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[portugal] waiting on this [freya]
« on: June 05, 2024, 07:30:48 PM »
Early December in London was grey and cold and bleak. Dark grey skies greeted him what seemed like every morning he left for his soulless office job and he couldn't get rid of the itch between his shoulders that spoke of restlessness and the casual kind of depression that he always got in the winter months.

Early December in Portugal, however, was vastly different.

Freya, Jeremy, and Danny had decided to get away for a three-day weekend to Madeira -- half in honor of Danny's birthday, half in attempts to not lose their sanity to winter blues. (Danny, however, took every opportunity to request special things for this holiday since It Was His Birthday).

Danny hadn't felt this much sun on his skin in a few months, this level of warmth tanning his pale skin in what felt like forever. The bluest waters he's ever seen were juxtaposed against the shores washing up along the beach where houses of orange roofs and white walls nestled together on the hills overlooking the bay. He felt like a lizard in the way he always wanted to be outside, soaking in every second of sunshine he could.

But on this particular day, he and Freya had gone out for a hike -- at Danny's request, for his birthday -- and he had told Freya he had planned everything.

And he honestly had. He had done a lot more research than he usually did (which was none) and he had tried his best to find a good trail for him and Freya to hike. Had gotten a map from a Muggle tourist shop. Even packed a lunch for each of them and stuffed them into his rucksack. Danny's great idea was to do a muggle walk -- leave their wands behind and go  He had repeatedly assured her that he had found a great, easy trail for them to follow and would be an easy half day adventure. Danny saluted Jeremy as they made their way out of the hotel room door and assured his friend, they would be back with plenty of time to go dinner and get some drinks.


The best laid plans, however...

It was three hours into their four hour walk/hike and Danny was utterly lost. "No, I swear we're on the right path, Tricky," Danny said again, sweat tricking down his brow as he squinted at the map again. He was usually pretty good at faking confidence, and he hoped those skills were coming to his aide here. The afternoon sun was high overhead and while Danny thought he had done everything he needed to take Tricky on the best hike, he had sadly overestimated his planning skills. He just didn't want Freya to find that out yet..

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Re: [portugal] waiting on this [freya]
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So it wasn’t really warm enough to swim, but that was fine. Hiking was fun too! You could still tan from hiking, even if it was in weird spots around your hiking clothes, and while it wasn’t quite as relaxing as lying on the beach, she supposed the workout felt good. Sweaty! But good!

Or, well.

Perhaps that was how she’d been feeling about two or three hours prior to now, before the hike’s slightly unhinged incline had really started to destroy her, and before she’d been out of breath and pink-cheeked from effort. "Maybe that fork... In the path..." Freya trailed off as he reassured her that they were going the right way.

“Nearly…There?” she asked instead, in between breaths. Freya took the next couple of steps with some effort. An ache in her lower back made her stand up straighter as she got to the top of them. Her legs were sore; she resisted the urge to drag her feet as she slowed down behind where he'd paused.

Nearly there seemed very much like wishful thinking at this point.

‘More of a walk than a hike’ he’d said. Freya had ditched her proper walking boots at the hotel, opting for white sneakers instead; they’d gone better with the ‘more of a walk than a hike’ outfit she’d picked for the occasion. The blonde held a hand up to her forehead, shielding her eyes from the not-quite-warm-enough sunlight as she tried to peer at the map in his hands.

"Maybe we should just try retracing our steps," she suggested, craning her neck a bit as he rotated, seemingly shifting the map out of her view. She tried to sound helpful, gentle in her suggestion, but at this point that quality had slipped away, her irritation shining through in her tone.

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Re: [portugal] waiting on this [freya]
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Danny frowned at the map as Freya asked him questions that he couldn't exactly answer. He huffed at the map under his breath as if the nearly silent noise of frustration would intimidate the map into being more understandable. It was only about the sixtieth time that he wanted to kick his own ass for proposing the idea of a muggle hike. If he hadn't convinced Freya to leave their wands back at the hotel, he could have used some sort of magic to get him out of this situation.

"Yeah," Danny said shortly, his tone more terse than usual, not wanting to retrace their steps -- mostly because he wouldn't remember exactly what those steps are and he was already worred about getting more lost, but also because he didn't want to quite give up on it yet. The need to impress Freya was feeling very heavy on his shoulders and if he could only get to the spot he had planned on.

"Maybe we just try around this bend?" Danny suggested, pointing to a rocky cliff edge that curved out of sight on the ancient trails they had been following. But Danny had already used that line three times now and still had no clue where they were.


