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[Announcement] The Daily Prophet -- December 2005
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Volume 46: DECEMBER 2005


The wizarding world is brimming with holiday cheer as December begins. Diagon Alley and other magical shopping districts are announcing their major year-end sales on everything from robes to the latest in magical tech. But hurry, supplies won’t last! Office parties are beginning, with Christmas bonuses on everyone’s mind. This year, Ministries of Magic worldwide are gathering in England for the first International Holiday Party on December 16th. Wizarding weather experts predict a massive snowstorm across the UK, so bundle up and get those wands ready for snow removal. After an increase in house fires last winter, the Daily Prophet advises against using Incendio on snow—stick to Scourgify, Wingardium Leviosa, or Aguamenti for safe and effective snow clearing. Enjoy the festive season, don’t make direct eye contact with Yeti, and stay safe!

With Winter underway, Headmistress Vinter has decided to go ahead with the traditional Winter Formal, making the theme for this year a Masquerade. Attendance is not mandatory, but will be the night before trains leave for the Winter Holidays as a goodbye to 2005. There will be food, dancing, and an unmasking at midnight. Students are encouraged to go “all in” with their costumes and masks, doing something unique and incredible. There will also be rewards for best costumes for both men and women.
As it is every year, the Great Hall has been transformed into a multicultural winter wonderland. Enchanted snow, lofty pines adorned with fairy lights, and floating baubles are the featured decorations, but symbols from every winter holiday worldwide observed by even just one Hogwarts denizen are also present: a menorah nearly as tall as Professor Hagrid, long mkeka runners on each House table, and the list goes on. Throughout the month students and staff are invited to volunteer whatever time they are willing to give to help make meals or organize gently-used clothing drives for those in need, in the spirit of Boxing Day.

Due to the shortened academic month on account of the timing of the winter holidays this year, there was no Muggle Studies competition for December. One of the featured lessons, however, was a potato-powered lightbulb - which made an appearance among some of the holiday decorations, though with the lightbulb replaced by strings of colored lights. Professor Murray adamantly denies having any knowledge of who the decorator(s) may be.

For those going home for the winter holidays, the Hogwarts Express departs on the morning of Saturday the 17th and returns on Sunday the 1st.

December arrived with a bitter cold snap, which has strongly affected the temporary settlements of Shackamaxon residents. The Student Government Association has opened sign-ups for volunteer efforts to help the buildings stay upright against inclement weather. Students going home for the winter holiday will depart the school on Thursday, December 22. As always, there will be a feast and celebration on December 25 for students remaining at Ilvermorny, but this year it will be extra crowded, with the Shackamaxon residents and their families invited to share in the feast and the celebration. This year, the beginning of Hanukah also falls on December 25th and traditional first-night dinners will be served alongside the traditional Christmas fare. The Student Government Association is also highlighting the celebration of Kwanzaa beginning the following evening.
A winter wonderland has been magically created at Beauxbatons for this Christmas season. Despite the mild temperatures in this part of the country, students can enjoy the snowy grounds with a Christmas market where they can grab a spiced butterbeer, Christmas cookies and other treats. There are also other things on sale such as scented candles, scarves, stationary etc on sale. Upperclassmen and residents of Chatoeil are running the little shops. However, it’s not just a time to hang out and relax.

Professeurs Courtois  and Ameliore have started a creative little project as a counterpart to the sports initiative - a Christmas decoration contest. In the Grand Hall there are three big Christmas trees - one for each house. Students are supposed to create ornaments that match their house’s colours. They can either create little pieces of art from scratch or use their transfiguration skills to change regular ornaments into something special.

This month the sports initiative is a cauldron sleigh. For this a bob run has been magically created in the grounds and students can use overly large cauldrons to race down the pipe. For any questions they can approach professeur Said. On December 23rd, just before the Christmas break, there’ll be a cauldron sleigh race for which students of all ages can sign up and earn points for their respective houses.


Four Nations Tournament 2005
A Spectacle of Quidditch Excellence
Annual artistic flying gala in Rybinsk
The Four Nations Tournament brought together the finest Quidditch talent from England, Ireland, Wales, and Scotland in a riveting display of skill, strategy, and sportsmanship. The tournament, hosted amidst the scenic backdrop of rolling hills and historic castles, captivated audiences as national teams battled fiercely for supremacy in the magical skies.

