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{and shadows still remain} win
« on: March 07, 2023, 06:00:34 PM »
The day dawned bright and early for the Head Boy, though he'd decided to forgo his usual morning run in light of the ghastly weather. It would have done him some good just to clear his head but he'd decided homework would have to be enough to occupy his mind until he could make his way down to Hogsmeade. Only he kept glancing back up at the wrapped present sitting innocently on the desk with him. The box was comically large for what was inside of it though he had been rather pleased on how the wrapping had turned out. Soft, sparkling gold wrapping paper with enchanted silver unicorns prancing around the boxes surface. A large silver bow completed the picture, the ends curled and shinning.

Inside was a silver music box that had an opalescent unicorn charmed to move and rear its sparkling silver horn as the soft music played. It was a French translation he'd felt he'd spent too much time with selecting. He had this fear he'd overdone her present. Spent too much, put way too much thought into it but, well, she didn't have to know he'd spent a few months on it or that it was a custom piece. The bag of her favorite sweets sitting next to it would help to undercut the thoughtfulness if he presented it right. Tease her a little, perhaps, so he could calm down the nerves a bit.

It didn't help that while he'd been planning this she'd been out doing whatever she'd been doing with Ezra. Fuck.

They were friends he firmly reminded himself, trying not to let his thoughts linger on how much that really bothered him. Figuring it was best to get an early start the tall Slytherin shrunk the box, grabbed the candy, his coat, and made his way out of the Slytherin portrait hole. He cast a quick impervious charm determined not to get his hair and face wet with the cold spitting rain that seemed to still be spewing. It was still cold, despite it being March with rain clouds and ice particles. With the sun finally starting to shine through it was making for a better looking day than it had this morning, he mused, as he walked the familiar way to Hogsmeade. 

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Re: {and shadows still remain} win
« Reply #1 on: June 20, 2024, 09:30:23 PM »
Wini coughed as she ungracefully exited the Floo Powder fireplace in the Three Broomsticks. It wasn't an ideal mode of travel, all things considered, she thought glumly as she brushed the dust from her long coat, the tails of her scarf dangling on either side of her shoulders. But apparating still made her nauseous each time and throwing up before she saw Ben and potentially kissed him?? Yeah, she wasn't picking apparition. Floo Powder it was.

With a touch of her light wood wand, the rest of the dust disappeared and she snapped open her pocket mirror to double check her hair before she took a long breath and stepped outside.

The cold nipped at her cheeks as she hurried to the agreed upon spot. She was already a few minutes later, as usual, and only some of the anxiety slunk away as she spied Ben's tall frame standing there. She smiled up at him as she came closer, the color of his eyes like the sky above him, the bluest of blues.

Feeling swelled insider her, but then something twisted in her stomach at the thought that he might care about her too. He might care, all the while she had this secret stirring in her chest.

She tried to push those thoughts from her mind as she came up to him, automatically going for a hug in greeting, snuggling in perhaps a tad more than usual. "Hi, you," she said to his chest.


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Re: {and shadows still remain} win
« Reply #2 on: June 20, 2024, 10:14:20 PM »
"Hey back." he murmured, letting her nuzzle into him as he held the present aloft and squeezed her back. She looked very pretty and all he really wanted to do was sink his fingers into her hair and snog her. It felt like forever and a day that they hadn't seen eachother (and he was definitely ignoring the darker Ezra thoughts for right now because if he let himself get angry over it he'd ruin their very sparse time together) and he didn't intend to ruin it by some dumb ass insecure thoughts.

Plus it just wasn't the done thing, accusing the girl you were dating of fooling around with someone else. It was his fault, too, because he hadn't asked her to be his girlfriend officially - and everything else that came with it. He'd been too worried about messing things up, about the distance with her graduation and Med School, and about Orlaith. Part of him had been rather commitment-phobic after Orlaith. It had seemed like a death knell then and, well, fuck but what if she had been fooling around with someone else?

Ben was a vain peacock at the best of times, he wasn't sure his pride would be able to handle that kind of shit. Best to vanish the thoughts before he got moody about it because it wasn't Wini's fault either way. He had to remind himself of that.  And not act like a territorial prick. He could fix his own oversight, though, right now. He tipped her head up a little, long enough to get a good look into her face, before he spoke. "Do I get a I missed you kiss, then?" he teased, a smirk spreading on his face as he stared at her intently. Part of him wanted to fuse their mouths together asap, the other part of his lizard brain said he wanted to wait to kiss the next few words out of her mouth instead.