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Re: [portugal] waiting on this [freya]
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He shut her down – surprise surprise. Freya tried to give him a stern look, but Danny wasn’t looking her way. She glanced skeptically in the direction he was gesturing. Trees, rocks, a bit of a view half concealed by more trees… She couldn't see where the path led, but if the past few hours was anything to go by, it went on forever and ever.

They were on something of a plateau at the moment, a relatively flat area where the path had widened somewhat. It meant that she could actually look at his face instead of being restricted to the back of his knees or like, his ass, like when they’d been climbing up the steps. Freya’s gaze slid back to him, the skepticism not really leaving her expression as she willed him to look at her.

“Danny,” she said, an impatient plea in the word.

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Re: [portugal] waiting on this [freya]
« Reply #4 on: June 09, 2024, 08:24:48 AM »
"I know, I know, Trick," Danny said with barely a glance in her direction. He didn't want to look back the way they came, worried it would make her doubt him even more. But he was sure just around the bend would be the trail marker he was looking for.

"It's around this corner, I promise," he tried, with a convincing an air as possible. Despite the fact that he had already tried that tactic a few times before already. It was just that he had had the perfect hike in mind for today and he was somehow determined to get them back on track.

"Just a little further," he proposed, almost as if it was a compromise. A question.

It was easy to think about all the way that he had fucked this up already, including the biggest one of convincing her not to bring their wands. A 'muggle hike,' a chance to be in the moment, take it back to nature, etc etc. Except he had left them royally screwed now. This was not at all how he had hoped this would go and he was frustrating, with himself, more than anything.

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Re: [portugal] waiting on this [freya]
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Freya huffed an impatient sigh. She wasn’t an impatient person, usually. It took a lot to get her so frustrated – especially after living with Jeremy and Danny for years. But there was a cool breeze blowing and she was sweating and she wasn’t dressed properly for how strenuous this whole thing was. Her sneakers were slippery on the rocks – her dress was a dress – And she hadn’t even brought her glasses!

And any one of those things could be fixed, really, if not for the biggest problem of all, which was that Danny had convinced her to leave her wand behind – something something connecting with nature something – so all in all they were also just utterly stranded.

He’d started ahead again, so Freya followed reluctantly, her light brown eyes glaring at the back of his stupid head. Daniel Willbond, she thought disapprovingly, kind of hoping he heard her telepathically. How did muggles do this, she wondered. Wasn’t it dangerous to just wander out into the middle of nowhere? She supposed they might be better at reading maps if they didn’t have the help of a little magic on their side…

Staring at him, frowning, as she was, and distracted by her frustration as she was, and wearing her stupid slippery sneakers as she was, the blonde missed a small rocky step on the path, and tripped, falling to her hands and knees. “Ow,” She huffed, more surprised than sore. After a brief beat, the girl pushed herself back up to her feet, flicking her ponytail over her shoulder. She dusted her hands off, fixed the hem of her dress, but a glance down revealed that her knee was bleeding. Just a little bit, just a shallow scrape, looked like.

Instinctively, she reached for her wand and – yeah. That’s right. Wand was at home.

“Okay,” she said, “no.” No more walking. Freya crossed her arms tightly. “Are we seriously going to be walking around up here for hours?” She huffed, irritation pulling her tone towards a whine. “We’re lost, Danny!”

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Re: [portugal] waiting on this [freya]
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He was staring down at the map, again, as if praying to some paper gods that would show him the right way. But then he heard a scuffle against the rock and he glanced over his shoulder, seeing Frey falling. He had lunged with great reflexes, but it had been pointless because he was too far away to do anything actually helpful.

Danny was reaching down to give her a helping hand, but the theme of the day was that he wasn't very helpful as she picked herself up in a flash, a dangerous look in her eye. "Alright, Trick?" he asked looking her over before he hummed a noise, noticing her knee at the same time she did. "Just cast..."

He trailed off slowly as his gaze slowly slid up to hers.

She couldn't. Neither of them had wands. At his request.


Blinking at her with his hazel eyes as she gave him a look and crossed her arms in front of her, her cheeks red with exertion (or likely irritation), the whine that accompanied her words... Danny did his best but he failed utterly to keep the smile off his face. Then, even worse, he started laughing. "Are you angry, Tricky? You look so fierce when you're angry," he said as he chuckled, amused by this reaction in her that he rarely saw. And he knew it was all his fault, but was it his fault she got all cute looking when she was angry?

