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Ollivander's Wand Directory - REOPENED!
« on: March 02, 2023, 11:00:56 AM »
"Garrick Ollivander remembers every wand he ever sold!"

Unfortunately his driver does not, which is why he is asking for characters to register with the

🪄 The Ollivanders Wand Directory is an extremely large listing of every wand made by the Ollivander family, or their apprentices, since 1909 ad.  Part of the fun of creating a character in the Wizarding World is deciding what wand your character will get. It can be as simple as "I like this wand and core" or as complex as "which wand does wandlore say this character should have / what does wandlore say about my character based on the wand I chose?"

🪄  As of March 2005, Ollivanders has crafted over 47 thousand combinations: 

      🙦  woods from 75+ genera of trees,
      ❧  cores from 50+ genera of magical creatures, plants, and minerals*,
      🙞  and lengths generally between 20 and 45 centimeters (7⅝ to 17¾ inches).

* All Ollivander wands created since 1971 will contain one of the three Supreme Cores: unicorn hair, dragon heartstring, or phoenix feather.
   Ollivander wands created before 1971 may contain other cores; other wandmakers have their preferences but are open to using a wider range of wand cores.

🪄 Normally I will keep this spreadsheet sorted by wood type, then core source, and finally length. However, if you click in to view the file and the wands are done up by Box Number, I am actively in the process of adding some more "created" wands to the end of the list. Please be patient and I will return it to "normal"!

Not sure what wand to pick?

🪄 Please make use of the lists of woods and cores below. You can do a search (Control+F) for a character trait you're looking to match, e.g. "mature", "adventurous", "creative", "conflicted".

📖 Wand Regions & Wandmakers
📖 Usable Wand Woods
📖 Potent Wand Cores
📖 Registered Wand Owners
Ready to register your wand?

🪄 Click on the link above to view the Wand Directory, and search for the Box Number of the wand your character wants.

If you have a specific wand envisioned for your character, and just can't find a match for it, I am more than happy to change an existing entry that's close so that it matches your preferred wand.

🪄 Once you have identified the Box Number of a wand that you like, copy one of the code snippets down below to register your character's wand with Ollivander's, or with any of the other wandmakers of the world.

To register an Ollivanders wand:

Code: [Select]
[o][b]Character Name:[/b] Character account here
[o][b]Wand Box №:[/b] Box number here
[o][b]Wood, Core, Length:[/b] to verify that it matches the box you requested
[o][b]Purchase Date:[/b] see note below**
[o][b]Trait (optional):[/b] in case you want one or put one in your profile
If you can't open the file and still want to register your wand:

Code: [Select]
[o][b]Please Add the Wand of:[/b] Character account here
[o][b]Affiliated Wandmaker:  Ollivanders[/b] (can't open file)
[o][b]Wood, Core, Length:[/b] wood and core and length here
[o][b]Purchase Date:[/b] see note below**
[o][b]Trait (optional):[/b] in case you want one or put one in your profile

To register a wand from a different wandmaker:

Code: [Select]
[o][b]Please Add the Wand of:[/b] Character account here
[o][b]Affiliated Wandmaker:[/b] Quintana Quality Wands, Gregorovitch Zauberstäbe, Abe Kiyomi no Eda, etc.
[o][b]Wood, Length, Core:[/b] wood and core and length here
[o][b]Purchase Date:[/b] see note below**
[o][b]Trait (optional):[/b] in case you want one or put one in your profile

**The Purchase Date is usually the month before their first year at Hogwarts (which is the August after their
11th birthday), and while August 1ˢᵗ is usually Diagon Alley Shopping Day, any day in August will be fine.
For purebloods and halfbloods, in certain circumstances the witch or wizard may receive their wand on their 11th birthday, but keep in
mind they will have had no training and can get in trouble with the Ministry or, worse, their parents if they start flouting their powers.

Once your wand is registered, I will work with the site staff to award you with one of the following badges!

The Wand Chooses
the Warlock

registered a wand from the Americas

The Wand Chooses
the Wizard

registered a wand from Ollivander's

The Wand Chooses
the Zauberer

registered a wand from mainland Europe

The Wand Chooses
the Wūshī

registered a wand from Asia
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Ollivander's Wand Directory - Wandmakers and Wand Regions
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🪄 To become a wandmaker is to begin a lifelong process of learning, for even the oldest and most experienced creators of these wizarding tools do not fully understand the subtle laws of wandlore. However, in general, established wandmakers require that their would-be apprentices have proven (through their N.E.W.T.s) that they have a very solid understanding of Astronomy (for knowing when to acquire cores and woods), Care of Magical Creatures (for handling wand cores), Herbology (for handling wand woods), History of Magic (part of knowing which tree species are magical), Potions (for part of the wandmaking process), and Transfiguration (for part of the wandmaking process). A decent grounding in Charms is also advised.

🪄 Below is a list of the most well-known wandmakers and their companies in North America, Europe, and Asia.
Smaller wandmakers do operate throughout these continents; furthermore, wands created by any wandmakers may be re-sold by "secondhand wand shops." Nearly all wandmakers caution, however, that a secondhand wand will never work as well for a customer as it did for its originally matched owner.

ᏝᏃᏩ ᎦᏅᏍᏙᏗ / Tlanowa Ganvsdodi (Thunderbird Wands)
Choctaw, Oklahoma, USA
Regions Served: Athabaska, Cordillera, north Pacific
Known for intricately carved wands, typically containing thunderbird tail feathers.

Quintana Quality Wands
Newport, Arkansas, USA
Regions Served: primarily southwest Laurentia
Original Thiago Quintana wands contained American shoal-cait spines; after his death, diverse cores have been used.

Beauvais Wanderie
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Regions Served: southeast Laurentia, Caribbea
Primarily uses swamp mayhew wood and rougarou hair, as preferred by founder Violetta Beauvais.

Jonker & Sons Wand Co.
Seven Springs, Pennsylvania, USA
Regions Served: northern and central Laurentia
Specializes in wands with mother-of-pearl inlay, featuring wampus hair cores.

Ollivander's Wands
London, City of London, England
Regions Served: Íslandómr, Eire, Brittania, Iberia, Gallia
Hand-selects native and imported woods, using the three Supreme Cores; older wands may contain lesser cores.

Gregorovitch Zauberstäbe (Gregorovitch Wands)
Niesky, Sachsen, Deutschland (Germany)
Regions Served: Germania, Baltics, Fennoscandia, Dacia, Yevrorusski
Crafts rugged, natural-looking wands, known and feared for their powerful cores.

Feine Klassische Zauberstäbe (Fine Classic Wands)
Vienna, Land Wien, Österreich (Austria)
Regions Served: Iberia, Gallia, Appennini, Germania, Balkanski, Dacia, Barbary
Renowned for intricate wood grafting, bespoke designs, and exquisite craftsmanship.

Жезлы Тезаровича / Zhezly Tezarovicha (Rods of Tezarovich)
Livny (Monogarovo), Orlovshchina, Russiya
Regions Served: Baltics, Fennoscandia, Dacia, Yevrorusski, Transcaucasia, Transoxania, Siberia
Crafting elegant wands with meticulous woodwork and robust construction.

رماح الأخمينيين / Ramah al'Akhminiiyn (Spears of Achaemenes)
Shūsh, Xūzestān, Irân
Regions Served: Nilotia, Anatolia, Petraea, Mesopotamia, Arabia, Yamnat, Transcaucasia, Persia, Transoxania, Tūiriiān
Specializes in wands made from rare, ancient desert woods, often paired with exotic cores.

魔杖制造者 / Dìguó Mózhàng Zhìzào Zhě (Imperial Wandmakers)
Bǎojìng Xiàn, Húnán, Zhōngguó (China)
Regions Served: Bengali, Xinjiang, Tibet, Indochina, Qingyuan, Yangtze, Mongolia, Manchuria
Specializing in diverse, regionally sourced woods and cores, catering to broad clientele.
阿部清美の枝 / Abe Kiyomi no Eda (Wands of Abe Kiyomi)
Daikoku-jima, Hokkaidō, Nippon (Japan)
Regions Served: Manchuria, Yakutia, Nippon
Favors cherry wood and often pairs it with other wood types to create unique wands.

Tlanowa Ganvsdodi
Thunderbird Wands
Jonker & Sons
Wand Co.
Gregorovitch Wands
Жезлы Тезаровича
Zhezly Tezarovicha
Rods of Tezarovich
Abe Kiyomi no Eda
Wands of Abe Kiyomi
north Pacific
and central
Eire; Brittania;
Iberia; Gallia
Germania; Fennoscandia; Baltics; Dacia; YevrorusskiFennoscandia; Baltics; Dacia; Yevrorusski; Transcaucasia; Transoxania; SiberiaManchuria;
Oklahoma, USA
Seven Springs,
Pennsylvania, USA
City of London, England
Sachsen, Deutschland
Livny (Monogarovo),
Orlovshchina, Rossiya
Hokkaidō, Nippon

Arkansas, USA
New Orleans,
Louisiana, USA
Land Wien, Österreich
Xūzestān, Iran
Bǎojìng Xiàn,
Húnán, Zhōngguó
Iberia; Gallia; Appennini; Germania; Balkanski; Dacia; BarbaryAnatolia; Petraea; Mesopotamia; Transcaucasia; Arabia; Yamnat; Nilotia; Persia; Transoxania; TūiriiānBengali; Xinjiang; Tibet; Indochina; Qingyuan; Yangtze; Mongolia; Manchuria
Beauvais Wanderie Feine Klassische Zauberstäbe
Fine Classic Wands
رماح الأخمينيين
Ramah al'Akhminiiyn
Spears of Achaemenes
Dìguó Mózhàng Zhìzào Zhě
Imperial Wandmakers

🪄 Wandmakers look at their service areas (and wand wood areas) as "wand regions" rather than as a list of countries. A wand region is a (generally) contiguous area with the same climate, geographical features, and fauna. As such, wand regions vary greatly in size between highly distinct areas with very small (on a global scale) acreage and fairly homogeneous areas with quite large acreage. Not all wandmakers concur about how many wand regions there are in the world; however, generally, two of the three defining features (fauna, geography, climate) must change in notable frequency to be considered a shift in wand region.

🪄 Below are a series of tables listing the 61 generally accepted wand regions across all six continents (Antarctica excluded). These wand regions are mentioned above in the wandmakers' table, and will be listed on the tables below for wand woods and wand cores.


AthabaskaSubpolar, Mixed ForestUnited States (Alaska), Canada (Alberta northern, British Columbia northern, Manitoba northern, Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Saskatchewan northern, Yukon)
LaurentiaTemperate, Mixed ForestCanada (New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec), United States (Alabama northern, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia northern, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi northern, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas eastern, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin)
CordilleraHighland, ScrublandCanada (Alberta southern, British Columbia southern, Manitoba southern, Saskatchewan southern), United States (Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Texas western, Utah, Washington, Wyoming), Mexico (Aguascalientes, Baja California, Baja California Sur, Chihuahua, Coahuila, Colima, Durange, Guanajuato, Hidalgo, Jalisco, México, Mexico City, Michoacán, Morelos, Nayarit, Nuevo León, Puebla, Querétaro, San Luis Potosí, Sinaloa, Sonora, Tamaulipas, Tlaxcala, Veracruz northern, Zacatecas)
CaribbeaTropical, Rain ForestAnguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, Aruba, Bahamas, Barbados, Bonaire, British Virgin Islands, Cuba, Curaçao, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Grenada, Guadeloupe, Haiti, Jamaica, Montserrat, Puerto Rico, Saba, Saint Barthelemy/Barthélemy, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Martin/Sint Maarten, Trinidad and Tobago, Turks and Caicos Islands, United States (Alabama southern, Florida, Georgia southern, Louisiana, Mississippi southern), United States Virgin Islands
CentroaméricaTropical, Monsoon ForestMexico (Campeche, Chiapas, Guerrero, Oaxaca, Quintana Roo, Tabasco, Veracruz southern, Yucatán), Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Venezuela (Aragua, Carabobo, Distrito Capital, Falcón, Lara, Miranda, Trujillo, Vargas, Yaracuy, Zulia), Colombia (Antioquia, Atlántico, Bolívar, Boyacá, Caldas, Capital District, Cauca, Cesar, Chocó, Córdoba, Cundinamarca, Huila, La Guajira, Magdalena, Nariño, Norte de Santander, Quindío, Risaralda, San Andrés y Providencia, Santander, Sucre, Tolima, Valle del Cauca), Ecuador (Azuay, Bolívar, Cañar, Carchi, Chimborazo, Cotopaxi, El Oro, Esmeraldas, Galápagos, Guayas, Imbabura, Loja, Los Ríos, Manabí, Pichincha, Santa Elena, Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas, Sucumbíos, Tungurahua)


AmazoniaTropical, Rain ForestVenezuela (Amazonas, Anzoátegui, Apure, Barinas, Bolívar, Cojedes, Delta Amacuro, Guárico, Mérida, Monagas, Nueva Esparta, Portuguesa, Sucre, Táchira), Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana, Colombia (Amazonas, Arauca, Caquetá, Casanare, Guainía, Guaviare, Meta, Putumayo, Vaupés, Vichada), Brazil (Acre, Amapá, Amazonas, Mato Grosso, Pará, Rondônia, Roraima), Ecuador (Morona Santiago, Napo, Orellana, Pastaza, Sucumbíos, Zamora Chinchipe), Peru (Amazonas, Cusco northern, Huánuco, Junín, Loreto, Madre de Dios, Pasco, San Martin, Ucayali), Bolivia (Beni, Chuquisaca, Cochabamba, La Paz northern, Pando, Santa Cruz, Tarija)
SertãoTemperate, SavannaBrazil (Alagoas, Bahia, Ceará, Maranhão, Paraíba, Pernambuco, Piauí, Rio Grande do Norte, Sergipe, Tocantins)
SudesteTemperate, Mixed ForestBrazil (Distrito Federal, Espírito Santo, Goiás, Mato Grosso do Sul, Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo)
ParanáTemperate, Mixed ForestBrazil (Paraná, Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina), Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina (Buenos Aires [autonomous city], Buenos Aires [province], Chaco, Córdoba, Corrientes, Entre Rios, Formosa, La Rioja eastern, Misiones, Salta eastern, San Luis, Santa Fe, Santiago del Estero, Tucumán)
PatagoniaSubpolar, ScrublandArgentina (Chubut, La Pampa, Mendoza eastern, Neuquén, Río Negro, Santa Cruz, Tierra del Fuego), Falkland Islands
AndeaHighland, Alpine FloraPeru (Ancash, Apurímac, Arequipa, Ayacucho, Cajamarca, Cusco southern, Huancavelica, Ica, La Libertad, Lambayeque, Lima, Moquegua, Piura, Puno, Tacna, Tumbes), Bolivia (La Paz southern, Oruro, Potosí), Chile, Argentina (Catamarca, Jujuy, La Rioja western, Mendoza western, Salta western, San Juan)


IguinawenTropical, Rain ForestBenin, Burkina Faso, Cabo Verde, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Mali (Bamako, Kayes, Koulikoro, Mopti, Ségou, Sikasso), Nigeria, Sao Tome and Principe, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Togo
GacandhulkaSemi-Arid, GrasslandDjibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia
KongoTropical, Monsoon ForestBurundi, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Republic of the Congo, Rwanda, Uganda
MaraviTropical, SavannaAngola, Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe
MadagasikaraTropical, Rain ForestComoros, Madagascar, Mauritius, Seychelles
KhoiSemi-Arid, GrasslandBotswana, Lesotho, Namibia, South Africa, Swaziland


BarbaryMediterranean, GarrigueAlgeria (Aïn Defla, Aïn Témouchent, Algiers, Annaba, Batna, Béchar northern, Béjaïa, Biskra, Blida, Bordj Bou Arréridj, Bouïra, Boumerdès, Chlef, Constantine, Djelfa, El Bayadh, El Tarf, Guelma, Jijel, Khenchela, Laghouat, Mascara, Médéa, Mila, Mostaganem, M'Sila, Naâma, Oran, Oum El Bouaghi, Relizane, Saïda, Sétif, Sidi Bel Abbès, Skikda, Souk Ahras, Tébessa, Tiaret, Tipaza, Tissemsilt, Tizi Ouzou, Tlemcen), Morocco, Tunisia (Ariana, Béja, Ben Arous, Bizerte, Gafsa, Jendouba, Kairouan, Kasserine, Kef, Mahdia, Manouba, Monastir, Nabeul, Sfax, Sidi Bouzid, Siliana, Sousse, Tunis, Zaghouan)
NilotiaTropical, SavannaEgypt (Alexandria, Aswan, Asyut, Beheira northern, Beni Suef eastern, Cairo western, Dakahlia, Damietta, Faiyum, Gharbia, Giza eastern, Ismailia northern, Kafr El Sheikh, Luxor, Minya eastern, Monufia, Port Said, Qalyubia, Qena, Sharqia, Sohag)
SaharanArid, ScrublandAlgeria (Adrar, Béchar southern, El Oued, Ghardaia, Illizi, Ouargla, Tamanghasset, Tindouf), Chad, Egypt (Beheira southern, Beni Suef western, Cairo eastern, Giza western, Ismailia southern, Matrouh, Minya western, New Valley, North Sinai, Red Sea, South Sinai, Suez), Libya, Mali (Tombouctou, Kidal, Gao), Mauritania, Niger, Sudan, Tunisia (Gabès, Kebili, Medenine, Tataouine, Tozeur)


FennoscandiaSubpolar, Conifer ForestNorway, Sweden, Finland
YevrorusskiSubpolar, Conifer ForestRussia (Northwestern Federal District, Central Vederal District, Volga Federal District)
ÍslandómrSubpolar, TundraIceland
BalticsMaritime, Mixed ForestEstonia, Latvia, Lithuania
BrittaniaMaritime, Mixed ForestScotland, Wales, England
EireMaritime, GrasslandNorthern Ireland, Ireland
GermaniaTemperate, Mixed ForestGermany, Austria, Liechtenstein, Czechia, Denmark, Hungary, Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia
DaciaContinental, Conifer ForestBelarus, Bulgaria, Moldova, Ukraine
GalliaMaritime, Mixed ForestFrance, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Andorra, Malta, Monaco
AppenniniMediterranean, GarrigueItaly, San Marino, Vatican City
BalkanskiMediterranean, Mixed ForestSlovenia, Albania, Serbia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Romania
IberiaMediterranean, GarrigueSpain, Portugal


