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{you're probably not aware} cin
« on: June 20, 2024, 11:05:15 PM »
Hip was plenty used to a sea of people talking around him while he tinkered away in distraction. He wasn't as in his own world as Ari but his focus could be almost entirely consumed by something he was interested in. Right now tinkering with the flower clock on a delicate chain was saving him from having his entire focus centered on Cinda. (and the kiss he was suddenly overthinking despite it having been so long ago)

"What color would you like the glow to be?" he asked curiously, blue eyes flickering up to gaze at his friend, as he paused. The chain was a delicate silver linked thing, with little pieces of iridescent polished glass he'd charmed to look like petals as they cascaded down the links in exact patterns. He was working on carving the runes that would be able to set reminders and wanted to know what color Cinda would like for the glow that accompanied the little pulse he'd added. He planned to add a little melody but considering this was her birthday present he didn't wish to give it all away before he'd officially given it to her.

Only he was sort of second guessing making her present. What if she thought it was too personal? Or lame or, well, what if she expected him to buy her something new? It made him sort of nervous the way it never really had before and he cursed himself for the billionth time for letting his brain get all muddled over a dumb kiss that hadn't meant anything.

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Re: {you're probably not aware} cin
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“—Which is just, you know, really insightful, and the part about convergent evolution and the whole carcinisation of things — the crab thing, you know — and it all being a metaphor for death, I just have no idea how she came up with that. The inevitability of convergence, and human wonderings about the afterlife and—” Cinda sighed dramatically, tossing her curls over one shoulder. She leaned back on one hand. “It’s just genius,” she said quietly, shrugging in defeat and admiration at once. “Just genius,” she said again for emphasis, pausing for a moment so he could agree with her.

Cinda kicked her legs a little, her long skirt swooshing back and forth slowly where it cascaded over the side of the table she was sitting on. “You choose,” she answered. “I trust you.” And then she launched back into it.

“Anyway, I’m tangenting, but where was I? The birthday present thing, the poetry book, the collection of death poems — Oh! — I’m having a birthday party in a couple of weeks if you want to come?” She’d already invited her closer friends — ones in her year, in her house. Now she was onto inviting the whole school, or whatever. Whoever else she chatted with long enough. “It’s gonna be like a big-ish thing,” she added, inspecting her nails absentmindedly. It was a warning.

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Re: {you're probably not aware} cin
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Just because he wasn’t engaging (interrupting, really, considering the frankly impressive amount of words being hurled at him at a very clipped pace) didn’t mean he wasn’t actively listening to his companion. He lost the thread a few times, glancing up and snorting or grinning at the amusing parts, before refocusing on his work with the watch.

Tinkering gave him something to do with his hands, a part of his brain calming while having something other than his immediate surroundings to really focus on. Most of the time his brain was hardwired to notice all the things around him. He mostly liked being able to observe, though, it was just it could be a little overwhelming when you threw in someone as outwardly exuberant as Cinda. He enjoyed it, really, but it was a comfort to have something to do with his hands while she talked. It kept him focused and calm and like he could fall into meditation probably. Like white noise, though he’d never consider stating that comparison out loud.

It would most likely sound offensive when he meant it as a positive thing. “Does that mean we will develop a convergent trait then? Being forced to adapt some kind of mutual trait as we are exposed to the palace stimuli?” he wondered out loud once she paused for breath. It wasn’t exactly like that, he knew, he was mostly describing divergent evolution since they were technically the same species. That was part of his joke, though, since it seemed like girls and boys were from different planets these days. Moreso if they were from different houses. “Genius.” He parroted back, an amused grin taking over his face as he stared at her animated one. Was it some kind of curse or something, suddenly noticing that his female peers were, well, pretty? It made him want to ride the abraxans so he could get fresh air into his lungs.

At the signal of trust the younger boy flushed, feeling his ears get warm and he focused on the watch again. Right so that seemed like an abnormal reaction for something so small as that. He thought a silvery purple would compliment Cinda and she was likely just trusting in his expertise moreso than him, as a person. No need to be so stupidly pleased about it. “I’ll come.” He promised, taking one of the runic tools and starting carving on the back. Maybe he’d add her initials on there.
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Re: {you're probably not aware} cin
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“No, the convergent trait is death,” she impressed, bringing her hands up to cup her cheeks for emphasis. “She writes it as the inevitability of various life forms converging into one — the crab — is a metaphor for the inevitability of where our own paths will lead. To dying.” Oh, it was morbid! Horrific, really! God! But the morose was such fertile ground for poetry, she thought, with the mental equivalent of a dreamy sigh. Her attention was only half on him as her thoughts wound themselves around the concept.


She nodded in approval, a pleased smile appearing on her lips, dimpling her cheeks.