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Re: [portugal] waiting on this [freya]
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She blinked when he laughed, taken aback and mildly mortified at the ease with which he dismissed her feelings. Like water off a duck’s back, or whatever. Well! It seemed to brighten up his mood, at least. You’re welcome!

“Fierce,” she repeated blankly. The moment stretched on, and Freya was suddenly aware that she didn’t know what to do, how to make him understand her. He was laughing at her like she was complaining about feeling bad for turning Hot Duncan down after she realised that the whole dating-a-muggle thing wasn’t going to work out. She was filled to the brim with frustration.

“I – Danny,” she said again, uncrossing her arms so she could use her hands for emphasis as she spoke. “Of course I’m angry, I’ve been walking for hours.”

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Re: [portugal] waiting on this [freya]
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It took him quite a bit of time to realize that she wasn't laughing with him. Danny almost wanted to glance around for Jeremy, knowing he often found an answering smile on his redheaded's face. But Jere wasn't with them, again at Danny's request.

Danny wiped some sweat off of his forehead as he looked at Freya with a half smile, waiting for her to catch on to the humor he saw in the situation. Her cheeks were all pink and her dress a little sweaty, but it was in a cute way and her being angry at him was really more of a curious novelty than anything. She rarely got angry with them and that was a little distracting.

But when she started speaking -- actually the way she said his name -- made him double think... It was as if... she was really... upset..? Again, he wished Jeremy was here. His best friend for sure would be able to shed some light on this situation. Danny suddenly straightened his shoulders, gazing at Tricky intently, as if he stared at her hard enough, the answers to his questions would appear on her forehead. "But.. it's been a nice walk, hasn't it?" he asked slowly, hesitantly.

He wasn't trying to make her more angry really, but he also didn't understand entirely. He had told her they were going on a nice hike. Did she not like hikes..? Danny was all of a sudden wracking his memory, trying to figure out where he had gone wrong.

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Re: [portugal] waiting on this [freya]
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Dumbstruck was a good word. As in, she was suddenly struck by how incredibly stupid he was.

“Maybe like two hours ago!” she exclaimed, exasperated. Her hands went to fists and she had to resist the urge to stomp her foot like a toddler. There was nothing worse than not being understood, not being seen. She literally had tears of frustration welling up in her eyes, just from that. God, how embarrassing! She wanted to shake him.

“I’m wearing a dress, Danny,” she stressed, “Do you think I’d be wearing a white dress if I knew we’d be on a vertical incline through a muddy forest for an hour and a half?? I don’t even have my wand!” She glared at him, willing him to suddenly grow a few more folds in what must be his entirely smooth brain. “You said it’d be more of a walk than a hike!” she finished quickly, because surely he’d understand that part at least. She wanted to go on – about how patient she’d been, and about how stubborn he was when he wouldn’t let her look too closely at the map, or how he’d refused to backtrack, even when it was clear they’d taken a wrong turn. But she needed to leave before she cried from anger.

Freya made a sound of frustration, then stomped past him, her ponytail almost whipping him in the face on her way past. She rounded the corner into the sun, not surprised at all when going around the bend in the path led nowhere in particular. There was a bit of a gap in the trees where she could almost see the ocean down below, and more windy paths up and down the mountain, some more well-trod than others. Lots of trees, of course. There was, to her right, a sort of big rock that was flatish on top, so she beelined for it, sitting down with a huff. She could really strangle that boy! Freya bumped her knee accidentally, and glanced down at the sharp pang of pain. Her graze wasn’t too bad, but the sigh of blood caught her off guard again and in a moment of overwhelm, she burst promptly into tears.
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Re: [portugal] waiting on this [freya]
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Danny looked at her, really looked because he was fairly certain she was legitimately angry. He expected her to say 'just kidding' any minute now, as if all of this behavior was leading up to a punchline so when it didn't get to that point, he was.. puzzled.

"But it's been a nice two hours, hasn't it?" he interjected, as if trying to negotiate. But then she was really ramping up. And for some reason, he felt the need to pipe in every now and again.

I’m wearing a dress, Danny. "It's a nice dress, Trick," he reasoned.

Do you think I’d be wearing a white dress if I knew we’d be on a vertical incline through a muddy forest for an hour and a half?? "It wasn't straight vertical, more just like general upwards movement."

I don’t even have my wand! "I thought you'd like going magic-free. Try something new."

You said it’d be more of a walk than a hike! "Walking is hiking! It has been mostly walking, just except for a few spots," Danny countered, choosing not to think about that the parts that had gotten him out of breath too.

But then she made a noise and stomped past him, her blonde hair nearly smacking him in the face as she passed him, but he only got distracted by how nice her hair smelled. Danny followed her gaze to where she sat down and blinked a few times before he caught the tears.

