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Looking up, starlight (Nova)
« on: May 24, 2024, 12:56:53 PM »
The crisp, cool morning was the signal that the warm months were far behind her. Carla Jean wanted to take advantage of the changing colors. So she gathered her art supplies and headed out to the school grounds. Her scarf wrapped tightly around her neck, the sixth year headed out into the CJ wondered what Charlie was up to.

Probably getting into trouble, she thought with a small smile and a shake of her head.

It was a wonder he wasn’t suspended yet. Oftentimes she had to bail him out of tough situations. Not that she minded, for he was her really good friend and she adored him. But sometimes she wondered where he would be in life if it wasn’t for her saving his ass. Making a mental note to ask him what plans he had for after graduation, CJ walked the steep trek of the grounds of Ilvermorny. She was going to miss being here, just two more years and she won’t be able to step foot at the school anymore. 

Arriving at the Observatory ten minutes later, CJ laid her art supplies out on the floor. Nobody would be here this early to try to look at stars that only shined at night. It was usually a good place for her to paint. The lighting was good, and there was a good view of the outdoors while being protected from the elements. Tying her hair up in a messy bun before settling down on the floor, the young Thunderbird began her work of sketching out the tall Oak tree with the changing leaves. Their vibrant colors of orange and red mixed in with the browns and hints of green. Her eyes looking at each detail as she began to lose track of time in her art.

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Re: Looking up, starlight (Nova)
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The observatory was one of Nova’s favourite places in the world. It felt like a safe place where she could be fully herself, a place where she didn’t have to fight, but could let her guard down and be fully herself. Nova liked being rebellious but behind her fierce attitude, the girl also had a creative and sensitive side that she did not show to everybody. Maybe one day she would. For now, however, the seed had to grow in safe surroundings.

When she had entered the observatory, her steps had broken through the silence. It was comforting to know that she would likely be alone for a while. She liked the silence, it gave her thoughts more room.

She sat down on a pillow in a quiet corner, a piece of parchment rolled out in front of her. She pulled out the small ink bottle and put it on the top of the parchment while she held down the lower part with her left hand as she put the quill into the bottle. She looked up at the glass ceiling which was of far less interest during the day than it was at night.

Ink dropped on the parchment as she hesitated to write. She looked down at the blotch and put the quill into it. The blotch soon grew into a mystic flower. Then she took a deep breath and started to write. First one line, then another.

You are a grain of sand in the desert.
Lost in the mass. Exchangeable.

She stopped, listening closely. Had there been a noise? Had someone come here? For a moment she felt too curious to proceed, but the next line was fighting for her attention. She needed to write it down before it disappeared into thin air again.

You are a star in the sky.
One of many, yet one of a kind.

You are a rough diamond.
It only take some effort to make you sparkle.

Another noise cut into the silence. It wasn’t loud. In fact, in different surroundings Nova wouldn’t even have noticed it. It was just the quiet observatory, her safe place, where it attracted her attention.

The ink wasn’t dry yet and so she couldn’t roll up the parchment. However, she didn’t want to leave it on the floor and hence picked it up at a corner after she put away ink and quill and shouldered her bag. It didn’t take her long to see who was there. Actually she only had to get to her feet and take a step into the room to spot CJ on the floor, painting a picture.

“CJ, hey, I didn’t expect anyone here at this time,” Nova said, unknowingly mirroring the thoughts of her friend. “That oak tree looks really pretty. You have a good eye.”


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