There would be kissing, first and foremost, then present giving. Then maybe he'd work up the right words to just ask her. Officially.

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Re: {and shadows still remain} win
« Reply #3 on: July 07, 2024, 11:08:48 PM »
She felt his arms around her back and she breathed a little easier feeling the solidness of a body against her body. She wondered how long she could hug him, just be in the circle of his arms, until he would say something. The thought was still in her mind even as she leaned back and looked up at him. Her cheeks flushed, his hand under her chin as he nudged her chin up. That familiar smirk made her heart stutter, and she nodded.

Wini wished she had had some cool girl line to say right before she kissed him. But the only thing that came to mind was the honest truth. "I've missed you," she said before she leaned up on her tiptoes to kiss him.

And when his lips met hers, the chatter of her brain slowed and quieted. She relaxed into the kiss, leaning more into him, a pleased little sigh escaping her lips before she realized she had all but thrown herself at him. Wini blushed hard and pulled back a little, a sheepish, embarrassed smile on her face. "Sorry."


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Re: {and shadows still remain} win
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You wouldn't know this by looking at him but Ben really was rather tactile around people he liked. Small touches here and there, his fingers just sort of itched to touch sometimes. He enjoyed it even more when the person he liked got handsy with him.  So having 'I missed you' whispered into his lips was rather gratifying, actually. He wasted no time in slanting his mouth against Wini's, basically swallowing down that breathy little sigh she let out because he could not fucking help himself.

He barely registered the flush on her face and the quiet apology before he dove back in, silencing any following words with his lips, as his hand slid up the back of her neck to cradle her skull. His sole focus was how her lips felt against his. How her hair felt  against the palm of his hands. The scent and warmth of her bundled into him, nice and cozy. Even had he paused for a moment to think past the fact they were very much snogging out in the open the tall Slytherin couldn't have been bothered to care. Some things were too nice to pass up in the moment.

He let his kisses trail slowly off from her lips down to her chin until he found the patch of soft skin by her neck to nuzzle and kiss at for a moment before he followed them same path  back up to her mouth. It was a slow and languid exploration, like he somehow had all day to be there. There was something nagging at him, though. That perhaps he should've asked about the girlfriend thing before getting quite so carried away. In public, too. "Starting with kissing was perhaps a bit of a mistake." he murmured softly, nose brushing softly against her cheek, as he kissed along her jaw. "I don't think I'm in the mood to do much else but keep kissing you until you have to leave." he added with a little sigh as he leaned his forehead against hers and closed his eyes. He somehow resisted the urge to nip her nose for being so damn pretty.
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Re: {and shadows still remain} win
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His lips slanted over hers and Wini had no thoughts left in her brain except mmmm and more. She kissed him back, even through a pleased smile as he didn't accept her apology (in the best part) and he kissed that whole feeling away. She felt the pressure of his hand on the back of her neck, the warmth of his chest against her, the way he tasted slightly of mint.

Eventually, a semblance of a thought came crashing back to her. And she stuttered in a breath as he left a trail of kisses down to her chin. The haze of where they were came back to her. She blushed all over again at snogging her not-really-boyfriend right there in the street. The thing was she wasn't sorry for kissing him at all. In fact, she wondered if she could distract him with kissing the entire time.. maybe that way they wouldn't have to Talk about Real Things. Talking, for once maybe ever in her life, was the less favorable option.

Ben was just a really good kisser.

she tried to focus, get her breathing back to even as she leaned her forehead against his and nodded, waiting for a semblance of sensible words to float back to her. She agreed with him even though she imagined it would be fun to start every hang out with Ben with a snog like that. His nose brushed along her cheek and Wini's insides clenched gleefully at the closeness, the affection.

"I wouldn't really object to that plan," Wini whispered after a moment, her tone hesitant but something gleamed in her eye. Could she spend the entire afternoon snogging him? Yes. Easily.


