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The ice is thin, come on, dive in [Stepan]
« on: June 28, 2024, 05:30:56 AM »
December 2005

It had been a few weeks since Iroda had set foot in Dottrar Vik, and especially with the December chill in the air, she was feeling pretty cold and icy. She was wearing a warm coat, lined with real mink, and boots as well, but she could still feel the nippy air on her face, turning her cheeks and nose a little pink. She hoped Stepan would hurry up and get there, because she would make him huddle with her for warmth as they walked. They were no-longer boyfriend and girlfriend, that ship had sailed quite some time ago, but they were good friends and she didn’t mind being affectionate with him in ways she had not really been with other boys. He was special to her, her first time, her first boyfriend—she loved him and always would. She felt comfortable being herself around him, and was excited to catch up.

She knew, to some extent, that the last few months had been pretty hard on him. He had broken up with his boyfriend in October, only for his ex to be fooling around with another boy within the week. She could imagine that might sting, but Stepan seemed to be in better spirits lately, though she really didn’t know why. He had visited her dorm a week or so before and he had not given her much news, but she had a suspicion there was something special he was going to tell her soon—perhaps some new lucky boy or girl he was interested in.

 Iroda was looking forward to the ball, but with her suspicion about Stepan being interested in someone, she had said yes to another boy who asked her to the masquerade—Drakonya Krov Keeper, Aslan Zhanalin. She knew his cousin, Kanat, as a housemate. They got along rather well. Aslan was not much like Kanat in personality, but rather was in looks. Kanat was cute, but Aslan was even cuter. She had been fooling around with him for a little bit now, and feeling comfortable with him. They had a playful, flirtatious way about them that she found refreshing. Nothing too serious.

Seeing Stepan walking up the path, she grinned a little. “Hurry up, Mishin!” She teased, “I’m freezing over here!” She called out playfully. She went towards him to make the distance shorter between them, and quickly wrapped arms around him as she approached him. “Ugh, you’re going to have to cuddle me. It’s in the negatives out here, or something.” She laughed. “How are you, Styopa, dear?” She asked, using his diminutive much like she would a pet-name. “I heard it froma  butterfly that you’ve got news for me.” She had not heard it from anyone, but rather ascertained the fact from his behavior. “Gush.”

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Re: The ice is thin, come on, dive in [Stepan]
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Stepan felt a bit as if he was inside a dream. While he had many more responsibilities with the Artistic Flying Club, he tried to remain diligent with it, not slacking on his training either—yet he felt all over the place. It wasn’t the sort of ‘scattered’ that he minded, though. It was excitement bubbling up inside him, involuntary. He couldn’t control it. He knew he was in deep shit when he looked at everything from a more logical point of view, but somehow he couldn’t say that he minded it.

Things between him and Mieszko were nice, better than he would have ever imagined. He felt infatuated, like a fool. He didn’t think he had ever had his head so full of one person before or found himself constantly thinking of someone like this. It was obvious that this was a completely different deal compared to his feelings for Dzmitry. It wasn’t that he hadn’t liked his ex-boyfriend—he had been very invested in the boy and their relationship while dating and even before that. This was more serious. More consuming. Scary at times if he was honest with himself. As much as he was besotted with how his feelings for Mieszko were developing, their relationship was still undefined. There was still Karina (although Mieszko and her weren’t officially together either; he told himself to make himself feel a bit better about it), and part of Stepan worried about that. There would be consequences one way or another, but he wondered if Mieszko liked him just as much as Stepan liked him.

Dzmitry was clearly aware that he was seeing someone now—though probably not who—Stepan did try to be a little discreet about it. It was better for both of them. He had noticed his former lover not sleeping in their dorm, but he tried to push any worries away, not wanting to get involved where it wasn’t his business any longer. While Mieszko’s first night in his dorm had been because of his lack of sleep for having to sleep in the Klyk Vampira common room, since then, he had slept in his bed every night, regardless of Kostas and Kanat.

Stepan was enjoying the growing connection without the mixing of sex very much, which was a contrast to how his relationship with Dzmitry had started. It felt exactly like something he needed after his breakup, but it wasn’t a rebound—Stepan knew that much. They kissed a lot, they kept close, tangled, but nothing went too far into the sexual realm.

With this new connection, Stepan was starting to feel the need to talk about it; tell someone about it. He hadn’t for various reasons, and part of him was still a little hesitant about it, but he felt like he just needed to get some of it off his chest. It wouldn’t be going away that much, he knew. He was more than deep in it; he was fucking drowning.

Stepan approached Iroda with a smile, the sight of her calming his nerves a little despite the chill in the air. He pulled his coat tighter around him, his breath visible in the cold December air. He was quite proud about how he handled his relationship with Iroda, because despite them having dated, they were still very close friends, he could say she was one of his best friends even. In some ways, their previous relationship helped them settle down with each other in a way that might not have been as easy otherwise. He could tell that Iroda felt comfortable being herself around him, and it meant a lot to Stepan. Having someone he could tell the uglier stuff to after he had broken up with Dzmitry had helped him a lot in processing all of it and moving on. Stepan didn’t know if any part of Dzmitry still wanted to be with him again, but when he had gotten with Leo so fresh after their break up, that verdict had been signed. Stepan liked loyalty, liked being wanted and appreciated for who he was. He did not appreciate feeling like he was one of the plausible options, which was exactly how Dzmitry had made him feel doing that. There had been no changing his mind after that, even if, at that point, he had still longed to get back with him in many ways.

As she called out to him, he quickened his pace a little, a chuckle escaping his lips. "Alright, alright, I'm hurrying!" he called back, his voice rather fond. When she wrapped her arms around him, he returned the gesture, sort of hiding her in his embrace thanks to their difference in size. His nose was rather cold, but otherwise he didn’t feel the chill in his bones, he was rather used to the cold thanks to rock climbing. “I promise to act as your personal heater for the time being,” he joked, a crookedness slipping into his smile.

“Gush? What’s there to gush about,” he retorted, but his lips curled into a very happy half-smile despite himself. It was hard to hide whatever Mieszko was doing to him. “I’ve been…good, better, a lot, actually,” he admitted, a good start. He was torn between everything spilling out within seconds of their meeting and holding on onto everything a little longer. Merlin, what was Mieszko doing to him? He had never been the type who felt the need to gush, as Iroda had put it.
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