SiberiaSubpolar, Conifer ForestRussia (Ural Federal District and Siberian Federal District)
TūiriiānSemi-Arid, GrasslandKazakhstan (Abai Region, Akmola Region, Aktobe Region, Almaty [city], Almaty Region, Astana [city], Atyrau Region, East Kazakhstan Region, Jambyl Region, Jetisu Region, Karaganda Region, Kostanay Region, Kyzylorda Region, North Kazakhstan Region, Pavlodar Region, Shymkent [city], South Kazakhstan Region, Ulytau Region, West Kazakhstan Region), Uzbekistan (Andijan Region, Fergana Region, Jizzakh Region, Namangan Region, Sirdaryo Region, Surxondaryo Region, Tashkent [city], Tashkent Region), Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan
TranscaucasiaTemperate, Mixed ForestRussia (Southern Federal District), Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia
TransoxaniaSemi-Arid, SavannaUzbekistan (Bukhara Region, Karakalpakstan, Navoiy Region, Qashqadaryo Region, Samarqand Region, Xorazm Region), Kazakhstan (Mangystau Region), Turkmenistan
AnatoliaMediterranean, GarrigueTurkey
PersiaArid, ScrublandIran, Afghanistan, Pakistan
MesopotamiaSemi-Arid, SavannaSyria (Aleppo, Al-Hasakah, Deir ez-Zor, Hama eastern, Homs eastern, Raqqa), Iraq, Kuwait
PetraeaArid, SavannaCyprus, Jordan, Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria (As-Suwayda, Damascus, Daraa, Hama western, Homs western, Idlib, Ladhakia, Quneitra, Tartus, Rif Dimashq)
ArabiaArid, ScrublandSaudi Arabia (Eastern Province, Ha'il, Jawf, Najran eastern, Northern Borders, Qasim, Riyadh, Tabuk eastern), Yemen (Al Mahrah, Hadramaut), United Arab Emirates, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar
YamnatSemi-Arid, SavannaSaudi Arabia (Asir, Baha, Jizan, Madinah, Makkah, Najran western, Tabuk western), Yemen (Abyan, Aden, Al Bayda, Al Hudaydah, Al Jawf, Al Mahwit, Amanat Al Asimah, 'Amran, Dhale, Dhamar, Hajjah, Ibb, Lahij, Ma'rib, Raymah, Sa'dah, Sana'a, Shabwah, Socotra Archipelago, Taiz)


YakutiaSubpolar, TundraRussia (Far East Federal District)
MongoliaContinental, GrasslandMongolia, China (Inner Mongolia [Region])
ManchuriaTemperate, Mixed ForestChina (Beijing [Municipality], Gansu, Hebei, Hebei, Heilongjiang, Henan, Jilin, Liaoning, Ningxia Hui [Region], Qinghai eastern, Shaanxi, Shandong, Shanxi, Tianjin [Municipality]), North Korea, South Korea
XinjiangArid, ScrublandChina (Xinjiang Uyghur [Region], Qinghai northwest)
NipponMaritime, Mixed ForestJapan
TibetHighland, Alpine FloraChina (Tibet [Region], Qinghai southwest)


BengaliTropical, Rain ForestIndia, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal, Sri Lanka
QingyuanTemperate, Mixed ForestChina (Sichuan, Yunnan)
YangtzeSubtropical, Mixed ForestChina (Anhui, Chongqing [Municipality], Fujian, Guangdong, Guangxi Zhuang [Region], Guizhou, Hainan, Hubei, Hunan, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Shanghai [Municipality], Zhejiang), Taiwan
IndochinaTropical, Monsoon ForestVietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia (peninsular region), Myanmar, Singapore
MalesiaTropical, Rain ForestMalaysia (islands region), Brunei, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, East Timor


CarpentariaTropical, SavannaWestern Australia (Kimberley northern), Northern Territory (Barkly Tableland, Darwin, East Arnhem, Katherine), Queensland (Far North Queensland, North Queensland)
OutbackArid, ScrublandWestern Australia (Goldfields-Esperance northern, Kimberley southern, Mid West northeast, Pilbara), Northern Territory Northern Territory (Alice Springs), South Australia (partial), Queensland (partial), New South Wales (partial)
MulgaxericaTemperate, Mixed ForestQueensland (Central Queensland eastern, Darling Downs South West eastern, Mackay-Isaac-Whitsunday, Wide Bay Burnett), New South Wales (partial)
WheatbeltMediterranean, GarrigueWestern Australia (Gascoyne, Mid West southwest, Wheatbelt, Goldfields-Esperance southern, Perth, Peel, South West, Great Southern)
VictoriaTemperate, Mixed ForestQueensland (South East Queensland), New South Wales (partial), Victoria (partial), South Australia (partial)
AotearoaMaritime, Mixed ForestNew Zealand
TasmaniaTemperate, Mixed ForestAustralia (Tasmania island)

MicronesiaTropical, Rain ForestFederated States of Micronesia, Guam, Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Nauru, Northern Mariana Islands, Palau
MelanesiaTropical, Rain ForestFiji, New Caledonia, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu
PolynesiaSubtropical, Rain ForestAmerican Samoa, Cook Islands, French Polynesia, Niue, Pitcairn Islands, Samoa, Tokelau, Tonga, Tuvalu, United States (Hawaii), Wallis and Futuna
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Ollivander's Wand Directory - Wand Woods
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Alphabetical List of Wand Wood Genera
The larger the font, the higher rated this genus is by Mr. Ollivander (one, two, or three stars). The seven "Supreme Woods" are glowing.
Major (whole order is magical)   Moderate (whole family)   Minor (whole subfamily/tribe)   Mutant (only this genus is magical)

apple [domestic, squaw]
ash [𝗍𝗋𝗎𝖾, crow, prickly]
beech, 𝗍𝗋𝗎𝖾
beech, southern
broom tree (desert)
cedar [𝗍𝗋𝗎𝖾, Chilean, incense, Spanish, Tasmanian, teardrop, white]
cherry [𝗍𝗋𝗎𝖾, bird]
chestnut [𝗍𝗋𝗎𝖾, horse, Polynesian]
chinquapin [𝗍𝗋𝗎𝖾, American]
cypress [𝗍𝗋𝗎𝖾, African, bald, false, Fujian, golden, Guaitecas, Patagonian, sandplain, swamp, western, yellow]
elm [𝗍𝗋𝗎𝖾, Indian, thorn]
fig [𝗍𝗋𝗎𝖾, false]
fir [𝗍𝗋𝗎𝖾, China]
heather [mountain, sand, summer, winter]
hemlock [𝗍𝗋𝗎𝖾, bristlecone, false]
holly [𝗍𝗋𝗎𝖾, brush]
hornbeam [𝗍𝗋𝗎𝖾, hazel-, hop-]
ironwood [desert, rose]
larch [𝗍𝗋𝗎𝖾, false]
lime tree
mahogany [African, American, Indian, pink]
milk tree
mulberry [𝗍𝗋𝗎𝖾, false]
neem tree
oak [bristle, evergreen, hairy, intermediate, live, red, ring, shrub, stone, tan-, white]
olive [𝗍𝗋𝗎𝖾, mock]
pine [𝗍𝗋𝗎𝖾, dwarf, umbrella]
plane tree
plum [𝗍𝗋𝗎𝖾, Indian, sugar]
poplar [𝗍𝗋𝗎𝖾, balsam]
privet [𝗍𝗋𝗎𝖾, swamp]
quince [𝗍𝗋𝗎𝖾, Chinese]
redwood [𝗍𝗋𝗎𝖾, dawn, giant
rosewood [𝗍𝗋𝗎𝖾, Tipa]
thorn tree
thuja [𝗍𝗋𝗎𝖾, Barbary, Chinese, Russian]
walnut [𝗍𝗋𝗎𝖾, black]
wingnut [𝗍𝗋𝗎𝖾, wheel]
yew [𝗍𝗋𝗎𝖾, catkin, nutmeg, plum, southern, whiteberry]

🪄 Only a minority of trees can produce wand quality wood, just as only a minority of humans can produce quality magic. (Bowtruckle nests are a telltale sign of usable wood, but they do not nest in all usable tree species.) Formerly a somewhat guarded secret passed down through years of experience from wandmaking masters to apprentices, the most common usable wand woods are now fairly public knowledge. However, pairing the right wood with the right owner (and the right core) is a skill that still only comes with long practice and study of wandlore.

🪄 The following table presents the most ideal genera of wand wood producing trees and a sampling of some of their species in each wand region of the world. The notes on wand traits, wand specialties, and owner traits are only general notes, and individual wands may differ especially after being paired with certain cores. (The symbol in the species sampling indicates that this species is endemic, found only in this region.)

