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[Announcement] The Daily Prophet -- September 2005
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Volume 43: SEPTEMBER 2005


This September head out to the Cotswolds for the annual Harvest Festival, a magical celebration marking the end of summer and beginning of the wizarding school year. The festival kicks off with an enchanting farmer's market, where vistors can browse through a myriad of stalls offering everything from singing pumpkins to self stirring cauldrons brimming with autumnal soups. Step into the magical maze that promises frights and mystery at every turn. And finally, as night falls, the festival will culminate with a spectacular magical fireworks display.

After the article in last month’s Daily Prophet, there had been some whispers and talk regarding the new Headmistress of Durmstrang and her twin sister, the weaponry professor. Now, with school beginning, it will come to be seen how Astrid Vinter carries the reins for Durmstrang’s course. Unlike Yeshevsky’s grand entrance catered to pleasing the student population, Vinter has arranged a formal ball to welcome students back to school for the new year. Upon arriving to Durmstrang, students will have approximately three hours to unpack, settle in, and prepare for the ball. Girls are expected to wear formal attire, and men will be wearing the traditional ‘dress’ uniform. There will be a live band (albeit not a pop band) and ballroom dancing following a traditional feast. Despite neither house winning the Chip’s contest last year, Vinter has elected to offer a clean slate and no punishments for this year. Quidditch, dueling, and artistic flying club are expected to continue their activities as normal this year.
Welcome back! The new term boasts a few staffing changes and rearrangements that are certain to make for an exciting year and dust away any reaccumulated "dead flies and bits of fluff".

Perhaps the most exciting (and arguably unprecedented) of these staffing changes is to the Muggle Studies post. Taking up the mantle is a Ravenclaw alumnus with a special interest in Muggle technology - special enough to have spent several post-Hogwarts years in the Muggle world to pursue his engineering degrees. He looks forward to integrating these enthralling developments into the curriculum in an interactive manner designed to expand critical thinking and encourage out-of-the-box ideas.

The first day of classes for all years begins on Friday, 2nd September.

Welcome to another year at Ilvermorny! After the first years' Sorting, students new and returning dug into a sumptious feast, featuring the usual diverse spread of dishes and cuisines from Central and North America, and a dizzying array of desserts. As a special treat this year, school librarian Alfonso Ruiz brought bulla cake flavored with powdered billywig, which caused anyone who partook to hover a few inches over their bench (though a few bites of the accompanying avocado remedied this side effect.)

After supper, the Headmaster delivered a few start-of-term announcements: a reminder of Friendship Day coming up, as well an encouragement to participate in the school's annual celebration; a moment of silence for the school's beloved Magical Husbandry professor Jensen B. Jensen, who went missing over the summer on his annual solo hiking expedition in search of the mythical Appalachia Mothman (homo lepidopteris); an introduction of his replacement, Professor @Clifford Duffy, an entrepeneur and agriculturalist hailing from beautiful Colorado; and, finally, to everyone's relief, there is expected to be no construction this year.

With the start of the new term Beauxbatons students are facing changes again. It'll surely please everyone that Manoir Vertneuf is now only a part of the school's history as the students can get back to the castle of Beauxbatons again.

After the occurrences of the past school year, the Ministry has decided to replace Madame Maxime as the headmistress at Beauxbatons. Instead of the half-giantess, the Ministry official, Placide Flaubert will be leading the school. The man is a known critic of Olympe Maxime and her very liberal way of running the magical academy.

The beginning of term feast which is also a grand reopening feast of the Beauxbatons castle will likely give some first clues what is to be expected of the new headmaster.

Students of Beauxbatons, pack your finest dress robes for a first evening in the splendour of the castle. Rumour has it that the finest pâtissier of Paris has been booked to present pastries, matching the houses’ themes and colours.


The 2005-2006 Quidditch season launched on Saturday at the annual inaugural gala. Star athletes, coaches, agents, journalists, commentators, and the usual random hangers-on and guests all flocked to the Beth Bynnag Hotel in Caerphilly, Wales to usher in what experts are promising ad infinitum will be a uniquely spectacular sporting season. The event features delectable hors d'oeuvres, an open bar with a selection of theme cocktails (anyone for a Golden Spritz or a Puddlemere Paloma?), and fireworks in the evening, but everyone knows the real draw is the cauldron-stirring after the usual spate of trades and team changes -- not to mention the ballgowns and dress robes everyone's favourite athletes will be decked out in. Tickets will be available to the public at exorbitant prices from the Department of Magical Games and Sports.

Who's Who At The Quidditch Gala:

Transfers: Everyone's talking about Seeker Jamie MacRae, formerly of the Montrose Magpies and set to transfer to the Appleby Arrows after suffering a severe concussion during summer training in Belgium and undergoing experimental treatment purportedly involving an entire barrel of eels. Appleby fans are claiming that the Arrows are taking a gamble on MacRae, said to be faster and more eagle-eyed since the treatment; the Montrose fans are thanking their lucky stars they've offloaded him pre-season. Keep an eye out for MacRae -- he'll be the one in dark glasses and a kilt.

