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Author Topic:  [R/I - PB - Náfpaktos - Greece] Krizanić  (Read 285 times)

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[R/I - PB - Náfpaktos - Greece] Krizanić
« on: January 29, 2024, 03:55:23 PM »
Konstantinos Krizanić, Atreus Krizanić, Desdemona Krizanić

Heritage: Pureblood
Continent: Europe
Country: Greece
Town: Náfpaktos, Aetolia-Acarnania, Greece
Status: Influential/Rich
Line of Work: Various, but the most prominent are currently Funeral Homes, Exotic Goods Shipment, Dark Arts and Occult Expertise, Martial Magic

The Krizanić family dates back as far as 8th-6th Century BCE, placing them among the oldest known wizarding families in Greece and possibly in Europe. Their origins are deeply rooted in the ancient cradle of Sparta—as one of the elite warrior-magical families who were rumoured to have been demigods within the non-magical populace—but the family moved around through the centuries of their existence.

Around the 5th Century BCE after their desires for expanding through trade, philosophy, and art led them to seek a more suitable environment for their growing interests, the family relocated to Athens—these were the golden ages of the city. Having been in aristocratic positions from ancient times through their elite warrior status, the family gained a good education, opportunities to network and slowly built its wealth as it expanded their business and influence.

Through their times in Athens their most notable involvements were with the Delphi Oracle and the Temple of Apollo, and during the 4th Century BCE, with  Pericles—who sought the counsel of the Krizanić family revered for their prophetic abilities. However, the Peloponnesian War (431–404 BCE) between Athens and Sparta created a complex situation for the Krizanić, given their Spartan origins and the family decided to change the landscape once again, seeking new opportunities.

They eventually settled within Issa, which was a Greek-colonised Croatian territory. Here they capitalised on their Spartan roots and Athenian cultural background to establish themselves in powerful positions within these newer colonies. They played roles in local governance, trade and started to properly expand as a merchant family, establishing trades in the Adriatic and Mediterranean, leveraging their connections back in mainland Greece. A smaller part of their family even expanded and moved further into the Croatian territory, which later on influenced the choice of their last name etymologically.

During the era of Alexander the Great (356–323 BCE), the Krizanić for the most part stayed situated in Issa, however, a member of their family served as an advisor and oracle in Alexander's court and to the ruler himself, aiding in his military campaigns and the spread of Hellenistic culture.

The next time the family made any significant moves was during the Hellenistic Period (323-31 BCE) and this time, only part of the family moved, some stayed in Issa, continuing to uphold their influence and businesses within that territory. Their new main settlement became Pherae, in Thessaly, which had over the centuries been heavily rumoured for witchcraft and had a larger magical community than many other cities in Greece. The family line in Thessaly became the governing centre of the family, and this is also where they started to truly flourish in terms of magical knowledge—Martial Magic, Occult, various Dark Arts and other practices. A lot of the oldest texts and magical materials the family has gathered through the centuries with their influence come precisely from this period of time.

At this time, the Krizanić also started to intermarry more outside their country within the magical community, establishing new ties with various regions and growing their reputation, Croatia and Italy being one of the most prominent. They did not have problems attracting suitors, with their strong position within Greece, offensive magic (warrior background) and rapidly growing magical knowledge—they were like a particularly tempting dessert for many.

As time continued on and society kept changing and progressing, the Krizanićs started building more businesses, establishing themselves further in international shipment of goods like olive oil, textile, exotic spices or magical texts and artefacts. They ended up adopting the Krizanić last name (which is of Croatian etymology) during the late Ottoman times—as having a surname made them recognizable and marketable where they conducted business. They had previously intermarried with families of Croatian descent and regions which heavily influenced this decision—although there was a period of time the family used several surnames, fighting over which one they would settle for, before eventually dropping the other ones (Karalis, Kallergis and Kasun).

Besides business, during this time period they also started to focus more on politics and the wizarding government—the main reason being the spread of Christianity during the Byzantine and Ottoman eras (which had also influenced the choice of their surname). As pagan beliefs and practices, including those associated with witchcraft and mysticism, faced suppression under Christian rule, the Krizanić turned more within the magical communities and got involved in helping build up counsel and governmental bodies in order to strengthen the overall magical secrecy (specifically in Greece and Croatia).

This involvement lasted into the modern 19th century, after Greece had gained their independence, and this saw the family withdrawing from politics in majority, focusing back on further expanding their wealth and magical prowess. The modern age saw the family dive deeper into occult practices and dark magic like never before, and led to establishing working relationships with wizarding scholar organisations to help expand new minds and the family’s library further. Besides the shipment of exotic goods, their most recent successful business is a network of funeral homes and services (both for muggle and wizarding clientele).

As a family they maintain the ideals of ancient Greece, where 'areté' (virtue or excellence) was highly valued. They understated the display of their wealth, and do not overtly flaunt their status, instead holding it with humility, focusing on community services, education and philanthropic activities. They’ve been known to help new businesses succeed (and having shares there) and helped certain families elevate in status, although the blade is still double-edged even if covered in a thick layer of honey.

They are still well-known for their ruthlessness against those who wrong them, unpredictable and revengeful and due to that they retain both a fearful and wondrous reputation. As a traditional old Pureblood family, they are also rather unique in how they conduct marriages and relations within. They've had bachelors and single ladies within their lines a number of times—individuals who had focused on their careers rather than family—and on the other side, those who wanted a family and married, were encouraged to have children even more so, often even financially supported. For that reason, it is extremely rare for the Krizanić pairs to only have one or two children—three are usually the minimum—especially with the social and financial reverence they are given for it. Certain rumoured lone wolves within the family weren't always alone either—same-sex pairs were internally accepted, but kept a bit hushed since they were aware how certain families from other areas viewed these things socially. The Krizanić also had a tendency to fake adopt any out of wedlock children in their family and several times had adopted pureblood children from other families that were disowned, which is a rather unusual practice of theirs.

Family connections: Layton, Chekhov, Rakhimov, Karras, Kramer, Dahlstrøm, Visconti, Stricklander, Drăghici
Played family members: Konstantinos Krizanić, Atreus Krizanić, Desdemona Krizanić
Non-played family members: Stamatios Krizanić (Ghost), Thanos Krizanić (Ghost), Elizaveta Krizanić (Ghost), Ambrose Krizanić (Deceased), Lucija Krizanić (née. Karras)
Available for: connections, adoptions, new character creation<3
[contact: Lwineah]

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Re: Krizanić
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Connections approved

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Re: [R/I - PB - Náfpaktos - Greece]Krizanić
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