CladeOrderFamilyGenusCommonSpecies & RegionsWood QualitiesOwner Qualities
Conifers                                                              Conifers                                                              ConifersPinales                                                              Pinales                                                              Pinalespine family
sf. Abietoideae
C. atlantica (Atlas cedar)Barbary, Sahara
C. brevifolia (Cyprus cedar)Anatolia, Balkanski
C. deodara (Deodar cedar)Bengali, Persia
C. libani (Lebanon cedar)Anatolia, Iberia
carries the potential to be a frightening adversarycognizant, investigative, judicious
P. amabilis (Golden Larch)Qinghai
performs poorly in the hands of an unskilled, careless, or childish witch or wizardcentered, mature, righteous
N. longibracteata Tibet, Qingyuan
requires times of "recharging" in woodland sun to maintain peak performancereserved, resilient, secretive
T. canadensis (eastern hemlock)Laurentia
T. chinensis (Chinese hemlock)Manchuria, Qingyuan, Tibet
T. diversifolia (Japanese hemlock)Nippon
T. dumosa (Himalayan hemlock)Bengali, Indochina
T.  mertensiana (mountain hemlock)Athabaska, Cordillera
inherent affinity for spells involving illusions, concealment, and exploration of the unknownintrospective, modest, thrilling
A. alba (silver fir)Balkanski, Dacia, Gallia, Germania, Iberia
A. balsamea (balsam fir)Laurentia
A. chensiensis (Chinese fir)Manchuria, Qingyuan, Xinjiang, Tibet
A. cilicica (Cilician fir)Petraea
A. concolor (white fir)
A. religiosa (sacred fir)
A. firma (Momi fir)Nippon
A. lasiocarpa (subalpine fir)Athabaska
A. nordmanniana (Nordmann fir)Anatolia, Persia, Transcaucasia
particularly suited to Transfiguration, but a poor tool in the hands of the changeable and indecisivefocused, formidable, strong-minded
A. numidica (Algerian fir)Barbary, Sahara
A. pindrow (Pindrow fir)Persia
A. pinsapo (Spanish fir)Iberia
A. sibirica (Siberian fir)Mongolia, Siberia, Transoxania
A. spectabilis (Himalayan fir)Bengali
pine family
sf. Pinoideae
P. japonicaNippon
P. menziesii (Douglas fir)Athabaska, Centroamérica, Cordillera
P. sinensisQingyuan, Tibet
amplifies the effectiveness of spells that uncover deception; suited to Divination and investigative magicanalytical, inquisitive, perceptive
LarixLarch (EU)
Tamarack (NA)
L. decidua (European larch)Balkanski, Gallia, Germania
L. gmelinii (Dahurian larch)Manchuria, Mongolia
L. kaempferi (Japanese larch)Nippon
L. laricina (tamarack)Athabaska, Laurentia
L. sibirica (Siberian larch)Baltics, Dacia, Fennoscandia, Germania, Mongolia, Yevrorusski
instills confidence and courage in its useradroit, reserved, surprising
P. abies (Norway spruce)Eire, Brittania, Germania, Fennoscandia, Baltics, Yevrorusski
P. asperata (Chinese blue spruce)Qingyuan, Tibet
P. engelmannii (Engelmann spruce)Cordillera
P. glauca (white spruce)Athabaska, Laurentia
P. jezoensis (Yezo spruce)Nippon
P. koraiensis (Korean spruce)Manchuria
produces flamboyant and dramatic effects, but requires a certain deftness and is ill-matched with nervous naturesbold, charismatic, witty
P. obovata (Siberian spruce)Siberia, Yakutia
P. omorika (Serbian spruce)Balkanski, Dacia
P. orientalis (Oriental spruce)Anatolia, Persia, Transcaucasia
C. argyrophyllaQingyuan, Yangtze
rare and difficult wood, but a favoured choice for diplomatic charmsdiplomatic, empathetic, reputable
P. brutia (Turkish Pine)Anatolia, Mesopotamia
P. caribaea (Caribbean Pine)Amazonia
P. contorta (Lodgepole Pine)Athabaska
P. densiflora (Japanese Red Pine)Nippon
P. eldarica (Eldar Pine)Persia, Transcaucasia
P. halepensis (Aleppo Pine)Arabia, Balkanski, Petraea
P. koraiensis (Korean Pine)Manchuria
P. merkusii (Sumatran Pine)Malesia
P. mongolica (Mongolian Pine)Mongolia, Xinjiang, Yakutia
P. nigra (Austrian Pine)Balkanski, Dacia
P. oocarpa (Oocarpa Pine)Sertão
P. pinaster (Maritime Pine)Gallia, Iberia
P. pinea (Stone Pine)Gallia
enjoys being used creatively and adapts unprotestingly to new methods and spells, most sensitive to non-verbal magicindependent, mysterious, solitary
P. ponderosa (Ponderosa Pine)Cordillera
P. roxburghii (Chir Pine)Bengali
P. sibirica (Siberian Pine)Siberia
P. strobus (Eastern White Pine)Laurentia
P. sylvestris (Scots Pine)Brittania, Dacia, Gallia, Germania, Transcaucasia, Tūiriiān, Yevrorusski
P. tabuliformis (Chinese Red Pine)Qingyuan, Tibet
P. taeda (Loblolly Pine)Andea, Paraná, Sudeste
P. teocote (Mexican White Pine)Centroamerica
Cupressales                                                              Cupressales                                                              Cupressales                                                              Cupressales                                                              CupressalesSciadopityaceaeSciadopitysUmbrella
S. verticillata (Japanese umb. pine)Nippon
when not paired with a focused owner, can actually produce "reverse" Charms by mistakeemphatic, individualistic, playful
cypress family
sf. Cunninghamioideae
C. konishii (Vietnamese Fir)Indochina
C. lanceolata (China Fir)Qingyuan, Yangtze
produces ornate ribbons, rather than jets, of light when casting spellscovert, discerning, observant
cypress family
sf. Athtrotaxidoideae
A. cupressoides (pencil pine)Tasmania
not only rare but also incredibly picky, better at self spells than targeted spellscognizant, seeking, spiritual
cypress family
sf. Sequoioideae
M. glyptostroboidesQingyuan, Yangtze
enhances spells tied to renewal, growth, and connection to natural world, making it favored by Herbologistsextraordinary, hardy, stalwart
S. sempervirens (coast redwood)Cordillera
endemic to California but well-known worldwide for promoting perseverance and adaptability in Duellingformidable,
S. giganteum (giant sequoia)Cordillera
connected to strength, endurance, and protectiveness; equally suited to Defensive magic and ancient knowledgeflexible,
cypress family
sf. Taxodioideae
T. ascendens (pond cypress)
T. distichum (bald cypress)
T. mucronatum (Montezuma cypress)Centroamérica, Cordillera
struggles with Transfiguration, often leading to unintended transformationscautious, creative, idealistic
G. pensilis (Chinese sw. cypress)Qingyuan, Yangtze
unfortunate tendency to imprecise, messy spellcasting that leaves residueexpressive, original, yearning
C. japonica (Japanese Cedar)Nippon
generates very controlled, high-impact spell effectsdisciplined, powerful, thoughtful
cypress family
sf. Callitroideae
A. arenarius + 2Wheatbelt
vibrates at a low regular frequency while maintaining protective spellsattentive, courageous, determined
A. chilensis (cordilleran cypress)Andea
tends to perform defensive charmwork in a very forward mannerbalanced, defensive, devoted
C. glaucophylla (White Cypress)Mulgaxerica, Outback, Victoria
C. neocaledonica + 2 endangeredMelanesia
C. rhomboideaAotearoa, Tasmania
casts inventive spells with a particularly vibrant flairartistic, flexible, innovative
D. archeri (chestnut pine)Tasmania
excels at tried-and-true spells, particularly tenacious about hexescourageous, steadfast, tactful
F. cupressoides (alerce)Andea
will absolutely refuse to cast spells for a few hours if it loses a Dueldignified, resilient, thoughtful
L. bidwillii (New Zealand Cedar)Aotearoa
remains sturdy and inflexible when treated well but will warp and wobble if not cared fordevoted, resilient, self-expressive
P. uviferumAndea
unmatched for plant-based spells but otherwise a very mundane wand woodidealistic, sensible, specialized
W. nodiflora (Mountain Cypress)Khoi
known for deepening magical intuition, aligns well with Charms, Divination, and Defensive magicintuitive, protective, reverent
cypress family
sf. Cupressoideae
C.  nootkatensis (Alaska Cedar)Athabaska
makes it easier to maintain precise control and focused intent while castingempowered, focused, intentional
H. macrocarpa (Monterey Cypress)Cordillera
produces barrier spells that, while not necessarily stronger than other ands, are certainly more consistentcontrolled, secure, traditional
C. decurrensCordillera
promotes clear intent and concentration in Charms and Transfiguration castingfocused, mystical, watchful
C. obtusa (Hinoki Cypress)Nippon
performs highly in Charms and Transfiguration spells that manipulate perception or appearancecunning, enigmatic, surprising
C.  arizonica (Arizona Cypress)Cordillera
C.  atlantica (Atlas Cedar)Barbary
C.  disticha (Bald Cypress)Laurentia
C.  lusitanica (Mexican Cypress)Centroamérica
C. sempervirens (Mediterranean Cypress)Anatolia, Appennini, Balkanski, Caribbea, Persia, Petraea
aligning well with magical protection and guidance, including Divination and protective barriershonourable, reputable, self-sacrificing
F. hodginsiiIndochina
associated with wisdom and clarity of thought, a favoured choice for meditation and seeking insightsdisciplined, innate, wise
J. communis (Common Juniper)Aotearoa, Appennini, Balkanski, Brittania, Dacia, Eire, Fennoscandia, Gallia, Germania, Íslandómr
J. deppeana (Alligator Juniper)Cordillera
J. oxycedrus (Prickly Juniper)Anatolia, Balkanski, Iberia
J. phoenicea (Arâr)Gallia, Petraea
responds to its owners enchantments and techniques with innate harmonyaccomplished, improvisational, lithe
J. scopulorum (Rocky Mountain Juniper)Athabaska
J. virginiana (Eastern Redcedar)Laurentia
M. decussata (Siberian Cypress)Siberia
enhances spells connected to resilience and protectionsecure, steadfast, unyielding
P. orientalisXinjiang
struggles with Transfiguration, often leading to incomplete transformationsdriven, growing, persevering
T. articulata (Sandarac)Barbary
finds it difficult to create effective shields without proper focuscareful, improvisational, sympathetic
Thuja(False Cedar)
T. koraiensis (Korean Arborvitae)Manchuria
T. occidentalis (Northern White Cedar)Appennini, Athabaska, Balkanski, Baltics, Brittania, Caribbea, Cordillera, Dacia, Eire, Fennoscandia, Gallia, Germania, Iberia, Íslandómr, Laurentia, Siberia, Yevrorusski
T. orientalis (Oriental Arborvitae)Dacia, Manchuria, Mongolia, Persia, Qingyuan, Tibet, Transcaucasia, Transoxania, Yangtze
not an especially strong casting wand, but adept at resisting Dark Magicclever, purehearted, transformative
T. plicata (Western Redcedar)Athabaska, Barbary, Cordillera, Saharan
T. dolabrata (Asunaro)Nippon
one of the wands known to most easily embrace change and innovationadventurous, changeable, innovative
X. vietnamensis (Vietnamese Golden Cypress)Indochina, Qingyuan, Yangtze
an especially demonstrative wand that likes to visually enhance its owner's castingscharming, expressive, flexible
C. fortunei (Chinese Plum Yew)Qingyuan, Yangtze
C. griffithii (Griffith's Plum Yew)Bengali
C. hainanensis (Hainan Plum Yew)Indochina, Qingyuan, Yangtze
C. harringtonia (Harrington's Plum Yew)Indochina, Nippon
needs to prove itself alongside its owner to develop its strength and prowessloyal, sympathetic, well-respected
yew family
A. argotaenia (Catkin Yew)
A. formosana (Taiwan Catkin Yew)
Qingyuan, Yangtze
A. assamica (Assam Catkin Yew)Bengali
A. yunnanensis (Yunnan Catkin Yew)Indochina, Qingyuan, Yangtze
not well suited to deceptive or multi-layered spellworkdisconnected, practical, striking
A. spicata (Celery Top Pine)Tasmania
performs much better casting nurturing spells than violent spellscompassionate, gentle, nature-lover
P. chienii (False Yew)[/i]Indochina, Qingyuan, Yangtze
produces spell impacts that are quieter than most other wandseloquent, introspective, positive
T. baccata (European Yew)Anatolia, Appennini, Balkanski, Barbary, Brittania, Dacia, Fennoscandia, Gallia, Germania, Iberia, Mongolia, Persia, Siberia, Transoxania, Yakutia, Yevrorusski
T. brevifolia (Pacific Yew)Cordillera
T. canadensis (Canada Yew)Laurentia
T. chinensis (Chinese Yew)Qingyuan, Yangtze
T. cuspidata (Japanese Yew)Manchuria, Nippon
fearsome reputation for duelling and curses; often sprouts into a tree guarding its late owner's gravedistinctive, original, preserving
T. floridana (Florida Yew)Caribbea
T. globosa (Mexican Yew)Centroamérica
T. wallichiana (Himalayan Yew)Bengali, Persia, Tibet
T. californica (California Nutmeg Tree)Cordillera
T. grandis (Chinese Nutmeg Yew)Qingyuan, Yangtze
T. nucifera (Japanese Nutmeg Yew)Nippon
T. taxifolia (Florida Nutmeg Tree)Caribbea
amplifies protective shields and barriers as personal growth of the witch or wizard continuesempowered, insightful, wise
C. esmeraldense (Emerald Greenhart)Amazonia, Andea
C. rodiei (Demerara Greenhart)Amazonia, Sertão
C. venenosum (Poison Greenhert)Amazonia
robust wood capable of producing uniquely opulent yet dynamic magic, especially in combatdistinctive, emphatic, starry-eyed
L. azorica (Azores laurel)
L. novocanariensis
L. nobilis (Sweet Bay)Anatolia, Appennini, Balkanski, Barbary, Gallia, Petraea
cannot perform a dishonourable act, but performs powerful and sometimes lethal magicgloryseeking, opportunistic, visionary
MonocotsPoalestrue grasses
tr. Moliniinae
P. australis (common reed)Amazonia, Anatolia, Andea, Aotearoa, Appennini, Arabia, Athabaska, Balkanski, Baltics, Barbary, Bengali, Brittania, Carpentaria, Cordillera, Dacia, Eire, Fennoscandia, Gallia, Germania, Iberia, Indochina, Khoi, Laurentia, Lutruwita, Madagasikara, Manchuria, Mesopotamia, Mongolia, Mulgaxerica, Nilotia, Nippon, Outback, Paraná, Patagonia, Persia, Petraea, Polynesia, Qingyuan, Saharan, Sertão, Siberia, Sudeste, Tibet, Tūiriiān, Victoria, Wheatbelt, Xinjiang, Yamnat, Yangtze, Yevrorusski
spell effects often described as poignant, poetic, and songlikecommunicative, eloquent, striking
EudicotsProtealesPlatanaceaePlatanusPlane Tree (EU)
Sycamore (NA)
P. orientalis (Oriental Plane Tree)Anatolia, Andea, Aotearoa, Appennini, Arabia, Balkanski, Baltics, Barbary, Bengali, Brittania, Carpentaria, Dacia, Eire, Fennoscandia, Gallia, Germania, Iberia, Iguinawen, Indochina, Khoi, Lutruwita, Madagasikara, Malesia, Manchuria, Mesopotamia, Mongolia, Mulgaxerica, Nilotia, Nippon, Outback, Persia, Petraea, Qingyuan, Saharan, Tibet, Transoxania, Victoria, Wheatbelt, Xinjiang, Yamnat, Yangtze, Yevrorusski
capacity to learn and adapt, and eager for new experience, but may combust if allowed to get boredadventurous, curious, vital
P. acerifolia (London Plane Tree)Amazonia, Andea, Barbary, Brittania, Paraná, Patagonia, Saharan, Sudeste
P. mexicana (Mexican Sycamore)Centroamérica, Cordillera
P. occidentalis (American Sycamore)Amazonia, Andea, Caribbea, Laurentia
tr. Viteae
V. aestivalis (Summer Grape)Laurentia
V. amurensis (Amur Grape)Manchuria, Siberia
V. californica (California Wild Grape)Cordillera
V. vinifera (Common Grape Vine)Amazonia, Anatolia, Andea, Barbary, Germania, Iberia, Khoi, Paraná, Persia, Petraea, Sertão, Sudeste, Transcaucasia
strongly attracted by personalities with hidden depthsartistic, seeking, yearning
Fabids                                                              Fabids                                                              Fabids                                                              Fabids                                                              Fabids                                                              Fabids                                                              Fabids                                                              FabidsMalpighiales                                                              MalpighialesCalophyllaceaeMesuaRose
M. ferrea (Ceylon Ironwood) +3Bengali, Indochina, Malesia
one of the best casting tools for any type of anchoring or kept-in-place spellworkattentive, durable, resolute
willow family
tr. Saliceae
A. dentata (Brush Holly)Paraná
A. microphylla (Azara)Andea
A. petiolaris (Yellowwood)Paraná, Patagonia, Sudeste
A. serrata (Serrated Azara)Amazonia, Andea, Paraná, Sertão
tends to produce unexpected twists when performing minor Charmsadventurous, individualistic, playful
D. abyssinica (Abyssinian Gooseberry)Gacandhulka, Kongo, Maravi
D. caffra (Kei Apple)Khoi, Maravi
D. hebecarpa (Kitembilla)Bengali
has difficulty performing quick, unprepared spells, but excels at large enchantmentscaring, patient, sincere
sect. Populus
all sp. except alba
P. adenopoda (Chinese Aspen)Manchuria, Mongolia, Qingyuan, Xinjiang, Yangtze
P. davidiana (Korean Aspen)Manchuria
P. grandidentata (Bigtooth Aspen)Laurentia
P. tremuloides (Trembling Aspen)Athabaska, Cordillera
relies upon consistency, strength, and uniform powerrighteous, sensible, virtuous
P. tremula (Quaking Aspen)Anatolia, Appennini, Balkanski, Baltics, Brittania, Dacia, Eire, Fennoscandia, Gallia, Germania, Iberia, Transcaucasia, Yevrorusski
sect. Populus
sp. Alba +2
P. alba (White Poplar)Anatolia, Appennini, Balkanski, Dacia, Gallia, Germania, Iberia
P. simonii (Simon's Poplar)Manchuria
P. tomentosa (Chinese White Poplar)Manchuria, Mongolia, Qingyuan, Yangtze
particularly suited to martial magicaccomplished, empowered, energetic
sect. Aigeros
sp. Nigra
P. nigra (Black Poplar)Anatolia, Appennini, Balkanski, Brittania, Dacia, Gallia, Germania, Iberia, Mesopotamia, Persia, Petraea, Transcaucasia
sect. Aigeros
all other species
P. deltoides (Eastern Cottonwood)Laurentia
P. fremontii (Fremont's Cottonwood)Cordillera
a strong but not malevolent wand for Duelling, known for producing invigorating spellscleansing, enthusiastic, refreshing
sect. Tacamahaca
P. angustifolia (Narrowleaf Poplar)Cordillera
P. balsamifera (Eastern Balsam Poplar)Laurentia
P. laurifolia (Laurelleaf Poplar)Mongolia, Transoxania, Xinjiang
P. trichocarpa (Western Balsam Poplar)Athabaska
P. yunnanensis (Yunnan Poplar)Qingyuan
flourishes around other plant life, may spontaneously sprout new leavesdurable, renewed, sympathetic
S. alba (white willow)Eire, Brittania, Iberia, Gallia, Germania, Baltics, Dacia, Balkanski, Yevrorusski, Anatolia, Petraea, Transcaucasia, Transoxania
S. babylonica (Weeping Willow)Appennini, Balkanski, Barbary, Brittania, Gallia, Germania, Iberia, Saharan
S. atrocinerea (Common Sallow)Iberia
S. babylonica (Weeping Willow)Persia, Transoxania
S. bebbiana (Bebb's Willow)Athabaska
S. bonplandiana (Bonpland Willow)Centroamerica
S. caprea (Goat Willow)Balkanski, Dacia, Fennoscandia, Germania, Manchuria, Mongolia, Tibet, Xinjiang, Yakutia, Yevrorusski
S. caroliniana (Carolina Willow)Caribbea
refuses owners who feel they have little to learn, but otherwise enables advanced non-verbal magic and healing powercovert, insecure, robust
S. cinerea (Grey Willow)Lutruwita, Victoria
S. discolor (American Willow)Laurentia
S. exigua (Coyote Willow)Cordillera
S. gracilistyla (Pink Pussy Willow)Nippon, Manchuria
S. humboldtiana (Humboldt's Willow)Amazonia, Andea, Carpentaria, Mulgaxerica, Outback, Paraná, Patagonia, Sertão, Sudeste, Wheatbelt
S. lapponum (Downy Willow)Siberia
S. matsudana (Chinese Willow)Manchuria, Mongolia, Qingyuan, Xinjiang, Yangtze
X. congesta (Shiny Xylosma)Qingyuan, Tibet
X. flexuosa (Coronilla)Centroamérica, Cordillera
X. kaalaensis + 9Melanesia
X. palawanensisMalesia
X. ruizianaAmazonia
enhances spells of concealment and misdirection; beneficial for Charmsclever, cunning, ingenious
X. schaefferioides (White Logwood)Caribbea
X. terrae-reginaeMulgaxerica
Fabales                                                              Fabales                                                              Fabaleslegume family
tr. Acacieae
A. aneura (Mulga)Mulgaxerica, Outback
A. auriculiformis (Earleaf Acacia)Carpentaria, Indochina, Malesia
A. dealbata (Silver Wattle)Lutruwila, Victoria, Wheatbelt
A. melanoxylon (Blackwood Acacia)Aotearoa
A. senegal (Gum Acacia)Gacandhulka, Iguinawen, Saharan
matches any for power, but not suited to bang-and-smells; refuses to produce magic for any but its owneradroit, proficient, talented
VachelliaThorn Tree★★☆
V. farnesiana (Sweet Acacia)Amazonia, Caribbea, Centroamérica, Cordillera, Patagonia
V. karroo (Sweet Thorn)Khoi, Maravi
V. nilotica (Thorn Mimosa)Arabia, Bengali, Iguinawen, Maravi, Mesopotamia, Nilotia, Persia, Petraea, Saharan, Yamnat
V. tortilis (Umbrella Thorn)Arabia, Mesopotamia, Petraea, Yamnat
legume family
tr. Caesalpinieae
P. echinata (Pernambuco)Sertão, Sudeste
will often try to convince its owner which spells it likes best, early in the relationshipcognizant, developing, intelligent
legume family
tr. Dalbergieae
D. cearensis (Brazilian Tulipwood)Sertão
D. granadillo (Granadillo)Caribbea, Centroamérica
D. latifolia (Indian Rosewood)Bengali
D. melanoxylon (African Blackwood)Gacandhulka, Khoi, Kongo, Maravi, Saharan
known for the cultivation of elegance and grace, produces refined and alluring Charmsalluring, elegant, refined
D. nigra (Brazilian Rosewood)Paraná, Sudeste
D. sissoo (Indian Rosewood)Indochina
A. hypogaea (Common Peanut)Amazonia, Andea, Appennini, Balkanski, Iberia, Iguinawen, Khoi, Laurentia, Maravi, Paraná, Patagonia, Saharan, Sudeste
A. pintoi (Pinto Peanut)Amazonia, Paraná, Sudeste
often lets out a soothing aroma when it feels its owner is stressed or undernourishedbalanced, imaginative, nourishing
G. decorticans (Chilean Palo Verde)Andea, Paraná
G. spinosaAmazonia, Sertão
struggles with Charms, often unable to achieve desired resultslearning, persevering, starry-eyed
I. fagifer (Tahitian Chestnut)Malesia, Melanesia, Polynesia
produces a warmth that accompanies most healing spells castempathetic, helpful, renewed
P. angolensis (Kiaat)Khoi, Maravi
P. erinaceus (African Rosewood)Gacandhulka, Iguinawen, Saharan
P. indicus (Angsana)Malesia
P. madagascariensis (Muninga)Madagasikara
P. santalinus (Red Sanders)Bengali
never casts a charm, hex, or spell the same way twicechangeable, creative, nonconformist
P. tinctorius (African Padauk)Gacandhulka, Kongo, Maravi, Saharan
T. tipu (Tipa Rosewood)Paraná
particularly graceful spellcasting, often guides its owner while learning magicadaptable, instinctual, inventive
legume family
tr. Robinieae
G. sepium (Mother of Cocoa)Amazonia, Bengali, Caribbea, Centroamérica, Gacandhulka, Iguinawen, Melanesia, Polynesia
sometimes leaves Transfiguration spells only half-cast, leading to incomplete transformationsdriven, inquisitive, unique
O. tesota (Palo Fierro)Cordillera
enhances spells better if its owner has notable endurance or strengthcontrolled, formidable, persistent
R. pseudoacacia (Black Locust)Anatolia, Andea, Appennini, Balkanski, Barbary, Brittania, Dacia, Eire, Gallia, Germania, Iberia, Laurentia, Lutruwita, Mongolia, Mulgaxerica, Outback, Patagonia, Transcaucasia, Tūiriiān, Victoria, Wheatbelt, Xinjiang