Round 1: Clash of Titans
 In a clash that set the skies ablaze, England and Ireland faced off in a fiercely contested match that had fans on the edge of their seats. Led by the dynamic duo of Callista Bowen and Wilma White, England came out strong, netting early goals to set the pace for the game. However, Ireland, led by the skilled hands of Jack Bradley and Tobias Mullet, quickly countered, matching England goal for goal in an intense opening exchange. As the match progressed, both teams displayed exceptional teamwork and skill, weaving through the air with precision and finesse. In the closing moments of the game, Ireland's seeker Alannah Dupont swooped in to secure victory for her team, catching the elusive Snitch and sealing the win for Ireland with a final score of 130-370.
 Simultaneously, another epic showdown unfolded between Wales and Scotland, showcasing extraordinary talent and fierce determination. From the outset, Scotland asserted their dominance, with Circenn Teague and Athol Macpherson spearheading their offensive efforts. However, Wales, led by Elin Evans and Taran Hughes, proved to be formidable opponents, matching Scotland's intensity goal for goal. In a heart-stopping finale, Scotland's seeker Fraser Campbell secured victory for his team, snatching the Snitch and securing a hard-fought win with a final score of 240-310.

Round 2 Showdowns
 In the eagerly anticipated Round 2 matchup between Scotland and England, Quidditch fans were treated to a thrilling spectacle as the two teams clashed in a battle for supremacy. England, eager to bounce back from their Round 1 loss, came out firing on all cylinders, with Callista Bowen leading the charge with her exceptional scoring prowess. Scotland, confident in their own recent victory, put up a formidable defense led by Circenn Teague and Angus Simpson. In a brilliant display of teamwork and skill, England emerged triumphant with a final score of 190-360.
 In a clash echoing with the determination of two nations, Ireland and Wales took to the skies in a showdown that left spectators breathless. With Ireland riding high on their recent triumph over Scotland, and Wales seeking redemption and a chance to climb back up top, the stakes were high as the teams faced off. Despite Wales' valiant efforts, Ireland's strategic prowess and precision scoring kept them in control of the game. Adding to the intensity, the Ireland Beaters were
were targeting Welsh high scorer Morwen Rhydderch throughout the entire game, aiming to disrupt Wales' offensive rhythm. In a stunning turn of events, Gareth Jones seized the Snitch, securing an unexpected triumph for Wales with a final score of 210-320.

Round 3: Decisive Battles
 In a pivotal matchup between two Quidditch powerhouses, Ireland and Scotland took to the skies in a fiercely contested battle. With both teams entering the game with identical records, the stakes couldn't have been higher as they vied for supremacy. As the match progressed, it became clear that neither team was willing to yield an inch, with each goal hotly contested and every play executed with precision. Ireland's Harriet O'Dowd and Scotland's Circenn Teague emerged as the driving forces for their respective teams, trading goals in a relentless offensive display. In a thrilling climax to the match, Ireland's seeker Alannah Dupont secured victory for her team, snatching the Snitch and sealing the win with a final score of 340-140.
 In a thrilling conclusion to the round-robin stage, England and Wales clashed in a fiercely contested match. With both teams hungry for victory and eager to secure a spot in the playoffs, the intensity was palpable. The game evolved into a back-and-forth affair, with both teams exchanging goals in a relentless offensive display. As the match reached its climax, it was Wales who surged ahead, with Hughes, Rhydderch, and Evans spearheading a devastating offensive onslaught that left England reeling. In a dramatic conclusion, Gareth Jones sealed the win for Wales, snatching the Snitch and securing victory with a final score of 160-340.

Celebrating Excellence
 At the conclusion of the Tournament, the Welsh National Team was named the champion of the tournament, with a 2-1 game record and having beat Ireland with the same record, and was awarded the much-coveted Four Nations Cup for the 2005 year.
 Individual player awards were also given in the closing ceremonies to recognize outstanding performances. Callista Bowen received the High Scorer Award for her remarkable tally of 26 goals throughout the tournament. Keela Doyle was honored with the Powerhouse Award for her commanding presence as a beater. Circenn Kekoa Teague was given the MVP Award for his exceptional performance as a chaser, inspiring his team and playing a pivotal role in Scotland's success.