Substitutions: With Chaser Elin Evans on maternity leave until early next year, the Pride of Portree are excited to introduce Brenda Barclay-Baird, a recent Hogwarts graduate, who will be filling in for Evans. Both Evans and Barclay-Baird will be in attendance at the gala -- Barclay-Baird's first ever, and Evans' first public appearance since the birth of her twin daughters in July. Wish them both congratulations -- and luck! Evans will be in stunningly bright fuschia as always, and Barclay-Baird is wearing gorgeous sea-green robes by popular fashion designer Ruby Rufus, which have been inset with thousands of tiny jewels in a popular Muggle technique known as "bedazzling."

Everything else: Beaters Alexie Tsigler and Mollie Jameson, both of the Tutshill Tornadoes, are engaged! This marks the second romance on the Tornadoes' lineup since the 2001 elopement and 2002 divorce of Chasers Calliope Butler and Kevin Creighton; fans are already hotly contesting the future of this hot new relationship based on Tsigler and Jameson's flying and playing styles and training schedules -- but while love is still in the air, watch out for two very broad-shouldered athletes at the gala with matching peacock-blue dress robes, and check out that big, shiny ring!
European artistic flying championships

This year the European artistic flying championships took place in Gruyères, Switzerland, between August 11th and August 14th. It was the first time that Switzerland hosted a big international artistic flying competition and they did well. The arena, specially set up for the event, had comfortable seating arrangements for the spectators and the climate was regulated by magic, preventing the audience or the athletes from suffering a heat stroke.

The level this season was a little lower than in the years before, but the audience still got to see some close battles for the desired podium places.

In the junior women's field Zinaida Shishkina from Russia narrowly edged out Caroline Blanchard from France for the gold medal. Bronze went to Anna Filimonova from Russia who had been leading after the technical exercise but couldn’t keep it together in the free program.

In the junior men's competition the expected battle between Stepan Mishin and Fyodor Tikhomirov from Russia left Stepan with the gold and Fyodor with the silver medal. A surprise bronze medallist was Attila Alberti from Hungary who achieved his first international podium place.

The senior competitions were overshadowed by the recent death of one of the stars of the scene. After Svetlana Tikhomirova's murder it seemed unclear if the athletes from Rybinsk would be competing, but, of course, they wouldn't miss out the chance for some international glory.

In the men's competition defending champion and brother of the late Svetlana Tikhomirova, Anatoliy Tikhomirov, showed nerves. Had he managed to hold on to a top three position after the technical exercise, he dropped to fourth place after an unsatisfactory performance. His French rival Gregoire Moulin, who hadn't beaten Anatoliy Tikhomirov in several years, convincingly won the European title with two youngsters from Rybinsk, Rodion Shishkin and Nikon Zima, winning the silver and bronze medals respectively. Italy's Fabio Conti showed a solid performance in the free program, underlining his stated ambition to fight for international medals in the future.

Without Svetlana Tikhomirova, the senior women's competition was less interesting to watch than in the past years. Aglaya Tikhomirova won both competition parts and defended her title against Eszti Nagy from Hungary who, at least in the technical exercise, could have been marked higher. Her modern style has yet to earn more acknowledgement from the judges who generally still seem to prefer classical performances. Maria Sokolova, a Russian athlete who does not train in Rybinsk but in Novosibirsk, edged out France's Élodie Dujardin for the bronze medal.


Interview with the new Beauxbatons headmaster Placide Flaubert

Q: Congratulations on your new position as Beauxbatons headmaster. Don't you feel that you have big footsteps to fill?

PF: Thank you and nice phrasing. Olympe Maxime might have been hard to overlook at Beauxbatons in the past, but the school needs a change in direction and a strong hand to lead it.

Q: And you are that strong leader the school needs?

PF: Yes, I think I am and so does the Ministry.

Q: You have been head of the Department of International Magical Co-operation and have worked for the Department of Magical Games and Sports in the past. What qualifies you to lead a school?

PF: As you said, I've been a department head for quite a long time. I like structure and I am a team player. After all, I've been a professional Quidditch player for a little while. I want to work with the staff at Beauxbatons to improve the school and its standing in the magical world.
While I think it is important to encourage students to study arts, Olympe has been a little too soft lately. There has barely been competition among the students. They had little incentive to improve or fight to be the best.

Q: So you and, as I take it, the Ministry think that the students of Beauxbatons lack ambition?

PF: Simply spoken, yes. Of course, the whole matter is multifaceted and should not be reduced to this.