a phenomenal combat wand, equally useful in brute force and sneak attacksgladiatorial, lucky, versatile
R. neomexicana (New Mexico Locust)
R. viscosa (Clammy Locust)
Rosales                                                              Rosales                                                              Rosales                                                              Rosales                                                              Rosales                                                              Rosales                                                              Rosalesrose family
sf. Amygdaloideae
AdenostomaDesert Broom★☆☆
A. fasciculatum (Chamise)
A. sparsifolium (Redshanks)
enhances spells tied to resilience and adaptation, performs well under pressureenduring, proficient, sturdy
A. alnifolia (Saskatoon Serviceberry)Athabaska, Cordillera
A. asiatica (Asian Serviceberry)Nippon, Tibet, Xinjiang, Yakutia
A. canadensis (Eastern Serviceberry)Laurentia
A. denticulata (Toothed Serviceberry)Centroamérica, Cordillera
A. lamarckii (Juneberry)Appennini, Balkanski, Brittania, Gallia, Germania, Iberia
far more effective at helpful Charms than any harmful spellsnourishing, refreshing, vital
A. ovalis (Snowy Mespilus)Anatolia, Appennini, Balkanski, Dacia, Gallia, Germania
A. arbutifolia (Red Chokeberry)Cordillera
A. melanocarpa (Black Chokeberry)Athabaska, Baltics, Dacia, Fennoscandia, Germania, Laurentia, Manchuria, Qingyuan, Siberia, Xinjiang, Yakutia, Yangtze, Yevrorusski
not at all suited to healing magic, incapable of casting most mending spellsimprovable, pragmatic, specialized
C. aestivalis (Mayhaw)
C. mollis (Downy Hawthorn)
C. azarolus (Azarole)Appennini, Balkanski, Iberia, Anatolia, Barbary
C. cuneata (Japanese Hawthorn)Nippon
C. douglasii (Black Hawthorn)Athabaska, Cordillera
C. laevigata (Midland Hawthorn)Brittania, Gallia, Germania, Dacia
C. pinnatifida (Chinese Hawthorn)Manchuria, Qingyuan, Xinjiang, Yangtze
not easy to master, can either be particularly suited to healing magic or adept at cursesconflicted, restless, tumultuous
C. monogyna (Common Hawthorn)Anatolia, Appennini, Balkanski, Brittania, Dacia, Eire, Fennoscandia, Gallia, Germania, Iberia, Siberia, Transcaucasia, Yevrorusski
C. oblonga (Common Quince)Anatolia, Appennini, Balkanski, Barbary, Dacia, Gallia, Germania, Iberia, Manchuria, Mesopotamia, Persia, Petraea, Qingyuan, Siberia, Transcaucasia, Transoxania, Xinjiang, Yakutia, Yangtze, Yevrorusski
struggles with precise casting, often producing blunted, less powerful spellsdiscerning, pragmatic, predestined
E. giraldii (Giraldi Pearlbush)Manchuria, Mongolia, Siberia, Tibet, Xinjiang, Yakutia
E. racemosa (Common Pearlbush)Athabaska, Cordillera, Laurentia, Manchuria, Nippon, Qingyuan, Xinjiang, Yangtze, Yevrorusski
creates lustrous and beautiful, but ultimately weak-powered, defensive barrierscareful, empathetic, open-minded
M. domestica (Cultivated Apple)Amazonia, Andea, Appennini, Athabaska, Balkanski, Baltics, Barbary, Brittania, Cordillera, Dacia, Eire, Fennoscandia, Gallia, Germania, Iberia, Laurentia, Mesopotamia, Nilotia, Nippon, Paraná, Persia, Petraea, Saharan, Sertão, Siberia, Sudeste, Yakutia, Yevrorusski
M. hupehensis (Chinese Crab Apple)Xinjiang
M. mandshurica (Amur Apple)Manchuria
M. orientalis (Oriental Apple)Anatolia, Mesopotamia, Persia, Transcaucasia, Transoxania
M. prunifolia (Chinese Apricot)Tibet
powerful, known to bestow longevity, mixes poorly with Dark magicidealistic, moralistic, principled
M. pumila (Wild Apple)Amazonia, Bengali, Carpentaria, Lutruwita, Mulgaxerica, Outback, Victoria, Wheatbelt
M. sieboldii (Siebold's Apple)Manchuria
M. sieversii (Pre-Cultivated Apple)Mongolia, Transoxania
M. spectabilis (Chinese Hawthorn)Manchuria, Qingyuan, Xinjiang, Yangtze
M. sylvestris (European Crab Apple)Balkanski, Bengali, Germania
M. germanica (Common Medlar)Anatolia, Appennini, Balkanski, Dacia, Gallia, Germania, Iberia, Persia, Transcaucasia
ability to respond well to a variety of magical spellsexperienced, judicious, versatile
O. cerasiformis (Indian Plum)Athabaska
known for its finesse and precision, best used in the casting of Charmsphilozoic, self-sufficient, tactful
P. ramosissimum (Wild Crab Apple)Cordillera
a particularly sentient wand that may produce spells unbidden based on its owner's introspectionbold, self-aware, sensitive
sg. Cerasus
P. avium (Sweet Cherry)Anatolia, Appennini, Balkanski, Baltics, Barbary, Dacia, Fennoscandia, Gallia, Germania, Iberia, Siberia, Transcaucasia, Tūiriiān, Yakutia, Yevrorusski
P. cerasus (Sour Cherry)Anatolia, Appennini, Balkanski, Barbary, Dacia, Gallia, Germania, Iberia, Mesopotamia, Persia, Transcaucasia, Tūiriiān, Yevrorusski
P. mahaleb (Mahaleb Cherry)Anatolia, Appennini, Balkanski, Dacia, Gallia, Germania, Iberia, Transcaucasia
possess strange, but often truly lethal power (be very careful if pairing with dragon heartstring)controlled, strong-willed, traditional
P. pensylvanica (Pin Cherry)Laurentia
P. pseudocerasus (Chinese Sour Cherry)Manchuria, Mesopotamia, Mongolia, Persia, Qingyuan, Xinjiang, Yangtze
P. serrulata (Japanese Cherry)Manchuria, Nippon
sg. Padus
P. africana (African Cherry)Gacandhulka, Iguinawen, Kongo, Madagasikara, Maravi
P. himalayana (Himalayan Cherry)Bengali, Tibet
P. laurocerasus (Cherry Laurel)Anatolia, Balkanski, Dacia
P. lusitanica (Portuguese Laurel)Iberia
P. occidentalis (Almendrón)Amazonia, Caribbea, Centroamérica
clings to its one true master and draws its strength from its owner's emotional investmentattuned, emotional, undauntable
P. padus (European Bird Cherry)Appennini, Balkanski, Barbary, Dacia, Gallia, Germania, Transcaucasia, Tūiriiān, Yevrorusski
sg. Prunus
P. americana (American Plum)Laurentia
P. armeniaca (Apricot)Persia, Tibet, Transcaucasia, Transoxania, Xinjiang
P. domestica (Common Plum)Appennini, Balkanski, Barbary, Brittania, Dacia, Fennoscandia, Gallia, Germania, Iberia, Mesopotamia, Nilotia, Persia, Petraea, Saharan, Transcaucasia, Tūiriiān, Yevrorusski
P. persica (Peach)Arabia, Barbary, Manchuria, Saharan, Qingyuan, Xinjiang, Yamnat, Yangtze
needs to pass through danger or hardship with its owner to become truly bondedgladiatorial, skilled, vigorous
P. spinosa (Blackthorn)Balkanski, Barbary, Dacia, Gallia, Germania, Transoxania, Yevrorusski
P. dulcis (Almond)Anatolia, Appennini, Balkanski, Barbary, Gallia, Germania, Iberia, Manchuria, Mesopotamia, Nilotia, Persia, Petraea, Qingyuan, Saharan, Transcaucasia, Transoxania, Xinjiang, Yangtze
P. sinensis (Chinese Quince)Indochina, Manchuria, Nippon, Qingyuan, Tibet, Xinjiang, Yangtze
spells are almost twice as strong if they are used defensively instead of offensivelygentle, honourable, self-sacrificing
P. amygdaliformis (Almond-Leaved Pear)Barbary, Saharan
P. calleryana (Callery Pear)Athabaska, Cordillera, Laurentia
P. communis (Common Pear)Anatolia, Appennini, Balkanski, Baltics, Brittania, Dacia, Eire, Fennoscandia, Gallia, Germania, Iberia, Mongolia, Petraea, Tibet, Transcaucasia, Transoxania, Yevrorusski
P. elaeagnifolia (Oleaster-Leaved Pear)Persia
splendid magic powers and notable resilience; never chooses a Dark Witch or Wizarddistinguished, popular, well-respected
P. pyrifolia (Asian Pear)Manchuria, Nippon, Qingyuan, Siberia, Xinjiang, Yakutia, Yangtze
P. syriaca (Syrian Wild Pear)Mesopotamia, Petraea
SorbusRowan (EU)
Mountain Ash (NA)
S. americana (Mountain Ash)Caribbea, Laurentia
S. aria (Common Whitebeam)Balkanski, Dacia, Germania
S. aucuparia (European Rowan)Balkanski, Baltics, Brittania, Dacia, Eire, Fennoscandia, Gallia, Germania, Íslandómr, Persia, Siberia, Transcaucasia, Transoxania, Yakutia, Yevrorusski
S. domestica (Service Tree)Appennini, Balkanski, Gallia, Germania, Iberia
S. pohuashanensisManchuria, Qingyuan, Xinjiang, Yangtze
produces powerful hard-to-break Defensive Charms and is disassociated with Dark Arts; outperforms in duelspurehearted, reliable, sincere
S. scopulina (Greene Mountain Ash)Athabaska
S. torminalis (Wild Service Tree)Anatolia, Balkanski, Dacia, Nilotia, Transcaucasia
elm family
H. integrifolia (Indian Elm)Bengali, Indochina, Malesia, Persia
H. integerrimaManchuria, Qingyuan, Xinjiang, Yangtze
aligns significantly better with Charms and Potions work than any other type of magicharmonious, inventive, skilled
H. davidii (Chinese Parasol Tree)Bengali, Indochina, Malesia, Manchuria, Persia, Qingyuan, Xinjiang, Yangtze
performs best when casting older, well-known spells than when casting new inventionscautious, grounded, solitary
Z. abelicea (Cretan Zelkova)Balkanski
Z. carpinifolia (Caucasian Zelkova)Anatolia, Persia, Transcaucasia
Z. schneideriana (Schneider's Zelkova)Manchuria, Qingyuan, Xinjiang, Yangtze
Z. serrata (Japanese Zelkova)Nippon
Z. sicula (Sicilian Zelkova)Appennini
produces mystical chrms and is able to self-correct accidents to a degreedistinguished, mystical, self-aware
U. americana (American Elm)Athabaska, Cordillera, Laurentia
U. campestris (Cork Elm)Barbary, Saharan
U. glabra (Wych Elm)Balkanski, Brittania, Eire, Fennoscandia, Gallia, Germania, Tibet, Transcaucasia, Transoxania
U. laevis (European White Elm)Baltics, Dacia, Siberia, Yevrorusski
U. pumila (Siberian Elm)Manchuria, Mongolia, Qingyuan, Siberia, Transoxania, Xinjiang, Yakutia, Yangtze
produces elegant charms with few accidents and least foolish errors, capable of highly advanced magicaristocratic, dextrous, dignified
U. minor (Field Elm)Anatolia, Appennini, Balkanski, Barbary, Dacia, Gallia, Germania, Iberia, Nilotia, Persia, Petraea, Transcaucasia
mulberry family
tr. Moreae
M. excelsa (Iroko)Iguinawen, Kongo
M. regia (Odum)Iguinawen, Saharan
produces small or short-lived Defensive barrierscompassionate, developing, persevering
StreblusMilk Tree★☆☆
S. asper (Siamese Roughbush)Bengali, Indochina, Malesia, Manchuria, Qingyuan, Xinjiang, Yangtze
S. banksii (Paper Mulberry)Aotearoa
S. brunonianus (Whalebone Tree)Carpentaria, Mulgaxerica
S. elongatus (Papuan False Mistletoe)Malesia
S. pendulinus (Hawai'i Roughbush)Micronesia, Polynesia
S. sclerophyllusMelanesia
not especially powerful but quite easy to work with in healing and Defensive castingfaithful, preserving, supportive
M. alba (White Mulberry)Amazonia, Anatolia, Andea, Arabia, Balkanski, Baltics, Barbary, Brittania, Centroamérica, Cordillera, Dacia, Eire, Fennoscandia, Gacandhulka, Gallia, Germania, Iberia, Indochina, Khoi, Malesia, Manchuria, Maravi, Mesopotamia, Mongolia, Nilotia, Nippon, Paraná, Patagonia, Persia, Petraea, Qingyuan, Saharan, Sertão, Siberia, Sudeste, Transcaucasia, Transoxania, Xinjiang, Yakutia, Yamnat, Yangtze, Yevrorusski
M. indica (Indian Mulberry)Bengali
remarkably well-suited to the casting of Conjuration and some other Transfiguration spellsinfluential, purehearted, supportive
M. nigra (Black Mulberry)Appennini, Balkanski, Iberia, Persia
M. rubra (Red Mulberry)Aotearoa, Athabaska, Caribbea, Carpentaria, Cordillera, Laurentia, Lutruwita, Mulgaxerica, Outback, Polynesia, Victoria, Wheatbelt
M. serrata (Tibetan Mulberry)Tibet
mulberry family
tr. Maclureae
M. amboinensisIndochina, Malesia
M. cochinchinensis (Cockspur Thorn)Carpentaria, Malesia, Mulgaxerica, Qingyuan, Yangtze
M. pomifera (Osage Orange)Laurentia
M. spinosaBengali
very hard, heavy, and resilient wood, works best for a wizard that doesn't take themselves too seriouslybalanced, distinguished, witty
M. tinctoria (Dyer's Mulberry)Amazonia, Andea, Centroamérica, Paraná
mulberry family
tr. Dorstenieae
M. scandens (Burny Vine)Carpentaria, Mulgaxerica
wood associated with uncovering hidden truths; a suitable choice for Divination and ancestral magiccurious, instinctual, reverent
T. madagascarienseMadagasikara, Maravi
difficult to use at first, but exceptional at revelation spells and protective enchantmentsauthoritative, guarding, watchful
B. alicastrum (Bulletwood)Amazonia, Andea, Centroamérica, Cordillera, Sertão, Sudeste
B. glazioviiParaná
B. guianense (Snakewood)Amazonia, Centroamérica
B. utile (Letterwood)Amazonia
excellent for enchantments that require finesse and intricate control; great for Parselmouths and Animagianalytical, cunning, gloryseeking
mulberry family
tr. Ficeae
F. aurea (Florida Strangler Fig)Caribbea
F. auriculata (Roxburgh Fig)Manchuria
F. benjamina (Weeping Fig)Centroamérica, Malesia, Qingyuan, Yangtze
F. carica (Common Fig)Anatolia, Andea, Appennini, Athabaska, Balkanski, Barbary, Brittania, Cordillera, Gallia, Germania, Iberia, Laurentia, Mesopotamia, Nippon, Paraná, Patagonia, Persia, Petraea, Saharan
F. copiosaMelanesia
F. crassipes (Round-leaved Banana Fig)Lutruwita
F. elastica (Indian Rubber Plant)Kongo
F. gnaphalocarpa (African Fig)Iguinawen
F. hengduanensis (Hengduan Fig)Tibet
F. insipida (Wild Fig)Amazonia, Centroamérica
F. macrophylla (Moreton Bay Fig)Aotearoa, Victoria, Wheatbelt
F. microcarpa (Indian Laurel Fig)Polynesia
F. obliqua (Small-leaved Fig)Mulgaxerica
especially well-performing in collaborative and communicative magiccaring, diplomatic, understanding
F. obtusifolia (Rubber Plant)Amazonia
F. organensis (Cerrado Fig)Paraná, Sertão, Sudeste
F. platypoda (Rock Fig)Outback
F. racemosa (Cluster Fig)Carpentaria, Indochina
F. reflexa (Climbing Fig)Madagasikara
F. religiosa (Peepal Tree)Bengali
F. salicifolia (Willow-leaved Fig)Khoi
F. sur (Broom Cluster Fig)Kongo
F. sycomorus (Sycamore Fig)Arabia, Gacandhulka, Khoi, Maravi, Nilotia, Petraea, Saharan, Yamnat
F. thonningii (Thonning's Fig)Iguinawen
F. tikoua (Tikoua Fig)Xinjiang
mulberry family
tr. Castillineae
P. hirtulaSudeste
P. manabiensisAmazonia
associated with hidden potential, often performs Transfiguration in surprising waysmystical, potent, transformative
Fagales                                                              Fagales                                                              Fagales                                                              Fagales                                                              Fagales                                                              Fagales                                                              Fagales                                                              Fagalesbeech family
N. brasii (Sagé Hiram)Malesia
N. cunninghamii (Myrtle Beech)Lutruwita, Victoria
N. menziesii (Silver Beech)Aotearoa, Melanesia
N. moorei (Antarctic Beech)Carpentaria, Mulgaxerica
N. obliqua (Roble Beech)Andea, Patagonia
known as a stubborn wood, can continue casting for a second or two after its owner is donestrong-willed, tenacious, vigilant
beech family
sf. Fagoideae
F. crenata (Japanese Beech)Nippon
F. engleriana (Chinese Beech)Qingyuan, Tibet, Yangtze
F. grandifolia (American Beech)Laurentia
F. luccida (Shining Beech)Bengali
F. multinervis (Korean Beech)Manchuria
F. orientalis (Oriental Beech)Anatolia, Balkanski, Transcaucasia, Tūiriiān
capable of unique artistry and subtlety, but performs very weakly for the narrow-minded and intolerantexperienced, mature, understanding
F. sylvatica (European Beech)Appennini, Athabaska, Balkanski, Brittania, Dacia, Fennoscandia, Gallia, Germania, Iberia, Yevrorusski
beech family
sf. Quercoideae
T. doichangensisIndochina, Qingyuan, Yangtze
T. excelsaAmazonia
T. verticillataIndochina, Malesia
faces challenges with Charms, often failing to enchant objects effectivelydetermined, independent, principled
L. elegansBengali, Indochina, Malesia
L. glaber (Japanese Stone Oak)Manchuria, Nippon, Qingyuan, Yangtze
L. vestitusIndochina, Qingyuan, Yangtze
reads easily into its owner's emotions, and reflects them in its spellcasting
C. chrysophylla (Golden Chinkapin)
C. sempervirens
a modest choice for subtle Charms and enhancementsfaithful, growing, patient
sect. Cyclobalanopsis
Q. acuta (Japanese Evergreen Oak)Manchuria, Nippon
Q. argentata (Silver Oak) [+5]Malesia
Q. glauca (Ring-Cupped Oak)Bengali, Indochina, Manchuria, Nippon, Persia, Qingyuan, Yangtze
Q. kerrii (Kerr's Oak) [+16]Indochina
Q. lineataBengali, Indochina, Malesia
aids in anchoring magic, produces great results with simple and stable down-to-earth spellscentered, supportive, wise
sect. Ilex
Q. alnifolia (Golden Oak)Petraea
Q. aucheri (Boz-Pirnal Oak)Anatolia
Q. baloot (Holm Oak)Persia
Q. coccifera (Kermes Oak)
Q. ilex (Holly Oak)
Anatolia, Appennini, Balkanski, Dacia, Gallia, Iberia, Petraea
Q. fimbriata (Fringetree Oak) [+7]Qingyuan, Yangtze
Q. floribunda (Moru Oak) [+2]Bengali
Q. franchetii (Zhui Lian Li) [+3]Indochina, Qingyuan, Yangtze
especially protective of the vulnerable, known for drawing on wells of inner strengthnurturing, self-sacrificing, understanding
Q. lanata (Woolly-Leaved Oak)Bengali, Indochina, Persia
Q. phillyreoides (Ubame Oak)Manchuria, Nippon, Qingyuan, Yangtze
Q. rotundifolia (Ballota Oak)Barbary, Iberia
Q. utilis (Himalayan Oak) [+5]Qingyuan, Tibet, Yangtze
sect. Cerris
Q. acutissima (Sawtooth Oak)Bengali, Indochina, Manchuria, Nippon, Qingyuan, Tibet, Yangtze
Q. brantii (Brant's Oak)Anatolia, Mesopotamia, Persia
Q. castaneifolia (Chestnut-Leaved Oak) [+2]Persia
Q. cerris (Turkey Oak)Anatolia, Appennini, Balkanski, Dacia, Germania, Petraea
Q. ithaburensis (Mount Tabor Oak)Anatolia, Balkanski, Petraea
enhances spells involving grounding, stability, and protection, excelling at Shield charmscentered, robust, shielding
Q. suber (Cork Oak)Appennini, Barbary, Iberia
Q. trojana (Macedonian Oak)Balkanski
Q. variabilis (Chinese Cork Oak)Manchuria, Nippon, Qingyuan, Yangtze
N. densiflorus (Tanbark Oak)Cordillera
supports extended duration and endurance of protective barriers, and restores vitality to its owner quicklyenduring, potent, shielding
sect. Lobatae
Q. coccinea (Scarlet Oak)
Q. falcata (Southern Red Oak) [+20]
Q. rubra (Northern Red Oak)
Q. crassifolia (Mexican Dwarf Oak) [+15]Centroamérica
Q. hyperleucoides (Silverleaf Oak) [+19]Cordillera
perfect duelling wand, unusually fast reactionsimaginative, lithe, quick-witted
Q. inopina (Sandhill Oak)Caribbea
sect. Protobalanus
Q. chrysolepis (Canyon Live Oak) [+4]Cordillera
becomes very warm to the touch if its owner or wielder is unwellgrounded, hardy, reliable
sect. Ponticae
Q. pontica (Pontine Oak)Anatolia, Transcaucasia
Q. sadleriana (Deer Oak)Cordillera
requires its owner to compensate for its relatively short casting range and spells "falling short"explorative, practical, striking
sect. Virentes
Q. fusiformis (Texas Live Oak)Cordillera
Q. oleoides (Encino)Centroamérica
Q. sagrana (Cuban Oak)Caribbea
Q. virginiana (Southern Live Oak)Laurentia
powerful tool in the hands of a Healer or Mediwizard, poorly suited to hexes and cursespersistent, powerful, prosperous
sect. Quercus
Q. alba (White Oak) [+12]Laurentia
Q. aliena (Oriental White Oak)Indochina, Manchuria, Nippon, Qingyuan, Yangtze
Q. canariensis (Algerian Oak)Barbary, Iberia
Q. dentata (Daimyo Oak)Manchuria, Mongolia, Nippon, Qingyuan, Yakutia, Yangtze
Q. gambelii (Gambel Oak) [+28]Cordillera
Q. garryana (Garry Oak)Athabaska
Q. infectoria (Cyprus Oak)Mesopotamia, Persia, Petraea, Transcaucasia
Q. muehlenbergii (Chinkapin Oak)Cordillera, Laurentia
as loyal as the wizard who deserves itcourageous, faithful, sturdy
Q. petraea (Sessile Oak)
Q. robur (Pedunculate Oak)
Anatolia, Appennini, Balkanski, Baltics, Brittania, Dacia, Eire, Fennoscandia, Gallia, Germania, Iberia, Persia, Petraea, Transcaucasia, Yevrorusski
Q. pubescens (Downy Oak Or Italian Oak)Anatolia, Appennini, Balkanski, Dacia, Gallia, Germania, Iberia, Transcaucasia
Q. serrata (Bao Li)Manchuria, Nippon, Qingyuan, Yangtze
C. argentea (Sarangan)Bengali, Indochina, Malesia
C. carlesiiIndochina, Qingyuan, Yangtze
C. indicaBengali, Indochina, Qingyuan, Tibet, Yangtze
C. javanica (Javan Chestnut-Oak)Indochina, Malesia
enhances spells involving protection and groundingdefensive, resolute, watchful
C. sieboldii (Itajii Chinquapin)Manchuria, Nippon
C. crenata (Japanese Chestnut)Manchuria, Nippon
C. dentata (American Chestnut)Laurentia
C. mollissima (Chinese Chestnut)Indochina, Manchuria, Qingyuan, Yangtze
C. sativa (European Chestnut)Anatolia, Appennini, Balkanski, Dacia, Gallia, Germania, Mesopotamia, Persia, Petraea, Transcaucasia
produces unusual sheaths around its jets of light when casting spellsdiplomatic, nurturing, protective
M. californica (Pacific Wax Myrtle)Cordillera
M. esculenta (Kaphal)Bengali
M. gale (Sweet Gale)Athabaska, Baltics, Brittania, Eire, Fennoscandia, Gallia, Germania, Siberia
M. pensylvanica (Northern Bayberry)Laurentia
amplifies the energy of spells connected to protection and purification; choice wood for Divination and wardingcleansing, guarding, perceptive
M. rubra (Chinese Bayberry)Malesia, Manchuria, Nippon, Qingyuan, Yangtze
sf. Rhoipteleoideae
R. chiliantha (Horsetail Tree)Indochina, Tibet
produces spells that travel faster than usual, at the expense of power behind itdiscreet, robust, steadfast
sf. Engelhardioideae
A. costaricensis (Campano Chile)Amazonia, Centroamérica
A. mexicanaCentroamérica, Cordillera
A. williamsiiAmazonia, Andea, Paraná, Sertão, Sudeste
mundane and routine spellcasting will cause it to backfire if not allowed to be expressive once in a whileenigmatic, independent, unique
sf. Juglandoideae
C. cathayensis (Chinese Hickory)
[Annamo]carya sinensis
Manchuria, Qingyuan, Yangtze
C. cordiformis (Bitternut Hickory)
C. ovata (Shagbark Hickory)
C. floridana (Florida Hickory)Caribbea
poorly suited to Potions work, often creating unintended and unpredictable brewsambitious, exciting, learning
C. illinoinensis (Pecan)Centroamérica, Cordillera, Laurentia
C. tonkinensis (Vietnam hickory)Bengali, Indochina
C. paliurus (Qing Qian Liu)Manchuria, Qingyuan, Yangtze
produces resilient defensive magic but unable to hold it in place for longconsiderate, developing, eager
P. fraxinifolia (Caucasian Wingnut)Anatolia, Persia, Transcaucasia
P. rhoifolia (Japanese Wingnut)Manchuria, Nippon
P. stenoptera (Chinese Wingnut)Indochina, Manchuria, Qingyuan, Yangtze
produces resilient, hard to crack defensive magicenduring, sturdy, unyielding
sect. Rhysocaryon
J. australis (Nogal Criollo)Andea
J. californica (California Walnut) [+4]Cordillera
J. jamaicensis (Palo de Nuez)Caribbea
J. neotropica (Nogal Bogotano)Amazonia
not the easiest to master, but with a particular flair for all kinds of charmworkattuned, improvisational, insightful
J. nigra (Eastern Black Walnut)Laurentia
J. olanchanaCentroamérica
all other sect.s
J. ailantifolia (Japanese Walnut)Nippon, Yakutia
J. cinerea (White Walnut)Laurentia
J. regia (Persian Walnut)Anatolia, Appennini, Balkanski, Bengali, Brittania, Gallia, Germania, Iberia, Persia, Petraea, Transcaucasia
