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Hogwarts threads / Re: [mp] daylight {OPEN}
« Last post by Pixie Clarke-Trickett on Yesterday at 05:21:08 PM »
"Maybe we could try it sometime. Rig up some nets down by the lake, persuade Peeves to flood the third floor corridor so the professors are distracted, and have our own inter-house tournament?" Pixie suggested. By her standards it was a well-thought out plan, and if there was zero chance of it ever happening well, it was a fun thought on a fun evening.

Luckily the sweets were there to provide a distraction before the plan went any further in Pixie's head. "Jelly slugs, are they serious?" she said - quietly, so as not to upset the house elves who had obviously been working hard for days, and reached for a couple of chocoballs instead.

Naturally Pixie didn't think anything of her friend dribbling fruit juice down her chin. On the contrary, it made her want to try one as well. She finished the chocolate quickly and took a pastry for herself, moving out of the way as the next group of students approached the stall. "Looks good..." she said, taking a bite and managing to outdo Mavis in the messy stakes, actually squirting juice up the outside of her nose.

"Oh wow, they really work" she said, her mouth still full, as the other girl began to levitate "Hey, did I ever tell you about the time I managed to overdose on Fizzing Whizzbees? My grandma bought me some for my fourth birthday, and I was allowed one a day, but I found out where Mum was hiding them and I ate the whole packet. I floated for nearly a week - they thought they were going to have to take me to St Mungos..." she giggled at the memory "and of course, it meant I could reach all kinds of stuff I wasn't meant to. Mum had to buy this safety harness so she could keep track of where I was..."

A magically-amplified professor's voice announced that students taking part in the second speed race should assemble in the next five minutes. Excellent! A little bit of floating should give her the added edge for the next race!

London / Re: I can tell you miss me, I can tell it hits, hiss hiss
« Last post by Sage Stricklander on Yesterday at 04:38:28 PM »
Sage thought she had Ryan deeper than the man had perhaps realised, at least back when they had been involved. When Ryan got serious with Jane, she became unsure and felt rather disappointed about it. "Gotta be careful so it doesn't get worse, then," she chuckled, teasing him, but in part, it was a little of a warning, too. Sage wouldn't let Ryan waltz out so easily another time if he wanted to come back into her life. Sage was aware of Ryan's blood status and a bit about his family, especially his brother, and she hadn't cared much about it. Never have. While her family could prove to be troublesome, Sage felt they had more to lose if they decided to disown her. She brought more wealth to the family, and while she loved Basil dearly, in contrast with him, she never embarrassed her family within the Pureblood society, more so the opposite. She had no idea how anyone except Basil would react to her 'quirk' of switching between being a woman and a man, but she wasn't too worried. Plus, she didn't think her siblings, especially Reed, would let the other's disown her, he wouldn't let that fly.

Even if, Sage was a snake through and through and she could thrive anywhere; it was just about a little bit of adaptation. She would rather be happy than conform.

"Basil's always been rather insecure," Sage admitted, on the topic of her younger brother, when Ryan brought up their school years, "and during school, he looked in all the wrong places to get more courage, which ended up spiralling into his addiction," she sighed, still saddened over it, feeling like perhaps she should've been more cross with Basil. Maybe it would've prevented it. Knowing that Rosaline had been the main reason for Basil getting into drugs in the first place made her dislike for the woman stronger. Her recent divorce from Michael because of her affair with another man did not endear her to Sage either, no matter how 'amicable' their parting was. "I think it had much to do with our father's rejection. He never liked Basil. I was their last planned child," Sage confessed. She liked talking about her family despite all the gripes she also had with some of them. Despite it all, she loved them all dearly.

"I've noticed that he tends to cling to me a little more whenever I'm a man." Sage admitted, a small smile on her lips. Many people didn't know about that part of her, but Ryan was one of the few people who had met male Sage. Ryan knew that side of Sage more intimately than others, too. "Reed's not been the best older brother either when we were young, not the most affectionate overall, something that Basil needed. It might've also been part of why he struggled with liking men, but the family expectations may have been a bigger part of it. I saw that coming from miles away, too, though."

