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From: Mr. William Dasher, Bedford Square, Bloomsbury, London
To: Ms. Bérénice Bonaccord, Prince Albert Road, St Johns Wood, London
Sent: 7th of October, 2005
Format: Written on a Write Hand Press letterhead in deep blue, looped handwriting.

Berry Nice,

I'll admit, I was surprised to receive your letter but I agree, it has been a while. Congratulations on your new job! I remember once upon a time you said you hated the place, so I do hope you've changed your mind and are settling in well.

How about Tuesday at 13:00? The Fox & Ivy, just off Regents Park. They serve a wonderful ham and cheese butty. Don't worry about moving your schedule, I've cancelled my meetings all day.

Looking forward to seeing you,

Will x

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From: Perdita Bloom, Mayfair, London
To: @Reed Stricklander , Department of International Magical Cooperation, Magical Trading Office, Ministry of Magic, London
Sent: 18th of December
Format: A small parcel wrapped in emerald paper and wrapped with a red velvet bow. The parcel contains a set of black playing cards, embossed with gold. There is a note attached written in emerald ink.


Please use these to brush up on your poker skills. You need all the help you can get. I'm still thinking about my question. Until then, enjoy the festive season.

- Perdita.
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15 August 2005
Dear Minerva,
 I trust this owl post finds you in good health and the familiar hustle and bustle of Hogwarts. Here I am, scribbling away from the dreary confines of Azkaban, and I couldn't help but think about the potions classes I'll be missing out on next month. [...] I'm not asking for a Get Out of Azkaban Free card, but a chance to contribute from behind bars, so to speak. Can we chat about this? Maybe over some firewhiskey in a more cheerful setting than these damp and gloomy walls?
 Looking forward to hearing from you.

From: Cameryn White, Azkaban Prison
To: Professor Minerva McGonagall, Hogwarts Castle

Sent: January 3, 2006
Format: A completely ordinary Owl Post letter.

Dearest Minnie,

 Happy New Year! I hope this letter finds you in better spirits and with a bit of warmth in the midst of the usual hustle and bustle of a Hogwarts winter. While I understand how swamped you must be running the school, I can't help but feel a tinge of disappointment at not having heard back from you. But, of course, I get it—your responsibilities are immense, and I'm just one of many concerns you must juggle.

 I’ve been keeping an ear out for news about Hogwarts, and I must say, I’ve heard some pleasant things about your new Potions professor, {{npc name}}. From what I gather, they’re quite earnest and doing their best, which is admirable in its own right. However, I can’t help but feel a bit smug in my confinement here, having been told that they’re certainly not matching the excitement and expertise I brought to the classroom. It’s just not the same without my signature touch, if I do say so myself.

 On a less self-indulgent note, my Enchantorney has been keeping me occupied with the usual legal rigmarole. We’ve been discussing potential plea deals with the Prosecurore and various legal avenues, which, frankly, is about as thrilling as it sounds. If you’re ever curious about the delightful minutiae of legal negotiation, just let me know—I’ve got a front-row seat to the spectacle.

 Oh, and before I forget, I had a sudden flash of inspiration regarding some Drachnis root. I remember stashing it away in a Demiguise fur sack in the spare ingredients storage. It’s likely grown a bit too volatile by now. If you could kindly pass on a word to whoever's in charge of ingredient management to check on it, I’d be much obliged. We wouldn’t want any unexpected explosions, after all.

 Anyway, I hope you find a moment to catch your breath amid the chaos. I look forward to hearing from you, whenever you have the chance. And, as always, I remain hopeful for a chance to contribute from behind these bars. Take care and keep your cauldrons bubbling!

Sincerely yours,
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