possessed of unusual versatility and adaptability, building a symbiotic relationship with its ownerinnovative, resourceful, strong-minded
J. mandshurica (Monkeynut Tree)Manchuria, Yakutia, Qingyuan, Yangtze
T. incognitumCentroamérica
produces thread-thin webs, rather than jets, of light when casting spellsdisconnected, moralistic, observant
birch family
sf. Coryloideae
C. avellana (Common Hazel)Appennini, Balkanski, Baltics, Brittania, Dacia, Eire, Fennoscandia, Gallia, Germania, Iberia, Mesopotamia, Nippon, Persia, Petraea, Tibet, Transcaucasia, Yevrorusski
C. chinensis (Chinese Hazel)Manchuria, Qingyuan, Yangtze
C. colurna (Turkish Hazel)Anatolia, Barbary, Nilotia, Saharan, Transcaucasia, Transoxania
reflects it's owner's emotional state, wilts at end of master's life; emits tear-shaped smoke when detecting underground wateremotionally intelligent, self-controlled
C. cornuta (Beaked Hazel)Athabaska, Cordillera, Laurentia
C. mandshurica (Manchurian Hazel)Manchuria, Mongolia, Siberia, Xinjiang, Yakutia
O. davidianaManchuria, Mongolia
O. nobilisQingyuan, Yangtze
associated with blending of magic and natural world, ideal for Charms involving elemental and earth-based magicattuned, grounded, harmonious
O. carpinifolia (European Hophornbeam)Anatolia, Appennini, Balkanski, Dacia, Gallia, Germania, Petraea, Transcaucasia
O. japonica (Japanese Hophornbeam)Manchuria, Nippon
O. multinervis (Chinese Hophornbeam)Qingyuan, Yangtze
O. virginiana (American Hophornbeam)Athabaska, Centroamérica, Cordillera, Laurentia
favored choice for Charms requiring fine control and quick reactionsagile, dextrous, malleable
C. betulus (European Hornbeam)Appennini, Balkanski, Baltics, Brittania, Dacia, Fennoscandia, Gallia, Germania, Iberia, Yevrorusski
C. caroliniana (American Hornbeam)Laurentia
C. fagineaBengali
C. fangianaQingyuan, Yangtze
C. japonica (Japanese Hornbeam)Nippon
C. mollicomaTibet
particularly fine-tuned and sentient, adapts quickest to owner's style of magic and code of honourpassionate, talented, visionary
C. orientalis (Oriental Hornbeam)Anatolia, Appennini, Balkanski, Dacia, Germania, Persia, Transcaucasia
C. pubescensIndochina, Manchuria, Qingyuan
C. tropicalisCentroamérica, Cordillera
birch family
sf. Betuloideae
A. acuminata (White alder)Cordillera
A. formosanaYangtze
A. glutinosa (European alder)Appennini, Balkanski, Baltics, Brittania, Dacia, Eire, Gallia, Germania, Iberia, Íslandómr, Transcaucasia, Tūiriiān, Yevrorusski
A. hirsutaNippon
A. incana (Grey Alder)Fennoscandia, Gallia, Germania, Laurentia
A. jorullensis (Mexican Alder)Centroamérica
A. mandshurica (Manchurian alder)Manchuria, Mongolia
unyielding, magnificent and loyal, best suited to non-verbal spell workcompliant, considerate, helpful
A. nepalensisBengali, Indochina, Qingyuan, Tibet
A. orientalisAnatolia, Balkanski
A. rubra (Red Alder)Athabaska
A. serrulata (Hazel Alder)Laurentia
A. sibirica (Siberian Alder)Xinjiang
A. subcordataPersia, Transcaucasia, Tūiriiān
B. albosinensis (Chinese Red Birch)Qingyuan
B. alleghaniensis (Yellow Birch)Laurentia
B. costata (Dahurian Birch)Manchuria, Mongolia, Yakutia
B. occidentalis (Water Birch)Athabaska, Cordillera
B. papyrifera (Paper Birch)Athabaska, Cordillera, Laurentia
B. pendula (Silver Birch)Anatolia, Appennini, Balkanski, Baltics, Barbary, Brittania, Dacia, Eire, Fennoscandia, Gallia, Germania, Iberia, Manchuria, Mesopotamia, Mongolia, Nippon, Persia, Qingyuan, Siberia, Tibet, Transcaucasia, Transoxania, Xinjiang, Yakutia, Yevrorusski
historically used for structured and systematic magic, amplifies controlauthoritative, disciplined, persistent
B. pubescens (Downy Birch)Anatolia, Appennini, Balkanski, Baltics, Brittania, Dacia, Eire, Fennoscandia, Gallia, Germania, Iberia, Íslandómr, Laurentia, Persia, Siberia, Transcaucasia, Yakutia, Yevrorusski
B. utilis (Himalayan Birch)Bengali, Persia
A. decaisneana (Desert Oak)Outback
A. littoralis (Black Sheoak)Carpentaria, Mulgaxerica, Victoria
A. luehmannii (Bulloak)Mulgaxerica, Victoria
A. monilifera (Necklace Sheoak)Lutruwita
A. torulosa (Rose Sheoak)Mulgaxerica
produces deceptively ethereal-looking casting effects with sturdy resultsconsiderate, devoted, tough
MalvidsSapindales                                                              Sapindales                                                              Sapindalessoapberry family
sf. Hippocastanoideae
A. buergerianum (Trident Maple)Nippon, Qingyuan, Yangtze
A. caesium (Blue Maple)Bengali, Indochina, Persia, Qingyuan, Tibet, Yangtze
A. campestre (Field Maple)Anatolia, Appennini, Balkanski, Brittania, Dacia, Gallia, Germania, Transcaucasia
A. ginnala (Amur Maple) [+3]Manchuria, Mongolia, Nippon, Yakutia
A. griseum (Paperbark Maple) [+1]Qingyuan, Yangtze
A. laurinum (Indochinese Maple)Bengali, Indochina, Malesia, Qingyuan
A. macrophyllum (Bigleaf Maple) [+2]Athabaska, Cordillera
A. monspessulanum (Montpellier Maple)Anatolia, Appennini, Balkanski, Barbary, Dacia, Gallia, Iberia, Mesopotamia, Persia, Petraea, Transcaucasia
A. oblongum (Evergreen Maple)Bengali, Indochina, Nippon, Qingyuan, Tibet, Yangtze
A. obtusifolium (Caucasian Maple) [+1]Anatolia, Mesopotamia, Petraea
A. opalus (Italian Maple)Anatolia, Appennini, Gallia, Germania, Iberia, Transcaucasia
grows heavy and lacklustre in magic without fresh challenges and regular changes of sceneexplorative, investigative, nature-lover
A. platanoides (Norway Maple)Anatolia, Appennini, Balkanski, Baltics, Dacia, Fennoscandia, Gallia, Germania, Persia, Transcaucasia, Transoxania, Yevrorusski
A. pseudoplatanus (Sycamore Maple)Appennini, Balkanski, Dacia, Gallia, Germania, Iberia, Transcaucasia
A. pseudosieboldianum (Korean Maple) [+1]Manchuria, Yakutia
A. saccharum (Sugar Maple) [+3]Laurentia
A. skutchii (Guatemalan Maple)Centroamérica
A. velutinum (Velvet Maple)Persia, Transcaucasia
Chestnut (EU)
Buckeye (NA)
A. assamica (Assam horse chestnut)Tibet
A. chinensis (Chinese horse chestnut)Manchuria, Mongolia, Qingyuan, Xinjiang, Yangtze
A. glabra (Ohio buckeye)Athabaska, Cordillera, Laurentia
A. hippocastanum (Horse chestnut)Anatolia, Appennini, Balkanski, Baltics, Barbary, Brittania, Dacia, Eire, Fennoscandia, Gallia, Germania, Iberia, Mesopotamia, Persia, Petraea, Polynesia, Saharan, Siberia, Transcaucasia, Yevrorusski
great for healing or object destruction, but will intentionally weaken its own harmful spells against living thingsengrossed, gently, philozoic
A. indica (Indian horse chestnut)Bengali, Persia
A. pavia (Red buckeye)Caribbea
A. turbinata (Japanese horse chestnut)Manchuria, Mongolia, Nippon, Tūiriiān, Yakutia
mahogany family
sf. Cedreloideae
C. angustifolia (Argentine cedar)Andea, Patagonia
C. fissilis (Brazilian cedar)Amazonia, Paraná
C. odorata (Spanish cedar)Amazonia, Caribbea, Centroamérica, Cordillera, Sertão, Sudeste
very talented at weaving consecutive spells togetherelegant, enchanting, thrilling
T. ciliata (Australia Redcedar)Bengali, Indochina, Malesia, Mulgaxerica, Persia
T. sinensis (Chinese MahoganyBengali, Indochina, Manchuria, Qingyuan, Yangtze
very versatile, able to produce somewhat differing results by intent from casting the same spellagile, changeable, quick-witted
C. guianensis (Andiroba)Amazonia, Caribbea, Centroamérica
C. procera (African Crabwood)Iguinawen, Kongo
grows a significantly stronger bond with its owner the more it is usedadaptable, strong-willed, transformative
C. tabularis (Indian Mahogany)Bengali, Indochina, Malesia
excellent for Transfiguration, amplifies adaptability and transformational magicdiscerning, malleable, opportunistic
K. anthotheca (Tanzanian Mahogany)Kongo, Maravi
K. ivorensis (African Mahogany)Iguinawen, Kongo
K. senegalensis (Senegal Mahogany)Iguinawen, Saharan
enhances enchantments related to growth and transformation, well suited to Herbology and Transfigurationdurable, loyal, open-minded
S. humilis (Mexican Mahogany)Centroamérica, Cordillera
S. macrophylla (Honduran Mahogany)Amazonia, Andea, Centroamérica, Paraná, Sertão, Sudeste
S. mahagoni (West Indian Mahogany)Caribbea
supports spells of elegance and refinement; persuasive in its spellworkcharismatic, influential, refined
X. granatum (Cannonball Mangrove)Bengali, Carpentaria, Indochina, Malesia, Mulgaxerica, Outback, Victoria
X. moluccensisIndochina, Malesia, Wheatbelt
aids in smooth and fluid transformations, helps in adjusting casting finesse to changing situationsexceptional, spontaneous, unyielding
mahogany family
sf. Melioideae
L. parasiticum (Lanzones)Malesia, Indochina
well-suited to achieving desired outcomes in Charms work, healing spells and vitality Potionsgrowing, positive, prosperous
G. cedrata (Light Bossé)
G. thompsonii (Dark Bossé)
Iguinawen, Kongo
G. guidonia (Lancewood)Amazonia, Caribbea, Centroamérica, Paraná
8 endemic threatened speciesAmazonia
especially suitable for healing magic, soothing Charms, and brewing Potions of comfort and balancecompliant, healing, virtuous
M. azedarach (Chinaberry)Carpentaria, Indochina, Malesia, Qingyuan, Tibet, Yangtze
M. dubia (Barma Dhek)Bengali
M. volkensii (Kamba)Gacandhulka, Maravi
a quirky and playful wand that creates stellar Transfiguration effectsmysterious, playful, quick-witted
AzadirachtaNeem Tree★★☆
A. excelsa (Sentang)Indochina, Malesia
A. indica (Margosa)Bengali, Persia
notably rugged and seasoned wood, great at protective spellscleansing, hardy, refreshing
S. beccarianum
S. koetjape
Indochina, Malesia
requires very clear willpower from its owner or otherwise produces wishy-washy spellsinstinctual, intentional, reserved
Q. papinaeMadagasikara
amplifies spells of enchantment and attractionalluring, charming, enchanting
sf. Zanthoxyloideae
Z. acanthopodium (Southern Yellowwood)Wheatbelt
Z. americanum (Northern Prickly Ash)Cordillera, Laurentia
Z. brachyacanthum (Northern Yellowwood)Carpentaria, Mulgaxerica, Outback, Victoria
Z. bungeanum (Sichuan Pepper)Manchuria, Mongolia, Qingyuan, Tibet, Xinjiang, Yangtze
Z. capense (Wild Coast Pepper)Khoi
Z. coco (Mountain Prickly Ash)Andea, Patagonia
Z. fagara (Wild Lime)Caribbea, Centroamérica
aids in the casting of spells that require heightened focus and intensitydriven, energetic, tenacious
Z. madagascariense (Madagascar Pepper)Madagasikara
Z. oahuense (Oahu Prickly Ash)Polynesia
Z. piperitum (Japanese Pepper)Athabaska, Nippon
Z. rhetsa (Indian Prickly Ash)Bengali, Indochina, Malesia
Z. rhoifolium (Brazilian Pepper)Amazonia, Paraná, Sertão, Sudeste
Malvalesmallow family
sf. Tilioideae
TiliaLime Tree (UK)
Linden (EU)
Basswood (NA)
T. americana (American Basswood)Athabaska, Caribbea, Cordillera, Laurentia
T. cordata (Small-leaved Linden)Balkanski, Baltics, Brittania, Dacia, Fennoscandia, Gallia, Germania, Siberia, Yakutia, Yevrorusski
T. platyphyllos (Large-leaved Linden)Appennini, Balkanski, Gallia, Germania, Iberia
good at unlocking hidden knowledge, works best for Seers and those skilled in Legilimencyinnate, insightful, perceptive
T. tomentosa (Silver Linden)Anatolia, Balkanski
C. alba (Tatarian Dogwood)Xinjiang
C. canadensis (Bunchberry)Athabaska, Laurentia
C. capitata (Himalayan Flowering Dogwood)Tibet
C. controversa (Wedding Cake Tree)Manchuria
C. excelsa (Mexican Dogwood)Centroamérica, Cordillera
C. florida (Flowering Dogwood)Caribbea, Laurentia, Qingyuan
C. hawaiiensis (Hawaiian Dogwood)Polynesia
C. kousa (Kousa Dogwood)Nippon, Yangtze
produces dazzling enchantments for ingenious owners, performs outstanding spells in difficult spots, refuses to perform nonverbal spellsexciting, ingenious
C. mas (Cornelian Cherry)Anatolia, Appennini, Balkanski, Dacia, Gallia, Germania, Transcaucasia
C. nuttallii (Pacific Dogwood)Athabaska, Cordillera
C. sanguinea (Common Dogwood)Anatolia, Balkanski, Baltics, Brittania, Dacia, Eire, Fennoscandia, Gallia, Germania, Iberia, Mongolia, Yevrorusski
Ericales                                                              EricalesEbenaceaeDiospyros
selected species
D. discolor (Velvet Persimmon)Madagasikara
D. kaki (Oriental Persimmon)Bengali, Indochina, Malesia, Manchuria, Mulgaxerica, Nippon, Qingyuan, Yangtze
D. lotus (Date Plum)Anatolia, Bengali, Mongolia, Persia, Tibet, Transcaucasia, Tūiriiān, Xinjiang
D. nigra (Black Sapote)Amazonia, Centroamérica
carries the potential for limitless growth and flourishingambitious, malleable, open-minded
D. texana (Texas Persimmon)Cordillera
D. virginiana (American Persimmon)Laurentia, Caribbea
syn. Royena
D. celebica (Macassar Ebony)Malesia, Indochina
D. ebenum (Ceylon Ebony)Bengali
D. inconstans (Cuban Ebony)Paraná, Amazonia, Caribbea, Centroamérica
D. latifolia (Pacific Ebony)Melanesia
D. laurifolia (Brazilian Ebony)Amazonia, Andea, Sertão, Sudeste, Paraná
highly suited to all manner of combative magic and to Transfigurationnonconformist, resolute, self-expressive
D. mespiliformis (Jackalberry)Maravi, Victoria, Iguinawen, Khoi, Kongo, Saharan, Gacandhulka, Yamnat
D. pentamera (Myrtle Ebony)Mulgaxerica
E. divinorum (Magic Guarri)Gacandhulka, Khoi, Kongo, Maravi, Saharan
E. racemosa (Dune Guarrie)Gacandhulka, Madagasikara, Maravi, Yamnat
able to adapt its cast enchantments in different mannersadaptable, charming, enchanting
heather family
sf. Ericoideae
C. vulgaris (Common Heather)Anatolia, Appennini, Balkanski, Baltics, Barbary, Brittania, Dacia, Eire, Fennoscandia, Gallia, Germania, Iberia, Íslandómr, Siberia, Transoxania, Tūiriiān, Yevrorusski
excels in warmer climates, needs to stay close to its owner in colder months to prevent damagecontemplative, self-sufficient, vigorous
C. ericoides (Sandhill Rosemary)Caribbea, Laurentia
continuously revamps and enhances its own casting of spells as its owner re-casts themcareful, improvable, reflective
E. arborea (Tree Heath)Anatolia, Appennini, Balkanski, Barbary, Dacia, Gacandhulka, Gallia, Iberia, Kongo, Maravi, Saharan, Transcaucasia, Yamnat
E. carnea (Winter Heath)Appennini, Balkanski, Dacia, Gallia, Germania
E. cerinthoides (Fire Heath)
 +745 other native species
E. comorensisMadagasikara
dislikes being packed away or being unheld by its owner, once claimedcautious, determined, self-reliant
E. erigena (Irish Heath)Barbary, Eire, Gallia, Iberia
E. manipulifloraAnatolia, Appennini, Balkanski, Petraea
E. tetralix (Bell Heather)Baltics, Brittania, Fennoscandia, Gallia, Germania, Iguinawen
P. aleutica (Aleutian Mtn. Heath)Athabaska, Nippon, Yakutia
P. caerulea (Blue Mtn. Heath)Athabaska, Brittania, Caribbea, Fennoscandia, Gallia, Íslandómr, Laurentia, Manchuria, Siberia, Yevrorusski
P. empetriformis (Red Mtn. Heath)
P. glanduliflora (Yellow Mtn. Heath)
Athabaska, Cordillera
requires an extremely firm grip in all spellcasting for best resultseager, self-reliant, thoughtful
heather family
sf. Vaccinioideae
sg. Vaccinium
V. arboreum (Sparkleberry) [+6]Laurentia
V. arctostaphylos (Caucasus Whortleberry)Anatolia, Dacia, Persia, Transcaucasia
V. bracteatum (Asiatic Bilberry)Indochina, Malesia, Manchuria, Nippon, Qingyuan, Yangtze
V. floribundum (Mortiño)Amazonia, Andea, Centroamérica, Paraná
V. glaucoalbum (Grey-White Blueberry)Bengali, Indochina, Tibet
struggles with Charms involving precision, often leading to uninintended resultsexciting, spontaneous, tough
V. myrtillus (Common Bilberry)Brittania, Eire, Fennoscandia, Íslandómr
V. ovalifolium (Ovalleaf Bilberry)Athabaska, Laurentia, Nippon, Yakutia
V. parvifolium (Red Huckleberry)Cordillera
I. anomala (Kāwaʻu)Polynesia
I. aquifolium (Common Holly)Anatolia, Appennini, Balkanski, Barbary, Brittania, Dacia, Eire, Fennoscandia, Gallia, Germania, Iberia, Petraea
I. asprella (Plumleaf Holly)Malesia, Yangtze
I. dipyrenaBengali, Indochina, Persia, Qingyuan, Tibet
I. integra (Elegance Female Holly)Manchuria, Nippon, Yangtze
works best for those who need to overcome a tendency to anger or impetuosityengrossed, spiritual, undauntable
I. mitis (Cape Holly)Gacandhulka, Iguinawen, Khoi, Kongo, Madagasikara, Maravi
I. paraguariensis (Yerba Maté)Amazonia, Paraná, Sertão, Sudeste
I. vomitoria (Yaupon Holly)Caribbea, Laurentia
Apialesginseng family
H. helix (Common Ivy)Anatolia, Appennini, Balkanski, Barbary, Brittania, Dacia, Gallia, Germania, Iberia, Mesopotamia, Petraea
H. hibernica (Atlantic Ivy)Eire, Iberia
H. maroccana (Moroccan Ivy)Barbary
strengthens bonds, works better in tandem with other spellcasterscharismatic, loyal, resourceful
H. pastuchovii (Caucasian Ivy)Dacia, Persia, Transcaucasia
Dipsacalesmoschatel family
A. moschatellina (Muskroot)Anatolia, Appennini, Athabaska, Balkanski, Baltics, Bengali, Brittania, Caribbea, Centroamérica, Cordillera, Dacia, Eire, Fennoscandia, Gallia, Germania, Íslandómr, Laurentia, Manchuria, Mongolia, Nippon, Polynesia, Qingyuan, Siberia, Tibet, Transoxania, Tūiriiān, Xinjiang, Yakutia, Yangtze, Yevrorusski
absorbs its owner's values to the point where it will perform poorly casting antithetical spellsaristocratic, contemplative, moralistic
S. australasica (Yellow Elderberry)Aotearoa, Lutruwita
S. caerulea (Blue Elderberry)Athabaska, Cordillera
S. canadensis (American Elder)Caribbea, Laurentia
S. ebulus (Dwarf Elder)
S. nigra (Black Elderberry)
Anatolia, Appennini, Balkanski, Barbary, Brittania, Dacia, Eire, Fennoscandia, Gallia, Germania, Iberia, Mesopotamia, Persia, Petraea, Transcaucasia, Transoxania, Tūiriiān, Yevrorusski
S. gaudichaudiana (White Elderberry)Mulgaxerica, Victoria
S. javanica (Chinese Elder)Bengali, Indochina, Malesia, Manchuria, Nippon, Persia, Qingyuan, Tibet, Yangtze
rarest of all wand wood and reputed to be deeply unlucky, the trickiest of all to masterexceptional, extraordinary, predestined
S. peruviana (Sauco)Amazonia, Andea, Centroamérica, Patagonia, Sertão
S. racemosa (Red Elderberry)Anatolia, Appennini, Athabaska, Balkanski, Baltics, Cordillera, Dacia, Fennoscandia, Gallia, Germania, Laurentia, Manchuria, Nippon, Siberia, Transcaucasia, Yakutia, Yevrorusski
V. cotinifolium (Wayfaring Tree)Bengali, Persia, Tibet
V. dentatum (Southern Arrowwood)Laurentia
V. edule (Mooseberry)Athabaska, Cordillera, Yakutia
V. macrocephalum (Chinese Snowball)Manchuria, Yangtze
V. obovatum (Small-leaf Arrowwood)Caribbea
V. odoratissimum (Sweet Arrowwood)Bengali, Indochina, Malesia, Manchuria, Yangtze
V. tinus (Laurustinus)Appennini, Balkanski, Gallia, Iberia
remarkably effective offensively in the hands of a Legilimens, produces luminous effectsattentive, intelligent, reflective
V. opulus (Guelder Rose)Anatolia, Appennini, Balkanski, Baltics, Brittania, Cordillera, Dacia, Eire, Fennoscandia, Gallia, Germania, Iberia, Siberia, Transcaucasia, Transoxania, Tūiriiān, Yevrorusski
LamiidsLamiales                                                              Lamiales                                                              Lamialesolive family
tr. Oleeae
C. foveolatus (Pock Ironwood)Khoi, Maravi
C. mala-elengi (Rangoon Creeper)Bengali, Indochina
C. mildbraedii (Mokutu)Gacandhulka, Kongo
C. pubescens (Pink Fringetree)Amazonia
C. ramiflorus (Native Olive)Carpentaria, Malesia, Qingyuan, Yangtze
particularly useful in casting spells related to making connectionsadroit, communicative, intuitive
C. retusus (Chinese Fringetree)Manchuria, Nippon, Qingyuan, Yangtze
C. virginicus (White Fringetree)Caribbea, Laurentia
F. acuminata (Eastern Swampprivet)Laurentia
F. ecuadorensisAmazonia
F. eggersiana (Inkbush)Caribbea
F. pubescens (Stretchberry)Cordillera
quite good at concealment spells except that they tend to be "sticky" to removediscreet, potent, vigilant
F. rhamnifolia (Caca Ravet)Centroamérica
F. americana (White Ash)Laurentia
F. angustifolia (Narrow-Leaved Ash)Anatolia, Appennini, Balkanski, Dacia, Gallia, Germania, Iberia, Persia, Petraea, Transcaucasia
F. caroliniana (Carolina Ash)Caribbea
F. chinensis (Chinese Ash)Indochina, Manchuria, Nippon, Qingyuan, Yakutia, Yangtze
F. dimorpha (Atlas Ash)Barbary
F. excelsior (European Ash)Anatolia, Appennini, Balkanski, Baltics, Brittania, Dacia, Eire, Fennoscandia, Gallia, Germania, Persia, Transcaucasia, Yevrorusski
F. griffithii (Griffith's Ash)Bengali, Indochina, Malesia, Qingyuan, Yangtze
cleaves to its one true master, and loses power it passed on or gifted to another ownerdignified, modest, tactful
F. latifolia (Oregon Ash)Cordillera
F. mandshurica (Manchurian Ash)Manchuria, Nippon, Qingyuan, Yakutia, Yangtze
F. micrantha (Caucasian Ash)Bengali, Persia
F. sogdiana (Sogdian Ash)Mongolia, Persia, Transoxania, Xinjiang
F. uhdei (Shamel Ash)Centroamérica
F. xanthoxyloides (Afghan Ash)Persia, Tibet
L. amurense (Amur Privet)Manchuria, Mongolia
L. japonicum (Japanese Privet)Manchuria, Nippon, Qingyuan, Tibet, Yangtze
L. sinense (Chinese Privet)Indochina, Yangtze
L. vulgare[ (Common Privet)Anatolia, Appennini, Balkanski, Barbary, Brittania, Eire, Gallia, Germania, Iberia, Persia, Transcaucasia
casts stronger and more successfully when nobody else is watchingprotective, secretive, vigorous
N. cunninghamii (Black Maire) [+3]Aotearoa
N. sandwicensis (Olopua)Polynesia
refuses to pair with any other plant and will "pout" when casting alongside other wandseager, learning, secretive
N. ligustrina (Privet Mock Olive)Lutruwita, Mulgaxerica, Victoria
N. longifolia (Long-leaved Olive) [+2]Mulgaxerica
N. venosa (Veiny Mock-Olive)Melanesia, Victoria
frequently misaligns itself and loses aim in targeted spell castingexplorative, inquisitive, practical
O. capensis (Ironwood Olive)Gacandhulka, Iguinawen, Khoi, Kongo, Madagasikara, Maravi, Saharan
O. europaea (European Olive)Anatolia, Appennini, Arabia, Balkanski, Barbary, Gallia, Iberia, Persia, Petraea, Saharan, Yamnat
O. paniculata (Australian Olive)Bengali, Carpentaria, Indochina, Malesia, Mulgaxerica, Persia, Qingyuan
a very picky wand, excellent for Healers, Mediwizards, and Wandmakerscompassionate, healing, popular
S. emodi (Himalayan Lilac)Bengali, Persia, Tibet
S. oblata (Early Lilac)Mongolia, Qingyuan, Xinjiang
S. reticulata (Tree Lilac)Manchuria, Mongolia, Nippon, Siberia, Yangtze
S. vulgaris (Common Lilac)Appennini, Athabaska, Balkanski, Brittania, Cordillera, Dacia, Eire, Gallia, Germania, Iberia, Laurentia, Patagonia, Yevrorusski
emits a faint fragrance when not in use, drawing attention to itselfaristocratic, elegant, seeking
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Ollivander's Wand Directory - Wand Cores
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Alphabetical List of Wand Core Genera
The larger and brighter the font, the higher rated this core is by Mr. Ollivander (one, two, or three stars). The three "Supreme Cores" are glowing.

