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So, you think you have what it takes? (Belle Quidditch Trials)
« on: January 11, 2024, 12:27:34 AM »
Phil had spent nearly as much time planning his Quidditch trials over the summer as he had working with his mother in the patisserie or doing any preparation for what would be his most strenuous academic year yet. He had imagined it over and over again. Drills to test flight speed, flight agility, to test reaction times, perception, and a test to see how people thought in high pressure situations. He had considered what to include, what not to, how best to evaluate…by the second Wednesday of the term, his head was positively spinning as he prepared the pitch for his first trial as Quidditch captain.

The weather was as nice as anyone could hope. The skies were clear, only a few clouds dotted the otherwise perfect day. The sun shone, but wouldn’t cause any of his players too much difficult as it would continue its downward arc to their right as trials carried on. Adjusting his robes, Phil went over it all again. This time challenging himself to explain each drill in a different way, talking his potential team through the drill in a manner that might give them a little more insight into what he was looking to evaluate. The young man was both loving and hating the experience at the same time.

Shouldering his broom and tucking one of the school’s quaffles under his arm, Phil circled the pitch once more before mounting his broom for a warmup lap around the pitch. As captain, his spot was assured on the team, but that didn’t mean he could take it easy. Phil needed to be on the top of his game at all times, he needed to be tactically sharp, he needed to be calm, cool and collected, he needed to be able to marshal his troops throughout the match, controlling the offense and defense…it was like directing a symphony all while avoiding opposing bludgers and defending the goals at the same time. As he flew his first lap on level with the pitch’s goal hoops, Phil noticed his housemates beginning to trickle in. He would given them a moment to gather up just outside the changing room before joining them on the ground.

Finishing his lap, Phil descended gracefully and landed before the gathered group. “Bienvenue mes chers camarades. It is my honor to welcome you to this year’s trials. It is good to see familiar faces, and even better to see so many new ones. I believe that this group will be the best team we have had in years. As we get started, we will do a few speed and agility drills just to warm up before breaking into position groups to evaluate skills. I look forward to seeing what each of you has to offer the team this year.”

As Phil finished his welcome, he looked over the group. He was being a little optimistic. There were fewer than he had hoped, but some of them had played on the team with him before. While that was not a guarantee they would be selected again, it did mean that he was already aware of their skills and how they could be best employed tactically. Attempting to smile in the most reassuring way he could, Phil clapped, remounted his broom and called out, “We will begin with half back, full back sprints. Everyone, to the goal line if you would.” Heading to the hoops himself, Phil looked back, eager to begin his first official act as captain.   

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Re: So, you think you have what it takes? (Belle Quidditch Trials)
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Mathilde had been waiting anxiously for this day. She wasn’t that keen on Quidditch per se, but she liked flying and she was definitely eager to take her mind off of her identity crisis which came from the fact that her father wasn’t actually her biological father and that her real biological father was no one else than Arsène Dutour, her former professor who was now imprisoned for some horrible things he had done. It wasn’t easy to come to terms with these facts which were now a part of her personal history.

She was almost sick because of the nervousness she felt as she stepped onto the pitch for the Quidditch trials. There weren’t really many other students present which definitely meant that she stood a chance to make the team, but that didn’t really help to make her feel calm. On the contrary, it was a scary prospect. What if Phil took her on the team because there weren’t enough options to fill a position and she failed in a game and disappointed her house mates? Of course, during the last school year she had been training Quidditch a little with Phil’s help and she hadn’t done too poorly, but, still, she couldn’t overcome her nervousness so easily.

Phil welcomed the team once they had all gathered on the pitch and gave a little introduction. Mathilde looked around and was relieved to see another few students that didn’t look overly confident. It was going to be fine or, if it wasn’t, it just wasn’t meant to be.

The drills that Phil suggested sounded familiar, really nothing to worry about, after all. She took a deep breath and mounted her broom, following him towards the hoops.

“You’re doing an amazing job so far,” she told Phil, smiling at the newly crowned Quidditch captain. She blushed, thinking that her comment might be taken as flattery when it really was an honest remark.


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