“Oh, really? That’d be lovely,” she said. “There’ll probably be drinking and stuff—” TBD really, depending on what she could get away with. But if her parents wouldn’t host that part, she’d be happy to leave with her friends and go somewhere more accommodating. It was her sixteenth, after all. “—I don’t know if that’s, like…” She waved a hand at him, implying something or other. She didn’t know if he drank, or if his parents were okay with it, or if it’d be an issue if he went to that sort of party. Cinda had kissed him at the start of her third year, when they’d been thirteen and twelve, respectively. He was only one year below her, and sometimes she forgot his birthday was so late by school-year standards that he was practically two years younger.

“But anyway it’d be cool. Maelys will be there,” she added casually, as if that hadn’t been where she’d been leading the entire time.

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Re: {you're probably not aware} cin
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What a morbid subject. Death. "I suppose theres something poetic about that. The end, that is." he mused out-loud. A little dark, sure, but he did agree there was something fitting about the ending notes of life. He just didn't enjoy contemplating it overmuch. Hip was much more preoccupied with keeping things alive and flourishing. Creation versus destruction. But he could appreciate the range.

Hippo shrugged his shoulders - he actually wasn't sure what his parents stance was on drinking. He'd never bothered to ask and he doubted Ari had, either. He thought perhaps that wasn't necessarily his parents favorite thing but as long as he behaved responsibly, well, he didn't have to explicitly say that was the sort of party he was going to.  He knew he could be trusted to keep a level head but maybe he'd scope out if drinking parties in general were the kind of thing his parents were okay with and go from there.

"Will she?" he managed to ask, ducking down a bit to refocus on his work. He wasn't sure what to do about girls yet, really, but it did seem like a good idea to let them lead him a bit on what the done thing was. Cinda seemed like she knew what she was about so any advice or gentle nudging she gave him sounded like a solid plan, since he had zero clue on what to do.

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Re: {you're probably not aware} cin
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Something poetic. He supposed. She forgot sometimes that she was so painfully Papillonlisse to the point that she was almost a stereotype. To be known was a cage, she thought wistfully. She should write that down.

He just shrugged away her polite concerns, so she shot a pleased smile at him, almost like a reward. She’d gone to parties at fourteen and fifteen, too, she thought, but her parents were a little more relaxed than most. She didn’t really know anything about his family, except that he had a few siblings... An older brother with an interesting disposition, if she recalled correctly? Maybe he — or they, all of them — could come to the party too? She parted her lips to say it, but then he asked about Maelys and she remembered why she was here in the first place.

“Yeah,” she breathed, the single word a sigh. She kicked her legs a little, oscillating between wanting to be a good storyteller and impatience to get to the good bit. “Have you two ever talked much?” she asked curiously, her eyes studying him first, then flicking away so he didn’t feel too pressured. Cinda knew she held a characteristic sort of intensity in her gaze — it was what made her so compelling, so charismatic. “She’s in your year, isn’t she?” she asked, already knowing the answer.
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Re: {you're probably not aware} cin
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Considering who his siblings were, Hip had a better idea than most about the differences in house attributes. There were a few people that leaned into house stereotypes (himself included) but it had never stopped him from forming relationships with other housemates. Florian was good people, for one, and he'd never forget that his friend had taught him how to shop for himself and dress in things that would suit him versus just letting his mother decide. "I could orate some nature poem if you'd like." he teased at her palpable disappointment. It was sort of funny, actually.

He was proud to say he knew his clothing sizes and could effectively shop for himself and look rather good, too, when he wanted to. He sort of appreciated the uniform situation a bit, because it meant he didn't have to put in the effort usually.

His gaze flickered back over to Cinda, taking in her face and admiring for just a moment, before he started carving out her initials. He fully intended to hand over her birthday present now rather than later. He didn't fancy so many eyes trying to figure out what he'd gifted. This way if she didn't like it then she could just...tell him so and he'd figure something else out. No worse feeling than someone rejecting a present in a public sort of manner.

"Not too much, no." he admitted, trying to wrack his brain. He was friendly enough but getting him to talk was sometimes a struggle. He couldn't really think of any specific timeframe or instance where they'd shared more than a moment. At least he had an idea about who she was talking about. "She is." he conceded "Jus' not in my house." he tacked on helpfully. He contemplated telling her Mathilde was in his house but fervently decided against it. What ever it was he was doing or not doing he wouldn't be doing it with Mathilde just to assuage his curiosity - which meant she was off limits to the extent of bringing her up into this suddenly different conversation. "Should I be?" he asked, his head knocked to the side as he studied Cinda with curious blue eyes.

Cinda was, after-all, older and wiser than he.