British & Irish Quidditch League Standings

There are no updates to the BIL standings due to no games played this month. Please check back next month for updates!
The annual artistic flying gala in Rybinsk is taking place on December 25th. Those interested in seeing international artistic flying stars perform in a stress free environment should hurry or the event might already be sold out.

The show, called “свет светит” (“the light shines on”), is dedicated to Svetlana Vsevolodna Tikhomirova and fans can get a poster of her last gold medal performance at the Russian Nationals, briefly before she was murdered. There's a big magically created star glowing in the sky just above the arena for the duration of the event.

International stars, both senior and junior athletes,  will show their skills and there are spectacular group performances planned where the athletes use Svetlana's music cuts and perform some of her trademark elements and sequences.

A source that wants to stay anonymous revealed that the family hasn’t been united when it came to deciding the theme for the show. There were voices against centering it so much around the late Svetlana Tikhomirova. It feels like there’s drama in the air. Spectators might get to see a show on and off the artistic flying brooms.

For the first time in the history of the artistic flying gala there'll be a meet and greet in the cafeteria where fans can meet their idols after the show to get autographs. There's also a stand with fan articles such as posters, artistic flying broom key chains, shirts with stylised artistic flyers on them etc.

This year's Hufflepuff-versus-Ravenclaw match-up proved to be quite different from last year's - fortunately for Seeker Aase Trickett-Cassoway. The Hufflepuff Captain and her team were not about to forget that opposing Captain and Beater Aimée de Havilland had been responsible for paving the way for Ravenclaw's victory last year by knocking-out the Seeker (literally: Trickett-Cassoway spent the night in the Hospital Wing under concussion protocol), and they played with an intensity that said as much. The match was over more quickly than many had expected, with Hufflepuff securing a 180-to-40 victory.

There are no matches scheduled for December, so all four teams will have time to rest and recuperate over the winter holidays. Current standings going into the break:
70 | 180 | 40 | 210

In the new year, Ravenclaw will face-off against Slytherin.


Another Brick in the Wall
Diagon Alley shoppers were bewildered last month, as the usually reliable brick wall entrance behind the Leaky Cauldron refused to behave correctly, causing chaos for those trying to access the magical shopping district. Witnesses reported that the bricks would rearrange themselves into perplexing (and sometimes offensive) patterns, preventing entry. After a thorough inspection, and a bit of pest removal, Ministry Officials are now assuring the public that the situation has been fully resolved.
Hungry Hungry... Wizards
Prepare your tummies (and get some antacids on standby) for the upcoming annual Magical Eating Competition in the wizarding area of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada taking place on the first Saturday of December! This year's snack-alicious showdown features an array of enchanted treats that promise to dazzle and delight. Competitors will face the challenge of devouring self-refilling pumpkin pasties, flavor-changing ice-cream, and pies that float just out of reach. Organized by the Moose Jaw Magical Merchants Association, the event proceeds will go toward feeding the hungry, ensuring a magical feast for all.


 Following the recent pyrausta infestation at the Leaky Cauldron, half of the pests have been exterminated, allowing some rooms to reopen. Yet, the fear of residual colonies has left some guests uneasy about staying even in the "cleared" areas.
 In Knockturn Alley, Borgin and Burkes remains closed due to the ongoing infestation within its walls. The proprietors have expressed sensitivity regarding Ministry workers entering the premises and are actively seeking private contractors for pest control.
 Small starter colonies were discovered and swiftly dealt with at Bracknell Railway Station and the Black Gate in Newcastle. Muggle witnesses were promptly Obliviated to maintain secrecy. In a statement, the Ministry of Magic urged vigilance and cooperation from the magical community to identify, report, and contain any other infestations before they escalate further.
 According to Axmouth wizard Gideon Flint, who asked not to be named, the swarms are actually establishing a "bug-based surveillance network" on behalf of the Dark Ministry. Mr. Flint was subsequently arrested for public drunkenness and being a nuisance.

Wedding Announcement
Basil and Magnus Dahlstrøm invite their friends and family to a celebration of their love, in lieu of a traditional wedding, set on New Year’s Eve 2005. This will be akin to a traditional wedding reception. RSVP to Basil via PM, and reach out if you feel your invite was lost in the owlry. Close friends, family, and members of the community welcome.


We have revamped The Daily Prophet based on member feedback and welcome any comments or suggestions in an effort to further improve the Prophet.

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