Augurey (Feather, Tear)
Basilisk (Fang, Horn)
Bogeyman (Hair, Scale)
Boobrie (Feather, Scale)
Curupira (Hair, Scale)
Demiguise (Hair)
Dittany (Stalk)
Doxy (Wing)
Dragon (Heartstring, Scale)
Fairy (Wing)
Griffin (Feather, Hair)
Grindylow (Nail, Scale)
Hard Coral (Polyp, Sclerite)
Hippocampus (Hair, Scale)
Hippogriff (Feather, Talon)
Horned Hare (Hair, Horn)
Horned Serpent (Horn)
Hydrocoral (Polyp, Spicule)
Inhuman (Fang, Nail)
Jackalope (Antler, Hair)
Jamalrak (Hair)
Jobberknoll (Feather)
Kelpie (Hair, Scale)
Kneazle (Hair, Whisker)
Kraken (Blood, Scale)
Kuma (Fang, Hair)
Mandrake (Peduncle)
Manticore (Hair, Whisker)
Merfolk (Hair, Scale, Spine)
Mistletoe (Stalk)
Moonwhale (Baleen, Blood, Tooth)
Murtlap (Tentacle)
Occamy (Feather, Scale)
Orthoclase (Stone)
Pegasus (Feather, Hair)
Peryton (Feather, Hair)
Phoenix (Feather, Tear)
Pixie (Wing)
Quartz (Stone)
Soft Coral (Polyp)
Precious Metal (Ore)
Redcap (Blood)
Rougarou (Hair)
Salamander (Blood, Claw, Scale)
Sea Goat (Horn, Scale)
Shoal-cait (Scale, Spine)
Snallygaster (Feather, Heartstring)
Sphinx (Hair, Whisker)
Taileater (Scale)
Tebo (Tusk)
Thessalian (Hair)
Thestral (Fang, Hair)
Thunderbird (Feather, Tear)
Troll (Whisker)
Unicorn (Hair)
Vanterviper (Scale)
Veela (Hair)
Vulpiate (Hair)
Wampus (Hair, Whisker)
Zingazi (Feather, Hair)
Zgriptor (Feather)