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Re: {you're probably not aware} cin
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“Could you actually?” Cinda asked, perking up a bit. The reading of the poem was half the fun, she thought. The other half was in the analysis — understanding the author’s intentions, and how they used language to express that — to paint a picture, or force the reader to make a link between two ideas. She wondered vaguely if she’d always be in the position of defending the literary art to the unacquainted. Séverin’s words floated around in the back of her mind somewhere. She smiled a bit to herself.

No, he didn’t know Maelys very well. That made sense, she thought. Maelys was always crushing on boys she barely knew (this was almost a criticism in her mind, even though she was fully aware of — and amused by — the hypocrisy of it). “That’s right, she’s in mine,” Cinda said, nodding sagely. He was looking at her now — she could feel it — so she just let him look for a little. "Well," she said, her gaze lingering on her hands for a beat before glancing back at him, green eyes meeting blue ones. "I guess that depends," she replied evasively.

She gave him a small smile, one cheek dimpling. She leaned forward a little, her voice dropping slightly in volume. "I mean... I don't want to gossip..." She was, literally, doing so. At this very moment. "But I think she'd like it if you did."

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Re: {you're probably not aware} cin
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Hippo was mild-mannered at the worst of times and unfailingly polite at the best of them. It just wasn’t in him to argue about things he deemed a matter of preference but he recognized a challenge when he heard one. Or the bit of pleased disbelief in her tone, to be more accurate, though in his brain it amounted to much of the same thing. She seemed excited anyway- and it shouldn’t have surprised him.

He’d been serious about it. His mother had been Pap, and so was his sister. His brother was a flighty Ombrelune. The only practical one in their household was his father and him. But that just meant they infused logic into an otherwise chaotic family situation. He wasn’t immune to the arts, he just preferred the quiet isolation of nature. The outdoors. The gentle ticking of a clock. Tranquillity in stillness. But he also enjoyed reading and one of his favorite things growing up had been sharing poetry with his mother. He tended to stray away from the abstract and the things that made him a little sad but he still appreciated certain things.

Instead of answering the tall boy settled his work down, Cinda’s initials clear along its polished surface before leaning across the table on his forearms, like he was going to impart some big secret. There was a glimmer of amusement still in his eye, lips curling, as he whispered. “Do not stand at my grave and weep. I am not there.” he started, glancing down at his hands before his gaze flickered back up to stare at the green in Cinda’s eyes. “I do not sleep. I am a thousand winds that blow. I am the diamond glints on snow.” his voice was soft and smooth as he halted the words under just the right rhythm. He’d done this in the quiet hours at night, when his mother read to him. She had a sweet sounding voice and it had lulled him. He mimicked the cadence, not entirely dismissing the sudden intimacy but wanting to follow it all through anyway.

This poem was one of the sadder ones but still an old favorite. A fitting end, like her crab. “I am the sunlight on ripened grain. I am the gentle autumn rain. When you awaken in the morning’s hush I am the swift uplifting rush Of quiet birds in circled flight. I am the soft stars that shine at night.Do not stand at my grave and cry; I am not there. I did not die.” he let his voice trail off, feeling a little bit of heat behind his neck as he glanced back down, clearing his throat a little in order to get his thoughts back in order. He leaned back again, grabbing at the forgotten watch and taking out his wand for some more spell weaving.

Helped clear his head the way nothing else would. Especially if he was expected to reply to the rest of her words. It seemed strange now to get back to what they’d been talking about before but he forged on nonetheless. He focused on her dimples for a moment before nodding his head. “What erm should we talk about do you think?” he asked with a bit of a sigh, as he ran a hand through his floppy hair.

It seemed this girl thing would be as complicated as he’d previously imagined it would be.
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Re: {you're probably not aware} cin
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She was quite impressed, really, that he had a poem — about death, no less — on the tip of his tongue, ready to recite upon request. She watched him, pleased, her green eyes bright and engaged with his reading. There was a little amusement there, too, but at the end, she clapped her hands once, delighted, her fingers laced together. “And a woman poet, even,” she breathed, as if the rest of her train of thought had been spoken out loud, rather than in her head. Cinda was a talker — there was no disputing this. She ate slowly and could barely concentrate in class because she just chatted and chatted; she had a lot of interesting and important thoughts to share, and a lot of people in her life willing to hear them.

(Something that Cinda loved about her dear friend Lola was that Lola had the temperament to really absorb Cinda’s full attention. As in, when Cinda shone her spotlight-gaze on her friend, Lola did not curl away but did in fact blossom in the glow. It was a mutual sort of thing; they spoke in overlapping sentences, hands grasping hands for just one more conduit of communication, and eyes windows flung open, ready to receive. Most people were not like Lola, Cinda thought. Most people didn’t like to be watched so closely, did not like to share and be shared with so openly and intensely.)