Q: The Ministry showed a great interest in the occurrences at Beauxbatons and Manoir Vertneuf last school year. Many witches and wizards feel that, by replacing Olympe Maxime, the Ministry refuses to take responsibility for what has happened and simply blames the headmistress who has served the academy for such a long time. She has been made the scapegoat when students were harmed right in front of aurors that patrolled the estate.

PF: Olympe Maxime is not a scapegoat. The recent events just uncovered that she has not been quite up to the task as a headmistress anymore.

Q: So now you’ll bring about Ministry approved changes?

PF: I’ve been studying the curriculum of the school, I’ve looked at the vitae of our staff. I can safely say that I’m well prepared for the job and I’m in contact with Adaline Chartrand as well so I can assure you I have the backing from the French Minister herself. I don’t intend to change the school to its very core, but students will have to expect some changes all the same.


Tikhomirov - a normal family or a clan of professional competitors?

In light of recent events, I feel the need to write about the Tikhomirov family which stands like no other for the sport of artistic flying. The Tikhomirovs invented the sport, produced most champions in the history of it and they never cease to amaze with their professionalism and their never ending flood of new ideas.

Svetlana Vsevolodna Tikhomirova was murdered two weeks before the European championships. She was one of the best artistic flyers in the world, having just won the Russian national title against her cousin and multiple time champion Aglaya Antonovna Tikhomirova. One should think that a sudden death would make it hard for the other athletes in the family to compete. However, the athletes from the family who qualified for the international competition actually went to Switzerland to fight for medals at the European championships.

While her own brother and defending champion, Anatoliy Tikhomirov, struggled visibly in his free program and lost a few places, Aglaya Tikhomirova soared to yet another international title with her main rival six feet under ground now. She said in an interview that she dedicated her free program to her late cousin which seems meaningful, especially since they’ve always seemed to be rivals in the first place.

Speaking of their rivalry, an anonymous source claims that Aglaya Tikhomirova has been questioned regularly by the investigators examining Svetlana's death leading up to the European championships. In a family where even silver medalists are greeted with disdain, it seems a logical consequence to investigate a possible involvement of the rivals.
However, are they truly suspecting her of murder? The damage for her, her family, and the sport would be unfathomable. As far as I am concerned, I believe that the Tikhomirovs preferred way of taking out their battles is in the air in front of an audience.

Magical creature sighting in the Alps

Attention dear Quibbler readers and magical creature enthusiasts! Have you ever heard of the Alpine Aetherbeast? Legends say it appears in special celestial alignments and it is only active at night. I’ve heard rumours about this elusive mammal with iridescent fur that shimmers in the moonlight since my early childhood, but, until very recently, I haven’t been privy to seeing it with my own eyes. On my last trip to the Alps the stars finally were on my side and I saw the Alpine Aetherbeast in all its beauty. It moves gracefully like a chamois across the Alpine tracks.

This creature can harness the power of mountain winds to create spheres of enchanted air, granting those who pass them a heightened sense of well-being and tranquillity. I can assure you, you cannot not feel it. It’s like indulging in Felix Felicis combined with a calming potion.

During ordinary times, the Alpine Aetherbeast retreats to hidden caverns within the heart of the mountains. It's said to be a guardian spirit of the Alps, emerging only during these rare moments when the balance of natural energies aligns with the cosmic forces.

Unleashing Personal Style at Hogwarts

As we embark on another school year at Hogwarts, it's time to transform our mandated school uniforms into statements of individuality and style. Gone are the days of conforming to tradition; it's time for the teenage witches of Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin to spice up their uniforms and showcase their unique flair.

Witch Weekly wants to inspire young witches to display their house colours with fashionable accessories, makeup and nailpolish. Try to show your personality with pieces of jewellery or subtle embroidery or patches. Don't forget that your hairstyle also tells a lot about who you are!

Witch Weekly’s Shopping Tips for an Individual Look

Visit magical jewellery boutiques such as Silver Serpent or Gemmed Gryphon for elegant pieces that complement your uniform. Look for house-themed jewellery that can subtly showcase your personality and create a collection of personalised brooches and pins from enchantment boutiques like Pinned Perfection. These can be attached to your robes, showcasing your achievements, interests, or magical prowess. Don't forget to mix and match metals for added flair.

For those who wear glasses, seek out magical eyewear shops like Spectral Styles. Invest in frames that not only enhance your vision but also add a touch of magic to your overall look. Consider frames in a colour matching your house colours.

Transform your standard uniform with uniquely designed scarves or shawls. Shops like Knitted Wonders offer a variety of magical fabrics and patterns. Choose colours and textures that resonate with your house and experiment with different ways to drape or fasten them for a personalised touch.

With a sprinkle of creativity and a dash of individuality, you can turn the standard school uniform into a canvas for self-expression. So, let your fashion sense sparkle as brightly as your magical abilities.


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