knew that wasn’t the best case scenario–but he wanted it anyway.

When Mats mentioned that his kiss would get him in trouble with the ministry, and that they’d get wet, Nikon began to slowly realize there was more going on than Mats was saying. Why would they get wet? Mats made it clear that this was okay for him, so why would there be a storm? Mats’ thanks went on somewhat deaf ears, as Nikon tried to pick out what wasn’t being said, but could not figure it out. He kissed the other back as Mats kissed him, lingering, holding him tightly and deeply and not wanting to let go.

Then, Mats broke the kiss and urged Nikon inside. Nikon really felt his heart breaking, but tried to hide it. “Don’t let this be goodbye.” He urged. He hesitated, but soon Mats was gone and it was raining, and Nikon felt very empty and conflicted, indeed. A tear fell down onto his cheeks and he wiped it away. One down, he supposed.


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