"Plus, he wasn't the only one a little over the top," Sage smirked at Ryan, a reminder of his flirtatious attempts towards Sage back in school, which had ended with Sage cursing his ass to hell and back. The fact that Ryan had not let his pride hurt over it too much was one of the initial points that pleasantly surprised Sage about the man after he started working at her club.

Sage was abnormally tall for a woman, standing at six feet and four inches, with the addition of heels making it even more. She had met many men who seemed triggered by her size, well-earning women, and height seemed to be quite a big deal to quite a few of them, and it mostly amused Sage. Ryan had never made a big deal out of being shorter than her, which was another thing she liked about him. Over time, the positive points outweighed the negative ones, the ones she had carried from Hogwarts becoming outdated. Basil wasn't the only one who had matured well since then.

She laughed when Ryan downed his drink the moment she reminded him about it. A pleased smile curling across her face, she let Ryan lead them to the dance floor, slipping her arms over his shoulders as he curled his arm around her waist, standing close to him but not quite yet pressing her body forward to touch his.
Amandine ignored the rumours when they started to spread - as much as she could, anyway. That is to say, she kept her face completely blank whenever anyone spoke about dangerous plants in the greenhouse, and the only person she'd confided in was Lettie.

Because if this latest discovery was one of Dutour (she refused to think of that man by anything other than his last name)'s creations, she felt strangely responsible for it. That made no sense at all, but the fourth year felt she was somehow connected with anything he had left behind, and therefore that she should try and improve matters.

That was the part she hadn't mentioned to Lettie. If her friend knew that she was planning to come down here and set fire to anything that her fa - that Dutour had left behind, she would absolutely have discouraged her. Even Amandine wasn't sure what the consequences would be if she was caught, but she'd spent so much time feeling angry about the whole situation and the discovery of her parentage last year that she wasn't necessarily thinking logically. So she'd slipped away from the rest of her housemates and headed down to the greenhouses alone.

Except as she approached and heard voices, Amandine realised that she wasn't alone. She would have just turned and walked away - well, stormed off in a rage that her secret plan had been thwarted, but then she recognised one of the voices. Mathilde. Her...half-sister and - well, after the summer school she liked to think they were sort of friends, too. It still felt a bit awkward, but she felt like there was some sort of bond forming between them now.

Mathilde probably wasn't planning on setting fire to anything, though. She seemed too kind to do that, even to a vicious plant that shouldn't exist. Does that mean I shouldn't exist, either? a rogue thought whispered in the back of her mind. Part of her wanted to turn and run then, but the storm of emotions propelled her to the doorway.

"Hi" she said, and then, in a hard voice she barely recognised "where are they?"
Hogwarts threads / Re: [greenhouse] flower road [hyacinth]
« Last post by Jet Dylan on Yesterday at 03:32:43 PM »
Jet watched Hyacinth turn redder, and somehow, his body’s response was also to turn redder. Dear Merlin, what was this situation? He supposed if this was any other boy being asked this, they’d not hesitate. Although he also supposed it was perhaps for this very reason Hyacinth even asked him anything of this sort. He was easy to talk to, he was gay, and he was a safe space for the shy girl to unload all of this. “No, no, I’m not uncomfortable,” he assured her, putting up his hands in a gesture and waving them a little. He had not meant to scare her off. “Um, I was just surprised, it‘s not what I expected to hear,” he admitted.

“It’s not a bad thing if nothing happened yet, I go quite out of my way to flirt, so it’s why I’m able to get more action I suppose. It’s not because you’re not cute or boys wouldn’t want to kiss you, but it might be hard for some of them to get the hint that you might be interested since you’re so nice. It’s objectively easier to notice when someone is more stoic or a bit mean when they’re interested than the other way around.” He shrugged, unsure if he was helping much, his mind rambling on its own—a very Ravenclaw trait in his opinion. His house placement couldn’t have been more obvious.

He’s never kissed a girl and never really considered it for the obvious reason of never having been attracted to one. He’d kissed straight guys (and done more, admittedly, with the ones that wanted to) but never any girl. He had not even wondered about it much, it wasn’t on his to-do list of curiosities, boys just seemed much more fun, he wasn’t sure how to really voice it. He was just bloody gay.