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Re: {and shadows still remain} win
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"If we keep kissing I won't be able to give you your present." he murmured, giving into one last indulgence by brushing his lips against hers for a heartbeat before moving back a little to stare into her eyes. There was a lopsided little smile on his face, dimples in full view, and a soft look to his eye. He actually couldn't wait to see the expression on her face. As a spoiled brat himself Ben really did favor spoiling others. He held the shrunken package between them, cradling it delicately, before pushing it into the circle of her arms as he held her.

He wasn't quite willing to let her go entirely. He looked around, not even remotely embarrassed, as he caught sight of a few dissaproving stares as the crowd gathered and parted around them. He spotted a nice bench by a flowering Crabapple tree off the path winding through Hogsmeade. With a dangerous little glint in his eye the tall Slytherin swooped down to literally sweep Wini off her feet, present and all, as he brought her into his arms in a princess carry and led them both towards the bench. He placed her gently down, running his hands down to smooth her hair, fix the gnarled ends of her scarf, and pull down the edges of her coat before he took a seat next to her with a satisfied grin.

"Do I get another kiss if you like it, then?" he teased as he waited. Once she tugged at the bow it would enlarge in size again and he was fairly sure he'd enjoy indulging in her candy habits soon enough. And then maybe he'd ask her some things he probably needed to ask her about. He was a little worried, though, deep down in his gut. Something had felt off and he wondered if he should just let it go or not. Did it matter, in the end, what she did with Ezra if they hadn't been officially seeing eachother? It they still weren't? He sort of felt like it was his fault if she had. But there was a stronger voice in the back of his mind that protested just letting it all go without confirming.

Maybe he should use his words for something a little less tense, first. "How's med school going?" he asked, curious, as he watched her. She had yet to talk about what had to be taking up so much of her time.
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Re: {and shadows still remain} win
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"Present?" she asked, her brows lifting, an excited glint in her eye, a smile growing bigger on her lips. He had kissed her and she had forgotten. She hugged a laugh at herself at that thought. But it was swiftly followed by another thought, which made her shift nervously on her feet. "My gift for you might not be as good as yours.." she warned, nervous about the gift giving. Wini was feeling the weight of the difference of their circumstances lately. Not that she cared about that really, but she was a little embarrassed that she couldn't afford something nicer for him. Something he deserved.

Seeing the neatly wrapped present, sparkling gold with silver unicorns and a large, glittering silver bow, made her smile. And then she squealed in surprise as he lifted her like she weighed nothing. She wasn't sure if she should hold on to him or the present in her arms, so she teetered between feeling silly and feeling safe in his arms, lightly laughing as he set her down on a nearby bench and straightened her hair, and scarf, and coat. Ben was so thoughtful. She found herself staring, smiling softly at him, for a moment before she realized she was getting lost in his blue eyes. Oops.

"I think..." she started as she started opening the top of the box. "You get a kiss either way." Mostly because she wanted to kiss him again. And because she knew she'd love his gift, whatever it was. She gasped as she took out the beautiful silver music box, delicate and shining, opening it to see a unicorn inside with the softest music. Her lower lip wobbled as she felt a wave of feeling crash over her. "It's so perfect," she whispered as she glanced up at him, tears welling. It was the most thoughtful gift she had ever gotten. "Oh and chocolates! My favorite!" she tacked on as she realized there was a bag at the bottom of the box. She cradled everything on her lap as she looked back up at him. "Ben," she said touching his forearm. "Thank you so much, this is so nice. I love it!" Her hand moved up to his cheek and she leaned in, kissing his cheek, kissing his lips before she pulled back smiling up at him.

As he asked about med school, she glanced back down at her new gift, her finger trailing around the edge of the box as she shrugged. "Oh you know, it's busy. Hard. But hanging in there," she said, trying to sound blase, trying to remember the lies that held up this pillar of her fake life. Instead she busied herself with pulling her bag around to her side and retrieving the gift she had gotten him. She didn't have that much money to spend on gifts this year so she had gotten him a new pair of quidditch goggles (that had some fancy feature the sales guy had told her about that she forgot the fancy name of now) and she had painted a quidditch pitch at sunset and placed it in a thrift store frame. She wasn't a great artist, but people liked handmade gifts right? She hoped so, considering that was her go to gift for many of her friends this year.

"It's not anything big or great," she warned again, a little nervous for him to unwrap the red and green paper she had used.



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