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[GCH] tis the season [#open: upperclassmen]
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"What if we challenge the system a bit?" Charlie enticed, brow raised as he pulled a chair out just enough to welcome his companion(s) to the outside table at Gus'. The sixth year motioned a hand to the chair and made his way to the other side where he plopped down and leaned comfortably back. Octobers were a familiar crispy type of cold, that called for some chowder warmth. Especially to help stimulate any form of creativity. A skill that Charlie was hopeful someone else might strategically provide.

His mother was the artist, but tell the boy what he needed to do and it was game on. "What if... it isn't just one house? What if... it's us?" His hands splayed out to his sides at the presentation of his brainstorm, the implication being the various upperclassmen from different houses. His beanie-covered head cocked to the side just a bit as a lop-sided smirk spread across his face. Letting out a dramatic exhale, he leaned forward and rested his wrists on the tabletop, fingers entwined.

"We come to an agreement and take the pizza party... elsewhere." Being rewarded with food was juvenile and an easy solution for adults for 'kids', but hey - free food was free food at the ripe age of sixteen. And pizza went over well enough and was easy to transport to more entertaining surroundings. That aspect of the plan could be sorted later. First things first - establish the foundation of persons involved.

"First obstacle - how do we secure the win? What theme wins the hearts and minds of our judging bodies?" He locked eyes with his companion(s) and rapped his knuckles in a happy little series of knocks on the table. "We figure that out, and the rest comes easy." Charlie grinned. Planting the seeds of ideas was the easy part, getting others on board to do the larger portions of the legwork was a bit harder. Surely this would be intriguing enough. Afterall, upperclassmen would have way better use for the prize than the smaller wizzies.


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