He hated hearing Hyacinth talk about wanting kissing and butterflies and electricity like she longed for it as if she wouldn’t get it. Jet was a little aware of her type, however, and part of him was glad she had not got those experiences yet (and he was sure she would with time) because he wasn’t sure if she wouldn’t have ended up also with a broken heart. Perhaps it was better to wait a bit longer for the right guy rather than rush it with a half-baked potato. Was he the half-baked potato, too?

“I think you’re just overthinking it; even if you did freeze, it’s not necessarily bad? You can just…unfreeze?” Well, that wasn’t the most sound advice was it? Gosh. He was terrible at this, wasn’t he? What even was romantic advice, and how would one give such advice? To a girl, too. One would think that it would be easier since he was a guy, but it seemed like this wasn’t a topic where his talent lay.

“It’s sort of individual. Some people are more reserved, and they like kissing to really mean something, and some people just kiss a lot of people they are attracted to because it feels good and it’s nice. I’m more in the latter category myself,” he admitted, but it wasn’t much of a secret. “Either is fine, or something between that, whatever is your preference.” He told her.

He considered Hyacinth’s proposition, and well, he wasn’t against the idea. He liked kissing, in general, and although he wasn’t attracted to the girl in front of him, he thought, how terrible could it be? Kissing was still kissing, and the worst case, he could imagine another boy to make it seem more authentic? He cared about Hyacinth a lot, and if she really wanted to kiss someone and wanted that boy to be him, he would do it for her.

“I’m not against the idea of giving you a demo,” he echoed her earlier words, “it’s just, are you sure you want the first guy to kiss you to be me? Obviously, you know my inclinations are towards guys, so it’s not going to be quite the same, emotionally, I mean. Like, it might lack some chemistry or a bit of a spark,” he ran a hand through his hair, jittery but not as nervous about it.
Member Services / Re: The Frequent Poster Program
« Last post by Inga on Yesterday at 03:29:46 PM »
I GOT BINGO! (2023 edition)
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Classes / Re: [Métamorphose] The Little Things
« Last post by Aristide Renoir on Yesterday at 02:34:51 PM »
Aristide wasn’t entirely sure that Dino was being honest with him when he said he had turned his desk into a toilet during his fourth year but the gesture was appreciated all the same. He wasn’t the only one not mastering all spells as planned. He had known this before, of course, but it still helped him not to lose his patience to try again. “That must have been awkward,” he said, offering the older boy a slight smile.

“I did, yes,” Ari admitted, frowning at the result that lay in front of him on the desk. What Dino said made sense and the Ombrelune nodded along. Yeah, he didn’t have to strive for perfection this time. All that counted was that he managed to create a garnet and a ruby which basically meant he was supposed to turn both roots into red stones.

He took a deep breath, fastened his grip on his wand and faced the mulberry root, imagining for the sake of simplicity just an undefined red gemstone. He held his breath for a moment before muttering the spell ‘Pigmento Pretiosito’ again. To his own surprise the root turned into a red stone although some of the root seemed to still be enclosed to it like a fossil. He tilted his head and shrugged, thinking that this wasn’t the worst outcome.

Next he looked at the madder root which should be turned into a ruby or, in the second step as Monsieur Améliore had said, into a garnet. He inhaled deeply and then nodded to himself. He got this. Surely, this task wasn’t too hard for him. It just couldn’t be.
“Pigmento Pretiosito” he said out loud. The transfiguration happened almost immediately. The root smoothly turned into a shiny ruby. Proudly he looked at the stone, hesitant to turn it back to try and turn it into a garnet in the next step.
Ombrelune Tower / Re: [Dec 05] Le cadeau (Renata)
« Last post by Aristide Renoir on Yesterday at 02:15:04 PM »
Graceful and delicate. Those were two words that came to his mind as Renata had approached him. She moved as quietly and swiftly as a cat but unlike the feline movements she had the posture of a ballerina and a charisma that almost stunned him into silence. He admired and adored this girl and it was probably obvious to anyone who saw them together.