🪄 The core of a wand is a magical substance that is processed and fitted into the wood of the wand, enhancing the magical ability of the wood and/or providing new magical capability to the synthesis. The overwhelming majority of wand cores come from creature parts (generally Beasts, some Beings, and even a few non-magical creatures), but some magical plants and magical ores can be used as well.

🪄 The following table presents the most common sources of wand cores and a sampling of some species of the genera in each wand region of the world. As with wand woods, the notes provided here are only general notes for the core types, and individual wands may differ especially after being paired with certain woods.

🪄 Of note - hyperlinks are provided to the Harry Potter Fandom Wiki for canon species and canon cores;  🅆 denotes a link you can click on for a non-canon species.

KingdomFamilyGenusCommonSpecies & RegionsPart(s)Wand TraitWand Specialty
A. congonensis (Congolese tebo)
A. hesperis (Gabonese tebo)
Tusk★★☆durable and resilient, protective of its ownerCurses, Cursebreaking
tr. Poulipodionini
A. gryphus (Mediterranean Hippogriff)Anatolia, Appennini, Balkanski, Gallia
A. monticola (Mountain Hippogriff)Dacia, Gallia, Germania
Feather★★☆versatile and adaptable, good for various casting stylesCharms
Talon★☆☆enhances accuracy, perfect for precise spellcastingCursebreaking
L. africus (African Griffin)Barbary, Gacandhulka, Saharan
L. hesperus (Hesperian Griffin)Appennini, Balkanski
L. indicus (Himalayan Griffin)Bengali, Persia, Tibet
L. orientalis (Oriental Griffin)Mongolia
L. persica (Simurgh)Arabia, Mesopotamia, Persia, Petraea, Yamnat
Feather★★☆a healthy, all-around, mid-power core with few unique quirksRunes
Hair★☆☆durable and tenacious, but suitable for combative magicCharms
tr. Kolopteronini
CervalisPeryton 🅆
C. alpinus (Alpine Peryton)Gallia, Germania
C. patagonicus (Patagonian Peryton)Patagonia
C. sylvanicus (Woodland Peryton)Cordillera, Dacia, Laurentia
Feather★★☆potent and unpredictable, a wand for versatile spellcastersEnchantments
Hair★☆☆unpredictable and challenging, requires a steady hand and focusHerbology
sect. Pegasus
E. abraxas (Abraxan Pegasus)Gallia, Germania
E. castanea (Aethonan Pegasus)Brittania
E. cinericius (Granian Pegasus)Iberia
E. hellenicus (Hellenic Pegasus)Anatolia, Appennini, Balkanski, Petraea
Feather★★☆graceful and ethereal, produces spells of beauty and professionalismEnchantments
Hair★★☆agile and creative, great for quick thinkingCharms
sect. Pseftosus
Zingazi 📷
E. spp. (Flying Zebra)subSaharan Africa
sect.  Vidistus
E. australis (Australasian Thestral)Mulgaxerica, Victoria
E. nocturnus (American Thestral)Amazonia, Centroamérica, Cordillera, Laurentia, Paraná
E. obscurus (African Thestral)Gacandhulka
E. vanus (Forest Thestral)Brittania, Eire
Fang★★☆primal and unpredictable, best for advanced wizardsCursebreaking
Hair★★★potent and primal, but very unstable and tricky to masterCurses
Hoof★★☆mysterious and powerful, responds to the user's experiencesCurses
tr. Rumipteronini
KyrtalisJamalrak 📷
K. spp. (Flying Camel)Sahara and Middle East
A. bayouensis (Cajun Rougarou)Caribbea, Laurentia
A. nanus (Dwarf Rougarou)Caribbea, Centroamérica
A. ruber (Red-bellied Rougarou)Amazonia, Sertão
Hair★★☆unpredictable, ideal for spellcasters with nerves of steelDark Arts
DaemoursusKuma 🅆
D. arctoverde (Mesoamerican Green Kuma)Centroamerica, Cordillera
D. japonica (Onikuma)Nippon, Yakutia
D. montanus (Rocky Kuma)Athabaska
D. polaris (Spokesmedbjern)Fennoscandia, Yevrorusski, Siberia
Fang★★☆ferocious, overpowered spells; requires iron will and even temperCurses, Defence
Hair★☆☆amplifies resilience and stamina; requires calmness and focusCharms
Hair★★☆wise and intuitive, aligns with the natural worldDivination
M. alba (Silver Unicorn)Brittania, Caribbea, Cordillera, Dacia, Laurentia, Mongolia, Siberia, Yevrorusski
M. aurealis (Golden Unicorn)Indochina, Manchuria, Mongolia, Qingyuan, Tibet, Xinjiang, Yangtze
M. borealis (Northern Unicorn)Athabaska, Fennoscandia, Germania, Íslandómr, Laurentia
M. gallicus (Licorne)Appennini, Gallia, Germania, Iberia
M. hellenicus (Hellenic Unicorn)Anatolia, Balkanski, Dacia
M. wenalltii (Wenallt Unicorn)Brittania, Eire
Hair★★★least likely to turn to the Dark Arts, avoids spellcasting accidents but is prone to wiltingbroad range of spells
IncapitusThessalian 🅆
I. hibernica (Dubh-each)Eire
I. parochias (Mula-Sem-Cabeça)Sudeste
I. sylvatica (Rappe)Gallia, Germania
Hair★★☆bonds with its owner but tends not to adapt when massive changes occurDefence
C. elegans (Divine Sphinx)Anatolia, Balkanski, Nilotia, Saharan
C. seraphii (Seraphic Sphinx)Arabia, Mesopotamia, Yamnat
Hair★★☆weaves complex spells that are difficult to reverseRunes
Whisker★☆☆enhances divination and uncovering secretsArithmancy
Scale★★☆versatile and formidable, adapts to various casting stylesDark Arts
M. mantichorus (Persian Manticore)Anatolia, Balkanski, Mesopotamia, Persia
Hair★★☆powerful but incredibly unstable, requires a calm demeanor to temper itAlchemy
Whisker★★☆powerful yet unstable, requires a calm and precise handDefence
C. argentus (Silverback Demiguise)Malesia
C. eburneus (Ivory Demiguise)Indochina
Hair★★☆favoured by tricksters due to its knack for disguise and concealment magicCharms
Faelis knatus (Punny Kneazle)Brittania
Hair★☆☆prone to temperamental behavior, excels in subtle castingHexes
Whisker★☆☆requires a strong bond, suitable for dedicated home witchesHerbology
P. ferrugineus (Rusty Splintercat)Athabaska, Cordillera
P. montanus (Tanasi Wampus)Laurentia
Hair★★☆agile and graceful, favored by those with quick reflexesCharms
Whisker★☆☆intuitive and responds remarkably well to nonverbal magicDivination
LabracadabridaeAlepoufisVulpiate 🅆
A. koreensis (Gumiho)Manchuria
A. nipponensis (Kitsune)Nippon
A. sinensis (Huli Jing)Qingyuan, Yangtze
Hair★★☆cunning and creative, tricky, often finds and exposes weaknessesDivination
Foxfire★★☆crafty and unpredictable, produces enchanting illusionsCharms
Hare 🅆
K. europaeus (Common Horned Hare)Appennini, Balkanski, Baltics, Brittania, Dacia, Gallia, Germania, Transcaucasia, Transoxania, Yevrorusski
K. gaelicus (Gaelic Horned Hare)Brittania, Eire
Hair★★☆energetic and unpredictable, ideal for dynamic magicEnchantments
Horn★☆☆enhances protective spells, known for resilienceDefence
O. hornatus (American Jackalope)Laurentia
Antler★☆☆prone to unpredictable magic, favoured by risk-takersHerbology
Hair★☆☆agile, quick, great for firing off multiple spells rapidlyTransfiguration
F. anicilla (Madarial)Persia, Transoxania
F. arcticus (Ijiraq)Athabaska, Laurentia
F. calvaria (Coco)Appennini, Balkanski, Gallia, Germania, Iberia
F. collinus (Pookha or Buka)Dacia, Eire, Fennoscandia, Germania, Íslandómr, Yevrorusski
F. teutonicus (Common Bugbear)Baltics, Brittania, Germania
F. umbrosus (Levantine Babau)Anatolia, Appennini, Balkanski, Dacia, Mesopotamia, Petraea
Hair/Scale★★☆double-natured, excels at protection and offenseDefence, Hexes
V. ignifer (Caipora)Sertão, Sudeste
V. silvarum (Silbador)Amazonia, Paraná
Hair/Scale★★☆itself unstable, known to choose talented-yet-unpredictable ownersDark Arts
K. amator (Danubian Veela)Balkanski, Gallia, Germania
K. ignifer (Carpathian Veela)Dacia
Hair★★☆proven to be temperamentalDefence
T. ferox (Forest Troll)Baltics, Dacia, Fennoscandia
T. grunnitus (River Troll)Appennini, Germania
T. immanis (Rockskin Troll)Gallia, Germania, Iberia
T. montanus (Mountain Troll)Balkanski, Brittania, Germania
T. stupida (Pale Troll)Eire, Fennoscandia, Íslandómr
Whisker★★☆resilient, resistant to disarming and damage, but also stubbornCurses
VegrandidaeSanguiculloRedcap 🅆
S. maculosus (Spotted Bloodcap)Brittania
Blood★☆☆usually has its own ideas and requires a strong-willed ownerDark Arts
T. cornicus (Cornish pixie)Brittania
T. sylvestris (Sylvan pixie)Brittania, Eire
Wing★☆☆unpredictable and mischievous, ill-suited for orderly or boring ownersPotions
V. capripedius (Hobgoblin)Eire, Gallia, Germania, Laurentia
V. ignis (Will-o'-Wisp)Amazonia, Baltics, Bengali, Brittania, Eire, Fennoscandia, Gallia, Germania, Laurentia, Paraná
V. ludens (Leprechaun)Eire
V. saltator (Common Fairy)Amazonia, Aotearoa, Balkanski, Bengali, Brittania, Carpentaria, Cordillera, Gallia, Laurentia, Khoi, Mulgaxerica, Sertão, Sudeste
V. sidheonus (Aes Sídhe)Brittania, Eire
V. silvaticus (Sprite)Fennoscandia, Gallia, Germania
Wing★★☆graceful and beautiful, struggles with larger spellsEnchantments
V. axyridis (Biting Fairy)Athbaska, Laurentia, Fennoscandia, Baltics, Yevrorusski
V. piliardens (Paint-eared Doxy)Brittania, Cordillera, Eire, Gallia, Germania
Wing★☆☆prone to mischief, satisfied with creativityHexes
(Living Dead)
I. diabolicus (Inferius)Appennini, Brittania, Eire, Gallia, Germania
I. mortuus (Zombie)Laurentia, Caribbea
I. sanguisanam (Vampire)Balkanski, Bengali, Dacia, Gacandhulka, Khoi
Fang★★☆primal and instinctive, weakens without regular useTransfiguration
Nail★★☆known for durability and resistance in spellcastingCurses
ReptilesAgouserpenidaeDiplophisVanterviper 🅆
D. alatum (Winged Vanterviper)Amazonia, Andea, Centroamérica, Paraná, Patagonia
D. dupliciter (Amphisbaena)Anatolia, Arabia, Mesopotamia, Nilotia, Persia, Petraea, Saharan, Transoxania, Xinjiang, Yamnat
D. morocconensis (Barbary Vanterviper)Barbary
Scale★★☆resilient and adaptable, great at multi-taskingCursebreaking
TrochophisTaileater 🅆
T. corporosus (Tsuchinoko)Manchuria, Nippon, Qingyuan, Yangtze
T. perpetuus (Ouroboros)Appennini, Balkanski, Barbary, Iberia, Nilotia, Petraea, Saharan
T. volubilis (Hoop Snake)Athabaska, Caribbea, Laurentia
Scale★☆☆struggles to focus in casting, best paired with a patient wizardAlchemy
sect. Dracona
D. boreus (Swedish Short-Snout)Baltics, Fennoscandia
D. cornutus (Romanian Longhorn)Balkanski, Dacia
D. nigrum (Hebridean Black)
D. occidentalis (Common Welsh Green)
Scale★★☆intimidating and majestic, resistant to incoming spellsTransfiguration
Heartstring★★★easiest and fastest at learning spells but prone to spellcasting accidentsbroad range of spells
sect. Viperna
Wyvern ⁽ⁿᵒᵗᵉ⁾There is a canon Wyvern page, but here I'm using "wyvern"
to refer to dragon species whose wings are also their forelegs (🅆).
D. aucklandica (Antipodean Opaleye)Aotearoa, Polynesia
D. caudaspinas (Hungarian Horntail)Balkanski, Germania
D. loricatus (Ukrainian Ironbelly)Dacia, Yevrorusski
D. maremontes (Norwegian Ridgeback)Fennoscandia, Íslandómr
D. orientalis (Chinese Fireball)Yangtze
D. tropicalis (Peruvian Vipertooth)Amazonia, Andea
C. hibernica (Irish Serpent)*
*considered extinct in the wild
C. sinensis (Peifu Serpent)Indochina, Qingyuan, Yangtze
C. uktenasii (Estakwynayv)Laurentia
Horn★★★sensitive to Parseltongue, emits low musical tones when it senses dangerArithmancy
L. anticuus (Northern Basilisk)Baltics, Brittania, Dacia, Germania, Yevrorusski
L. casentinensis (Badalischio)Appennini, Balkanski, Dacia, Gallia, Germania
Fang/Horn★★☆potent but dangerous, best suited for advanced spellcastersDark Arts
D. orientalis (Razor Occamy)Bengali, Indochina, Malesia, Manchuria, Nippon, Qingyuan, Yangtze
Feather★★☆unpredictable and challenging, requires a quick wit to compensateTransfiguration
Scale★★☆passively protective of its owner and their belongingsArithmancy
D. stridulus (Screeching Snallygaster)Laurentia
Feather★★☆unexpectedly combative in unfamiliar situations, requires a steady handCurses
Heartstring★★★primal and formidable, shrugs off curses easilyCursebreaking
Stone★★☆stoic and durable, excels in defensive magicTransfiguration
P. ignis (Volcanic Fire Salamander)Aotearoa, Iguinawen, Malesia, Melanesia, Polynesia
P. rubra (Scarlet Fire Salamander)Appennini, Balkanski, Caribbea, Iberia, Íslandómr, Nippon
Blood★★☆powerful but difficult to control, emits sparks at inopportune momentsPotions
Claw/Scale★★☆known for its reactivity in the face of conflictRunes
C. australis (Southern Frost Salamander)Antarctica, Aotearoa, Lutruwita, Patagonia
C. borealis (Northern Frost Salamander)Athabaska, Fennoscandia, Íslandómr, Laurentia, Siberia, Yevrorusski
Blood★★☆steadfast but unfeeling, emits an icy aura when displeased with its ownerAlchemy
Claw/Scale★★☆known for its adaptability in the face of adversityEnchantments
R. borealis (American Jobberknoll)Athabaska, Laurentia
R. septentrionalis (European Jobberknoll)Brittania, Eire, Fennoscandia, Gallia, Germania
Feather★★☆like its contributing creature, casts silently until it becomes irreparably damagedCharms
Feruavisidae DirostrumZgriptor 🅆
D. andinus (Quechuan Zgriptor)Andea
D. europeus (Frangistan Zgriptor)Anatolia, Balkanski, Dacia, Iberia, Yevrorusski
D. indicus (Bhāratan Zgriptor)Bengali
Feather★★☆imperialistic and demanding, requires an iron will to counteract itPotions
I. diucollum (Anqa)Arabia, Barbary, Nilotia, Petraea, Saharan
I. igniavis (Russian Firebird)Balkanski, Dacia, Germania, Yevrorusski
I. maranensis (Sarimanok)Malesia
I. occidentalis (Western Phoenix)Anatolia, Appennini, Balkanski, Brittania, Cordillera, Gallia, Iberia, Nilotia, Petraea
I. orientalis (Fenghuang)Manchuria, Qingyuan, Yangtze
Feather★★★most picky about potential owners, allegiance hard won, sometimes acts of its own accordgreatest range of spells
Tear★★☆adaptive, known to repair and burnish itself every morningPotions
Pluviavis hibernica (Irish phoenix)Eire
Feather★★☆incredibly instinctive and will pull back from those who mean its owner ill willDivination
Tear★☆☆highly sensitive to approaching danger, sometimes becomes squishyAlchemy
P. algonkiansis (Great Plains Thunderbird)Laurentia
P. cascadia (Pacific Thunderbird)Athabaska, Cordillera
Feather★★★powerful but difficult to master, casts pre-emptive curses when danger is sensedTransfiguration
Tear★★☆difficult to stop large spells once they startEnchantments
sect. Equoros
E. algarum (Common Kelpie)Brittania, Eire, Fennoscandia
Hair★★☆quick thinking and able to track a moving targetHexes
Scale★★☆produces reliable protective and defensive spellsPotions
sect. Plumatus
Boobrie 🅆
E. pinguinus (Giant Boobrie)Brittania, Eire, Íslandómr, Laurentia
Feather★★★known for its grace and versatility, one of the most adaptive wand coresCharms, Enchantments
Scale★★☆intuitive and adaptable, well-prepared for surprisesDivination
Palamus grendelum (Scottish Grindylow)Brittania
Nail★☆☆unpredictable, rebellious, and challengingHexes
Scale★★☆frequently brittle, but continuously braces itself for impactHerbology
CephalothysidaeSkolopodion Kraken
S. giganteum (Kraken)Fennoscandia, Íslandómr
Blood★★☆ideal for control spells, known to be powerful and commandingCurses
Scale★★★incredibly focused and resists having its spellcasting be interruptedCursebreaking
M. britannicus (Coastal Murtlap)Britannia
Tentacle★☆☆known to sting at randomPotions
I. arkanensis (White River Monster)*
*considered to be extinct in the wild
Scale★★☆suitable for both offense and defenseDefence
Spine★★★produces spells of force and eleganceCursebreaking
C. carmenmotus (Migratory Moonwhale)Appennini, Balkanski, Brittania, Iberia
Baleen/Tooth★☆☆creates emotional wands, but soothing to the touch when it feels calmRunes
Blood★☆☆tranquil, sometimes to the point of nonresponsivenessHerbology
C. africana (Mami Wati)Iguinawen, Khoi, Kongo, Maravi
C. baltica (Undinė)Baltics, Fennoscandia
C. hibernica (Merrow)Eire
C. syreni (Siren)Anatolia, Appennini, Balkanski, Petraea
C. vestutis (Selkie)Brittania, Fennoscandia, Germania, Íslandómr
Hair★★☆known to shock would-be thievesHexes
Scale/Spine★★★intelligent, manipulative and intimidatingDark Arts
CaprapiscisSea Goat 🅆
C. mediterraneus (Triton Satyr)Anatolia, Appennini, Balkanski, Gallia, Iberia, Petraea
Horn★☆☆prefers direct spellcraft to defensive or auxiliary castingsDark Arts
Scale★★☆agile and quick, suitable for offensive spellsTransfiguration
E. vectura (Triton Steed)Anatolia, Appennini, Balkanski, Barbary, Nilotia, Petraea, Saharan
Hair★★☆renowned for its stamina and agilityTransfiguration
Scale★★☆moderately intuitive, pushes to take pre-emptive actionDivination
Shoal-cait 🅆
S. caerulea (Blue-bellied Shoal-cait)Manchuria, Mongolia, Nippon, Yakutia
S. marmoratus (Marbled Shoal-cait)Anatolia, Balkanski, Baltics, Dacia, Gallia, Germania, Transcaucasia, Transoxania, Yevrorusski
S. votans (Wishing Fish)Baltics, Germania, Yevrorusski
Scale★★★one of the best performing cores for all types of indirect magicDivination
Spine★★☆ill adapted to combat or defensive magicHexes
Hardcoral 🅆
A. palmataCaribbea
Polyp★☆☆unreliable performance even on familiar spellsHerbology
Sclerite★☆☆durable, resistent, resilient, but not especially magicalArithmancy
Hardcoral 🅆
L. pertusa (Atlantic Coldcoral)Brittania, Eire, Fennoscandia, Gallia, Iberia, Íslandómr
Polyp★☆☆slow to adapt but learns spellwork thoroughlyAlchemy
Softcoral 🅆
G. rubiformis (Sea Strawberry)Athabaska, Cordillera, Laurentia
Polyp★☆☆malleable and easily changes loyalty, sensitive to warm environmentsDark Arts
Hydrocoral 🅆
M. alcicornis (Sea Ginger)Caribbea, Centroamérica, Sertão, Sudeste
M. tenera (Indopacific Firecoral)Arabia, Bengali, Carpentaria, Gacandhulka, Indochina, Khoi, Madagasikara, Malesia, Maravi, Melanesia, Micronesia, Nippon, Persia, Saharan, Yamnat, Yangtze
Polyp★★☆flashy and performative, thrives in vibrant settingsCurses
Spicule★☆☆fairly adaptive, but prone to frequent burnoutsRunes
M. lamentosa (Wailing Mandrake)Anatolia, Appennini, Balkanski, Barbary, Iberia, Nilotia, Petraea
M. tristis (Mourning Mandrake)Bengali, Qingyuan, Tibet, Yangtze
M. ululatus (Howling Mandrake)Persia, Transoxania
Peduncle★☆☆surprisingly eager for healing and restorative magicAlchemy
Dittany 🅆
C. leucantha (Highland Dittany)Centroamérica
C. origanoides (Frostmint Dittany)Laurentia
C. spicata (Argentine Dittany)Paraná
Stalk★★☆well suited to Healers and MediwizardsHerbology
D. albus (Burning Bush)Anatolia, Appennini, Balkanski, Barbary, Bengali, Gallia, Iberia, Indochina, Nilotia, Persia, Petraea, Qingyuan, Transcaucasia, Transoxania
D. dasycarpus (Chinese Dittany)Manchuria, Mongolia, Siberia, Yangtze
SantalaceaeViscumMistletoe 🅆
V. album (Common Mistletoe)Anatolia, Balkanski, Brittania, Dacia, Gallia, Germania, Transcaucasia
V. articulatam (Asian Mistletoe)Carpentaria, Indochina, Malesia, Qingyuan, Yangtze
V. combreticola (Combretum Mistletoe)Gacandhulka, Khoi, Kongo, Maravi
V. cruciatum (Redberry Mistletoe)Barbary, Iberia, Petraea
Stalk★☆☆picks up habits of other wand cores that it frequently works withArithmancy
ElementsTransition MetalPretiosumPrecious
Metal 🅆
P. argentum (Silver)
P. aurum (Gold)
Andea, Athabaska, Cordillera, Germania, Iguinawen, Khoi, Malesia, Manchuria, Mongolia, Siberia, Transoxania, Victoria, Yangtze
P. palladium (Palladium)Amazonia, Cordillera, Fennoscandia, Gacandhulka, Khoi, Laurentia, Maravi, Siberia, Sudeste, Wheatbelt
P. platinum (Platinum)Cordillera, Khoi, Laurentia, Maravi, Siberia
Ore★☆☆precious but nonreactive, has a very localized sphere of effectPotions
MineralsAstriosidomiPlanakaliumOrthoclase 🅆
P. amazonite (Amazonstone)Cordillera, Fennoscandia, Khoi, Mongolia, Saharan, Victoria, Xinjiang
P. felsicis (Sanidine)Germania
P. hecatolite (Moonstone)Bengali, Carpentaria, Cordillera, Fennoscandia, Germania, Indochina, Laurentia
P. hydrothermis (Adularia)Gallia
Stone★☆☆powerful but unfocused, produces colourful bruises on the wood it is paired withRunes
sg. Asterasilica
Quartz 🅆
V. rubella (Rose Quartz)Bengali, Khoi, Laurentia, Madagasikara, Sudeste
V. rutilans (Rutilated Quartz)Bengali, Khoi, Madagasikara, Persia, Sudeste
Stone★☆☆mystical and ethereal but somewhat slower to cast than most other coresArithmancy
sg. Forsasilica
Quartz 🅆
V. aventurus ssp. (Aventurine)Andea, Appennini, Bengali, Khoi, Mongolia, Sertão, Siberia
Stone★☆☆better at deflecting spells than casting themDefence
AluminiidomiCorgemmaCorundum 🅆
C. rubens (Ruby)TBD
C. azurensis (Sapphire)Germania

