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Author Topic:  Pritzlaff  (Read 446 times)

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« on: May 25, 2024, 01:55:22 AM »
Jannick Pritzlaff

Heritage: Pureblood
Continent: Europe
Country: German Empire
Town: Sagan, Silesia
Status: Rich
Line of Work: Arborists

The Pritzlaff family have long been one of the prominent and wealthy families of the former German empire due to their work as arborists. Throughout the Middle Ages, the family identified particular forests and copses of trees that produced a higher-than-average quantity of wand quality trees. Political instability in the Muggle world and their willingness to operate on the fringes of morality allowed the family to procure the sole rights to several of the most sizable and oldest of these forested areas. Having obtained the rights to the harvesting, planting, and maintenance of the lands, the Pritzlaff family began to train the children of their family in the care of the forests. They also began negotiating with several wand makers throughout the Holy Roman Empire and throughout the rest of continental Europe. Because of the prevalence and quality of the wood, the Pritzlaff family enjoyed years of success and amassed considerable wealth and influence for a time.

Unfortunately, in the mid-19th century, a lack of foresight by the family allowed contracts and agreements to expire, permits to lapse, and the family lost a considerable amount of its influence in the region. While they still possessed the land, the forestry rights were sold from under them. While this business failing was not optimal, the family’s wealth was seen to be sufficient for the time being and the Pritzlaff family allowed themselves to retreat from the public sphere and live on their wealth, occasionally selling their holdings to ensure the continuation of their wealth. About 60 years before Jannik’s birth the family sold the last of their forest holdings. Apart from invested capital, there was no longer a steady flow of wealth into the family and their extravagant lifestyle led to the depletion of the family’s wealth. While Jannick enjoyed a life of luxury as a child, his own work following the death of his mother led him to further deplete the family’s resources to the point that, at the age of nearly 100, he had to procure his first job as a professor of Necromancy at Durmstrang.

Family connections: Kowalczyk
Played family members: Jannick Pritzlaff
Non-played family members: N/A
Available for: Ex-wives (2)
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Re: Pritzlaff
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Connection approved! ~


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