One thing that could really compel patience from her, though, and even silence, was performance. There was nothing quite like being absorbed in other people’s art. Cinda watched him shift from his poetic self back into his usual self under her gaze, fascinated by him. She kept watching a moment more, curious about it all but wanting to see her answers rather than hear them. That was a bit silly, though, she thought. She looked back down at her hands again. He seemed to look at her more when she was looking away.

“I suppose we could talk more about poetry…” She trailed off, then laughed. “Oh, you mean with Maelys?” Funny. “I don’t know,” Cinda said. She smoothed down the material of her skirt, kicking her legs slowly back and forth. “Do you find her interesting at all?” she asked eventually. "Are you interested in, you know, girls and crushes and... So on." Ah, the nebulous so on of it all. She knew he liked girls enough to have kissed her, but that had mostly been for science, for her. And maybe for him, too.

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Re: {you're probably not aware} cin
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"Yea." he agreed, ducking his head bashfully, and hiding the motion as he focused on poking and prodding at the time piece wrapped securely around his calloused fingertips. The written word was something he could appreciate. Hours basking in the outdoors and just letting the sun warm his face were spent with a good book as his companion. Poetry was nice to read in that it enhanced his love of nature, especially specific genres that catered to more nature-based prose. Or gothic undertones. Out of all the arts, words were probably his favorite, though he rarely used them himself.

He had more of a quietly steady mind, like the working cogs on the clock, and perhaps that put him at an entirely different world than Lucinda. But even vastly different creatures could have things in common. Hippo much preferred to do the observing rather than be the observed but it didn't really bother him when Cinda studied him. It made some hidden awareness flare up across his skin, and he wondered if he found it more pleasant than it was disquieting. 

His focus once again shifted from his work towards the girl the present was for, a rueful smile sitting against his mouth. "I'll talk to you about poetry as much as you'd like." he promised easily, shrugging a little, as he turned to fully face her, gift in hand. He stowed his wand, feeling a little nervous, as he looked at her expectantly. "Erm. Suppose that I am." he hedged, feeling his face color a bit, as he thought her question over. He didn't think he liked anyone quite that way only he'd caught himself staring at pretty girls recently and it was sort of difficult to stop. With those thoughts had come the memory of Cinda kissing him, and he'd wondered what it would be like to kiss someone now, when he felt a little differently about kissing altogether. Not wanting to delve into those thoughts too closely the tall boy studied his companion, a little excitement entering his gaze.

"Time to try it on then. Close your eyes and hold your hair up for me?" he requested, unclasping the necklace in his hands, and holding it out. The time piece was held at the center of an iridescent glass flower, the petals charmed to open and close like a chrysemthimum in bloom. The silver pieces matched the delicate silver chain it hung from. All along the chain hung tiny delicate little iridescent glass petals, smaller than a thumbnail, that made the chain sparkle. He'd tried his best to match the shade of the glow of the watch to its petals, and was fairly pleased it pulsed between a clear purple to teal. Cindas initials were carved on the metal plate in the back, woven along a few runes he'd carved against the malleable metal. You could record reminders by tapping the flower with the edge of your wand and it would pulse colors and warm at the appropriate time.

It was simple magic when compared to something his father could do, but, it was still a labor of love for him. And he was rather pleased it had turned out so lovely.
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Re: {you're probably not aware} cin
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She laughed, in a way that wasn’t not at him, but also wasn’t unkind. She was amused by him, sometimes. He was surprising, and she liked being surprised.

She didn’t really get the whole Bellefeuille thing, but she was open minded enough to know that that didn’t mean that there wasn’t more to uncover. A whole house around what, plants? Nature? Cinda herself liked nature well enough, but she’d never really felt the traits of the third house were very clear on paper. She’d always been of the opinion that it would be better if there were no houses; or at least if there were very many houses; either way, the house divide thing needed to matter less.

And well, forgoing those options, at least she was in the best house.

“Well,” she said, kicking her legs a bit, her long skirt fluttering back and forth. “Maelys is pretty.” It wasn’t a question. “She likes—” anyone who paid her attention? “—talking about the meanings of things? Like poetic meanings,” she clarified quickly. “Anything from astrology to like, flower language. You know about flower language?” she asked, glancing at him. Red roses for love. White lilies for death, or whatever. “I don’t know,” she said, “but—”

She had to pause her rant. “Oh, yes,” Cinda said, bouncing up off of the table to come stand right in front of him. How exciting! Had he always been the same height as her, she wondered? Cinda had a vague memory of being taller than him when they’d kissed that one time, and she hadn’t really paid attention to his height any other time than that. The girl shot him a quick smile, a little bashful, giddy at the idea that he’d made art for her, before quickly turning her back to him.

She reached up to gather her curls together, exposing the back of her neck, eye-closed. The hairs on the back of her neck were standing up in anticipation. She felt impatient, fun tension. “I think she’d say yes if you asked her on a date or something,” Cinda told him, her eyes still shut.


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