Well, shit.

"Tricky, Freya," he said as he came over, an apologetic pleading note in his tone, as he pulled his shirt over his head and held it up to her bleeding knee. He glanced at her for permission, hesitating before he started dabbing at the blood there. Putting light pressure to staunch the bleeding as he felt lower than a snake's belly at making her cry. "I'm--" Danny frowned down at her bleeding knee. "I'm sorry, Freya. I just wanted to take you on this nice hike I heard about because the views are beyond this world at the end.."

He sighed and wanted to rub a hand through his hair at the frustration he felt at himself.

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Re: [portugal] waiting on this [freya]
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When he complimented her dress, she thought she might explode. Her face felt hot; she must be so red and flustered-looking, she thought. She probably looked stupid and tatrumy. Of course he was immediately talking over her, trying to defend himself. She might scream.

Oh the rock, Freya cried eye-shut, hands in fists (very grown up and mature) at her sides, for a moment, before burying her face in her hands to continue. They were tears of frustration, mostly, but there was other stuff in there, too, like exhaustion. She was so tired, and now that she’d stopped walking and was sitting down, she wasn’t sure she’d be getting back up.

Danny came over, sounding apologetic, but she wasn’t ready to come out from behind her hands just yet. Instead, Freya peeked through a couple of her fingers. She watched in mild alarm as he peeled his dirty, sweaty shirt off of his torso to bring down and pat at her wound. Oh, it was gross. She wondered seriously if the risk of infection outweighed the risk of… bleeding out, or whatever he was trying to stop.

“You should have said,” she whined, still caught up in her feelings, “so I could be prepared.”

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Re: [portugal] waiting on this [freya]
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When she covered her face with her hands, Danny had to physically stop himself from reeling back. He was doing that thing again. He was making it worse. Shite. He was tempted to look around, almost as if he was going to make eye contact with Jere, who would hopefully have an answer for him about what he should do, but nope. Forgot Jere wasn't here. His stupid idea.

Alright. Focus in, he told himself. Tricky crying, bleeding, upset. Well, the bleeding he was kind of taking care of. The crying? He took a deep breath and rubbed a hand over her shoulder and down her back in comfort, but all he felt was sweat - whether from his palms at Tricky being angry at her or from her hiking he wasn't sure. He tried to subtle wipe the slickness on his shorts.

"I thought we would be fine. I swear I talked to one of the guys from the seafood place. He told me we didn't need anything special, it would be easy!" he said, in light defense again as he gave her a contrite feeling. He knew he had messed up and he was sorry about it. 

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Re: [portugal] waiting on this [freya]
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Her back felt gross when he touched it; his hand felt warm. Everything was gross!! If she just had her stupid wand, none of this would be a problem! Instead, she was a sweaty, oily, (bloody!!) blob, and he was the same, but less blood and also less shirt.

Well, if he'd asked someone else, then could it really be his fault?

This logical thought path disintegrated in an easy puff of smoke in her mind. Of course it was his fault! Danny was the one who'd dragged her out here, given her the wrong information about the difficulty, refused to turn back even once it seemed impossible that this was the right way. "You wouldn't let me look at the map," she protested.

Finally ready to emerge somewhat, Freya started wiping her eyes with her knuckles. It didn't help the whiny little kid image, but she'd already embarrassed herself a bunch by crying in the first place. In for a knut, in for a galleon or whatever that stupid saying was.

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Re: [portugal] waiting on this [freya]
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"I thought I knew the way, the directions the guy gave me.." Danny started to rethink about the directions. Had he gotten them wrong? Mixed up? Or had the guy told him the right thing in the first place... He honestly didn't know.

He was kneeling down, rummaging through the small rucksack he had brought. He had had some water in there (that ran out too quickly), a piece of cake that didn't exactly travel well (the icing was all sliding off inside the container), and one half granola bar that he was now offering to Freya. When girls were upset, snacks always helped right?

"I'm sorry Tric---"

Danny's voice cut off quickly. He pressed his lips together as a dance of numerous emotions flew through him. He slowly looked up to meet Freya's gaze as he brought his hand up out of his rucksack. His wand was in his hand.

It had been in the bag the whole time.

Danny's expression was sheepishly apologetic. The kind of mistake he would be trying his darnest to make up for.. for a while.

"At least we can fix you up now?" he said, offering her his wand, knowing she would be better with the mending spell than him.

"And we won't die up here, lost," he added helpfully with a dumb smile.


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