She sank down on the sofa after taking the gift from him and for a brief moment Ari thought that the sofa was a lucky piece of furniture to have Renata sit on it. Then she shook this silly thought off and quietly took a seat next to her. He bit his lip as he watched her fingers unwrap the present.

His eyes lit up just as hers as she saw the little treasure he had found for her. She seemed delighted and this delight was clearly reflected in his own reflection. She liked it! “I have an edition of it myself and I felt that you would enjoy it. It’s an early edition of the text with some sketches in it. I actually…” he paused briefly, wondering if he was sounding too eager, “I contacted a few antiquarian bookshops to find this edition because I think it’s one of the prettiest.”

His heart almost leapt out of his chest when she liked the bracelet, too. Ari was feeling elated, enjoying every second of this moment. His choice of presents had found her approval. This was simply a perfect moment.

However, how little did he know about perfect moments? Renata soon summoned a velvet pouch and handed it to him. His heart was racing as he opened the golden tassel of the pouch with trembling fingers. He knew he would love whatever Renata had chosen for him simply because she had chosen it. Yet, when he saw the Johann Passdorfer watch, he felt how his eyes threatened to water and blinked a few times.

“This…” He began, his mind suddenly blank as he admired the delicate timepiece in his hand. “This is the most beautiful gift I’ve ever received,” he finally whispered. “It’s perfect. I love it.” ’And I love you’ he added in thought but didn’t dare to speak the words out aloud as they might cut into the perfect moment. Despite the fear that he might spoil a moment of sheer joy and perfection, Ari leaned towards Renata, his free hand slowly moving up to her hair and he gave her a little kiss on the cheek before pulling back just enough to look into her eyes. Did she want more? He didn’t pull back further, didn’t dare to place his lips onto hers. “Thank you, this is wonderful,” he murmured, waiting for her to give him a sign if she wanted a proper kiss or distance.
Beauxbatons threads / Re: [TTD] how'd you get so lit up? | ari
« Last post by Aristide Renoir on Yesterday at 12:48:30 PM »
As Renata put her hand into his, Ari’s fingers gently closed around it, adding just a little firmness to his grip, enough to feel her hand entangled in his but not so much that she couldn’t pull her hand out of his anymore if she wanted to. The touch felt like coming home. It was just as it was meant to be. He tried to hide his smile with nonchalance, but he could feel that his cheeks heated up a little. Thank Merlin for the dark corridor.

His gaze rested on her for a moment. She was not only a pretty girl, even in the shadow of the night, she also had this special aura that intrigued him. Her deepness of character was reflected in her eyes and he wanted nothing more than to know her thoughts. However, he wasn’t going to ask her what she was thinking. In fact, he was hoping that one day, he wouldn’t have to ask anymore, that they’d know each other so well that they could read what the other was thinking and feeling.

Renata’s question about his weekend plans pulled him out of his reverie of their future. He wanted to seize the opportunity to ask her out for a date but felt that maybe that was exactly what she was trying to do as well.

“I would like to spend the weekend with a good friend of mine,” he said, smiling at her. “With you. What do you say? Is it a date?” He squeezed her hand and then his gaze dropped from her eyes to her mouth, waiting for her lips to form affirmative words.
Beauxbatons Palace / Re: [Library] Le Gibet (Phil)
« Last post by Phil Dujardin on July 22, 2024, 11:26:51 PM »
Phil wondered what Honoré meant when he said his sister was “very skilled” in Hypnose. Obviously, he and his classmates had read about the work of great hypnotists. He had seen what someone who was gifted in this kind of magic could do; it was nearly limitless. A talented hypnotist could get one under their suggestion to do almost anything they asked. A great one could do even more. There were some who suggested that the greatest hypnotists could “control” their subjects almost as well as someone under the effect of an Imperius curse. He wondered where on that spectrum she fell. That said, there was literally no way he was going to ask a personal question like that. He had less than no desire to turn an academic discussion into a personal one…no thanks.