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Ollivander's Wand Directory - Registered Purchases
« Reply #4 on: March 02, 2023, 11:04:11 AM »

Registered from Ollivanders
Purchase Date
@Alice Acelyn
21 December 1990
@Nour Arundell
2 March 1984
@Ares Awning
27 May 1990
@Ludovic Bagman
15 May 1969
@Carey Baisley
9 September 1999
@Artemis Bane
28 July 1984
@Audra Baxter
14 July 1995
@Adriana Bennett
23 November 1994
@Fflur Blevins
15 August 1981
@Bellatrix Black
2 March 1962
@Nerys Blevins
10 August 1983
@Killian Buckley
1 August 2000
@Kendall Byrd
3 June 1984
@Robin Byrne-Davidson
27 April 1981
@Brynn Caines
(1ˢᵗ) 1 August 1999
(2ⁿᵈ) 1 August 2000
@Erika Caines
1 August 1978
@Amara Cast
10 October 1987
@Pixie Clarke-Trickett
25 July 2000
@Deirdre Coltrane
6 November 1995
@Ceinwen Conway
18 October 1911
@DJ Conway
24 October 1994
@Tori Cooper
13 May 1999
@Douglas Corner
19 August 1972
@Michael Corner
4 August 1991
@Aldous Cresswell
4 March 2000
@Addreig Daley
14 May 1978
@Arden Dasher
30 August 1989
@Santiago del Arroyo
29 July 1985
@Samuel Dickinson
21 June 1975
@Keela Doyle
21 July 1995
@Adria Durant
17 December 1998
@Louise Ellington
26 October 1976
@Meredith Emerson
20 October 1997
@Camm Erskine
1 August 1994
@Lily Evans
1 August 1971
@Sean Finnigan
1 August 1966
@Sierra Finnigan
1 August 2000
@Ben Fletcher
1 August 1986
@Honey Bea Flume
2 July 1984
Purchase Date
@Winston T. Foss
30 September 1968
@Jonathan Gardner
20 June 1968
@Ailsa Garrott
5 June 1984
@Anthony Goldstein
1 August 1998
@Tess Gorman
12 July 1994
@Hermione Granger
(1ˢᵗ) 1 August 1991
(2ⁿᵈ) 1 August 1998
@Korrine Greengard
19 March 1941
@Astoria Greengrass
28 December 1992
@Alfred Hawking
15 February 1992
@Artie Harrison
31 August 1987
@Éilís Healey
1 August 1998
@Agatha Henderson
30 May 1990
@Emma Hennings
28 April 1991
@Joanna Hennings
3 July 1985
@Edith Holthouse
13 August 1990
@Owain Hughes
16 July 1998
@Áine Kerr
28 April 1990
@Amatia King
13 July 1972
@Ashlan la Barre
13 February 1980
@Archimedes Larkspur
1 June 1989
@Ariana Laurier
17 September 1993
@Abigail Lawson
15 May 1999
@Nobby Leach
1 August 1951
@Cordelia Leighton
1 August 1993
@Jane Lennon
1 August 1991
@Audrey Lennox
1 August 1998
@Neville Longbottom
1 July 1996
@Tree Loveall
1 August 2000
@Luna Lovegood
(1ˢᵗ) 13 February 1992
(2ⁿᵈ) 🎁 8 April 1998
@Sam Lynch
28 March 1987
@Antonio Mackey
24 December 1985
ancestor of
 @Roderick Macnair
12 August 1927
@Emmett Markham
1 January 1957
@Dermod Morfessa
7 April 1954
@Gabriella Morfessa
8 March 1980
@Henry Murphy
5 October 1996
@Cassandra Nichols
3 August 1998
Purchase Date
@Adrianna Norton
7 October 1991
@Aideen OBannon
29 December 1997
@Aaron OBrien
25 October 1997
@Theoren Odell
28 July 1990
@Garrick Ollivander
🎁 25 September 1928
@Grover Ollivander
🎁 13 May 1980
@Lesleigh Ollivander
🎁 16 October 1993
@Amandine Patenaude
20 July 2002
@Harry Potter
31 July 1991
@James Potter
27 March 1971
@Molly Prewett
30 October 1960
@Evan Reavley
23 September 1985
@Aeric al-Busuri Regan
19 November 1988
@Alex Regan
8 July 1990
@Gianna Regan
21 June 1990
@Quinn Regan
27 January 1989
@Tom Riddle
6 August 1938
@Jonah Rowley
27 January 2000
@Evelyn Sartell
3 April 1998
@Reina Satou
6 August 2000
@Kendrick Silverman
14 July 1982
@Zacharias Smith
4 April 1991
@Zara Leigh Sparks
1 August 1995
@Aline Stanton
22 August 1988
Torcall Sterling
(@Lionel Sterling's great-uncle)
3 February 1948
@Hunter Street
3 December 1986
@Dean Thomas
6 May 1998
@Therra Thorn
7 August 2001
@Morrison Thorne
24 July 1986
@Brietta Toft
4 August 1998
@Alf Trickett
9 June 1974
@Arick Trickett
7 May 1979
@Brita Trickett
25 March 1988
@Frida Trickett
19 July 1987
@Aase Trickett-Cassoway
31 May 1999
@Dolores Umbridge
26 August 1961
@Charles Weasley
12 December 1983
@Ron Weasley
7 July 1993
@Donna West
6 August 1998
@Linnet Willowsong
1 August 1994

Registered from the Americas
Purchase Date
Sol Etu Durbin
(@Sylvia Crowne's ancestor)
1 August 1926
@Leah Miller
18 March 2001
@Clair Sherman
1 August 1961
Registered from Europe
Purchase Date
@Esmeray Aysoy
22 December 1996
@Anna Filimonova
5 October 1999
@Madeleine Girard
9 March 1996
@Anne Hofstede
5 December 1996
@Leona Millegan
1 August 1997
@Fleur Weasley (Ann)
20 August 1988
ancestor of
 @Conrad Sturm
15 May 1941
Registered from Asia
Purchase Date
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Re: Ollivander's Wand Directory - REOPENED!
« Reply #5 on: March 02, 2023, 04:33:38 PM »
All wands created between May 2002 and March 2005 have been added to the Directory!

Ollivanders is now open for business once again!

A wealth of wand information up above -- woods are nearly done, cores not even started ;)

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Re: Ollivander's Wand Directory - REOPENED!
« Reply #6 on: March 02, 2023, 05:58:42 PM »
this is so cool! 

  • Character Name:  @Theoren Odell
  • Wand Box №:  46328
  • Purchase Date:  July 28, 1990
  • Trait (optional):  Sturdy
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s h e ' l l   t e a r   a   h o l e   i n   y o u ,   t h e   o n e   y o u   c a n ' t   r e p a i r
b u t   I   s t i l l   l o v e   h e r ,   I   d o n ' t   r e a l l y   c a r e

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Re: Ollivander's Wand Directory - REOPENED!
« Reply #7 on: March 02, 2023, 06:40:20 PM »
  • Character Name: @Audrey Lennox
  • Wand Box №: 41156
  • Purchase Date:  August 1st, 1998 (assuming the shop was open again by this time?)
  • Trait (optional):  Fairly bendy

I ' v e   g o t   s u n s h i n e   o n   a   c l o u d y   d a y
W h e n   i t ' s   c o l d   o u t s i d e ,
I ' v e   g o t   t h e   m o n t h   o f   M a y


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Re: Ollivander's Wand Directory - REOPENED!
« Reply #8 on: March 02, 2023, 07:57:07 PM »
@Theoren Odell and @Audrey Lennox have been recorded in Mr. Ollivander's memory! Thank you for your business!

Staff, could someone please supply these lovely young people with the Wand Chooses the Wizard badge? Thank you!

[lia]done <3[/lia]
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Re: Ollivander's Wand Directory - REOPENED!
« Reply #9 on: March 02, 2023, 08:48:00 PM »
  • Character Name: @Donna West
  • Wand Box №: Box № 36367
  • Purchase Date: 6 August, 1998

  • Character Name: @Sam Lynch
  • Wand Box №: Box № 35183
  • Purchase Date: 28 March, 1987

  • Character Name: @Michael Corner
  • Wand Box №: Box № 46172
  • Purchase Date: 4 August, 1991

  • Character Name: @Michael Corner
  • Wand Box №: Box № 39858
  • Purchase Date: 19 August, 1972 [hand-me-down originally belonging to his father]

  • Please Add the Wand of: @Conrad Sturm
  • Affiliated Wandmaker: Gregorovitch Zauberstäbe
  • Wood, Length, Core: willow, 10.25 inches, dittany stalk
  • Purchase Date: 15 May, 1941 [hand-me-down from god knows who]

    sorry to dump this all on your doorstep 😬 but i can't resist a spreadsheet

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Re: Ollivander's Wand Directory - REOPENED!
« Reply #10 on: March 06, 2023, 08:54:15 AM »
sorry to dump this all on your doorstep 😬 but i can't resist a spreadsheet
Me neither, and I did say my doorstep was open for business ;)

Staff, at your convenience please provide the following badges:
  • "Wand Chooses the Wizard" badge to Donna, Sam, and Michael
  • "Wand Chooses the Zauberer" badge to Conrad
  • "Wand Chooses the Warlock" badge to @Larkin Primrose who I also registered
Thank you!

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Re: Ollivander's Wand Directory - REOPENED!
« Reply #11 on: March 15, 2023, 03:02:42 PM »
hi ty in advance

  • Character Name: @Artie Harrison
  • Wand Box №: 40264
  • Purchase Date: 31 August 1987
  • Trait (optional):

  • Character Name: @Hermione Granger-Weasley
  • Wand Box №: 26610
  • Purchase Date: (when did ollivander's reopen in 1998? because that day)
  • Trait (optional):

    and sorry i updated wands once i actually bothered to look into things, can we do updates for these in the sheet?

  • Character Name: @Edith Holthouse
  • Wand Box №: 33556 - can we swap it for aspen?
  • Purchase Date: 13 August 1990
  • Trait (optional):

  • Character Name: @Fflur Blevins
  • Wand Box №: 31582 - swapsies for chestnut and dragon heartstring (welsh pls)?
  • Purchase Date: 15 August 1981
  • Trait (optional):

  • Character Name: @Honey Bea Flume
  • Wand Box №: 45437 - hornbeam swap?
  • Purchase Date: 2 July 1984
  • Trait (optional):

    just a date update

  • Character Name: @Quinn Regan
  • Wand Box №: 29139
  • Purchase Date: 27 January 1989 (says 1988 in the sheet)
  • Trait (optional):

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Re: Ollivander's Wand Directory - REOPENED!
« Reply #12 on: March 15, 2023, 04:16:11 PM »
shh ignore the archived guys they're coming back
i established some canon while u were away some of it is flexible some is not, i made notes! tyvm for your consideration and if this is Too Annoying i can take a Hard No

  • Character Name: @Anthony Goldstein
  • Wand Box №: BBox № 26958
  • Purchase Date: purchased by Anthony after the Battle of Hogwarts, whatever the first day the shop was open again
  • Trait (optional): rather bendy -- chose Anthony over a dark-sympathic wizard shopping at the same time.
    from sheet: 10 and 7/8th inches, hornbeam, dragon heartstring, rather bendy

  • Character Name: @Cordelia Leighton
  • Wand Box №: Box № 19324 (can it be 10 1/2 inches i dont mind if no)
  • Purchase Date: August 1st, 1993
  • Trait (optional): springy and resilient -- survived multiple impacts during the battle of hogwarts.
    from sheet: Rowan, 10 1/2 in, unicorn hair, springy

  • Character Name: @Roderick Macnair
  • Wand Box №: Box № 13320 (please change to hawthorn wood  -- if this is unideal, i would prefer a new wand be made)
  • Purchase Date: August 12th, 1927, by an elder Macnair and handed down to Roderick.
  • Trait (optional): demands attention
    from sheet: 12 and 1/8 in, hawthorn, troll whisker

  • Character Name: @Anna Filimonova
  • Affiliated Wandmaker: Zhezly Tezarovicha
  • Wood, Length, Core:  10 and 3/4, juniper, phoenix feather
  • Purchase Date: october 5, 1999
  • Trait (optional): tempermental, but flexible
    from sheet:

  • Character Name: @Cassandra Nichols
  • Wand Box №: um, see below
  • Purchase Date: August 3rd, 1998
  • Trait (optional): an extremely feminine wand
    from sheet: 11 1/8th inches, laurel, veela hair core -- this core type straight up does not exist on your sheet, but i'm fairly attached to it: can we brainstorm around this? lmk

  • Character Name: @Killian Buckley
  • Wand Box №: Box № 35492
  • Purchase Date: August 1st, 2000
  • Trait (optional): swishy and unconventional
    from sheet: pear, 10 and 3/4 inches, unicorn hair, swishy

  • Character Name: @Shelby Trickett
  • Wand Box №: Box № 54896
  • Purchase Date: August 1st, 2002
  • Trait (optional): subtle and unfocused
    from sheet: 9 and 7/8th inches, silver lime, dragon heartstring, vaguely supple [im fine with the length changing]

we meet again
i've  m i s s e d  you

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Re: Ollivander's Wand Directory - REOPENED!
« Reply #13 on: March 17, 2023, 03:26:05 PM »
Mr. Ollivander remembers his sales to the following people:

@Cassandra Nichols ~ @Roderick Macnair ~ @Cordelia Leighton ~ @Hermione Granger-Weasley (the second time, 1 Aug 1998) ~ @Anthony Goldstein (1 Aug 1998) ~ @Killian Buckley ~ @Artie Harrison ~ @Shelby Trickett (I went ahead and changed the length @Fosse )

( @cstine I also made all the updates you asked for to existing registrations)

Staff, could someone please supply these lovely people with the Wand Chooses the Wizard badge?

[lia]done. in the future it might be easier for you to pm somebody on staff directly or these requests might get lost in these threads when other people post[/lia]

@Anna Filimonova 's purchase has also been recorded and she may receive the Wand Chooses the Zauberer badge.

Regarding Cassandra's wand...
Character Name: @Cassandra Nichols
Purchase Date: August 3rd, 1998
Trait (optional): an extremely feminine wand
from sheet: 11 1/8th inches, laurel, veela hair core -- this core type straight up does not exist on your sheet, but i'm fairly attached to it: can we brainstorm around this? lmk
Your core didn't show up originally because of the established canon - Garrick refuses to use anything except the three "Supreme Cores." But, his father Gervaise and his grandfather Gerbold could have used veela hair, as they experimented more. So, I changed a dittany stalk core and gave her an older wand of Gerbold's make, Box № 10767 (1910, so take care of the old girl!).

Ms Granger (as she was at the time) and Mr Goldstein reminded me that Ollivanders' was not open from July 2, 1996, until about August 1, 1998. As such, the following characters' wand purchases may need to be retconned (but I won't press the issue, I just like to stick to canon as much as possible).

@Henry Murphy ~ October 5, 1996
@Lionel Sterling ~ October 29, 1996
@Meredith Emerson ~ October 20, 1997
@Aaron OBrien ~ October 25, 1997
@Aideen OBannon ~ December 29, 1997
@Evelyn Sartell ~ April 3, 1998
@Dean Thomas ~ May 6, 1998
@Éilís Healey ~ July 8, 1998
@Owain Hughes ~ July 16, 1998
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Re: Ollivander's Wand Directory - REOPENED!
« Reply #14 on: March 17, 2023, 04:08:02 PM »
conveniently, mr macnair's reason for possessing an old family heirloom already led me to question whether a similar situation might not be relevant to lionel and the shop literally being closed makes that a necessity. I would be happy to retcon to something older (perhaps purchased in, idk, early February 1948, a late-in-life second wand possessed by a great-great-uncle Torcall or something after an unfortunate mishap with his first?). maybe box 29846 would work?
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