It was kinda cool that Honoré thought his topic was an interesting one. Phil often felt like his own classmates didn’t appreciate his academic pursuits. As he pushed himself to the limits of what their year appropriate coursework expected of them, the others just didn’t understand. Especially in the magics that he enjoyed, Phil felt like he had more in common with those upper-class students than he did with his own year. Sure, there was a bit of ego in statements or thoughts like that, but Phil thought he had done enough to back that up.

“Merci, yes, I think it is a very interesting topic. The negative side-effects of long-term single sessions has received quite a bit of attention, but I wonder too if there is not some effect that comes from repeated hypnotism? Something like a repeated use injury in Quidditch or something like that. I am doing a little bit of a literature review to see if I can find anyone who has addressed this in their work.”  Phil knew he couldn’t be the only one asking questions like this, someone had to have written about it even if it wasn’t the easiest thing to find any information about.

When Honoré began describing what he was researching and writing about, Phil couldn’t help but listen with rapt attention. Hypnose seemed to have two camps within its academic community. There were those who viewed it as skeptically as a dangerous field that needed to be studied and understood so that it couldn’t be abused then there were those who saw it as a neutral tool, like most other magics—it could be used for good or for nefarious ends, but that depended on the wizard using it. “Bien sur, it makes sense that some would fear manipulation. That is always a concern when talking about Hypnose. It really comes down to trusting their practitioners. To me, Hypnose is a tool—it isn't good or bad inherently, it is all about using it ethically. If one were to use it in court a lot of good could be done.”

As the conversation tailed off, Phil noticed that Honoré seemed a little tense. It wasn’t that he looked overwhelmed or anything, just that he seemed to be a little curt in his responses, his smile and laugh seemed a little forced, it just seemed like something was bothering him. Going the “personal” route in conversations wasn’t really Phil’s thing, but he felt like he could at least ask, offer an opportunity to talk. It was the polite thing to do. Honoré would probably decline anyways, why would a 7th year talk about anything of import with a random 5th year in the library anyhow? Awkwardly, Phil asked, “so, uh, is everything ok? You seem a little stressed. If you don’t wanna talk about it, c’est pas grave, I just—you know—figured I would ask, see if you were doing ok.” He should have stopped while he was ahead, or maybe while he was only a little behind. His awkward attempt at being kind would probably be enough to ensure Honoré never talked to him again…but oh well, c’est la vie as they say.
Hogsmeade / Re: to see a friend, to see a ghost | nerys
« Last post by Gabriel De Oliveira on July 22, 2024, 09:24:20 PM »
Gabriel thought he caught a question in her expression but he didn't rush to fill the space. Maybe it was work, or maybe it was him, but he defaulted to letting someone finish their thought. Even if that meant quiet. To listen, he thought, was one of the more beautiful things you could do for someone.

His grin broke when she mentioned her expertise in that area of healing. Nerys hadn't meant it in that way, he figured, but he couldn't help himself—

"Oh, you'd be surprised," He teased, inclining his chin slightly to where they were still talking about the quintessential healer chaise lounge. If that were the case, maybe he and Valerie would still be together, in some capacity.

"Fifteen," Gabriel practically sighed the repetition, still chuckling even as the realization (that he'd made for many years by that point) struck him again. "Please don't say it like that, it makes me feel even oldeeerrrr," He sank back into his chair jokingly, palm covering his face as if he could just become one with couch.

He knew that he should always appreciate growing older, staying healthy, getting... wiser? But every so often the reality hit him that he couldn't stop the train. Jacinda wasn't getting any younger, and neither was he. None of them were. Nerys surely knew the feeling well.

Gabriel was thankful for the change of conversation even if it was Eric. He sucked in a breath: he was about to attempt being diplomatic. "Oh, not much, really," That part was true. "Work stuff, happy hours," Still true, his voice slightly higher than before. Truthfully, he avoided his old friend.

"Are you two..." Civil? On speaking terms? Dealing with each other dating? Sleeping together? He tried, and failed, to find the right words. "...well, how's that going?" He and Valerie were constantly learning their boundaries in co-parenting it seemed.
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