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[Background Information] Ilvermorny Miscellaneous Rooms
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Here are some unspecified places in Hogwarts, including, but not limited to: the Entrance Hall, the Kitchens, the Library, Teacher's Offices, and the Courtyards & Greenhouses.

The Entrance Hall: The Entrance Hall is a large, circular room with ornate cherry wood trimming, marble floors, and a large glass cupola with intricate ironwork detailing. The Ilvermorny Sorting Ceremony takes place here.

Kitchens: The House Elves are always open to new recipe suggestions (and experimentations), and have even been known to surprise students with their favorite cooked or baked treat on their birthdays. Visitors to the kitchen are welcomed heartily and never permitted to leave empty-handed!

Library: The library channels the atmosphere of an indoor garden. The floor is made of soft Kentucky bluegrass that is enchanted to not feel damp or get bags (or bare feet) dirty. The ceiling is made entirely of glass, allowing for an abundance of natural light as students work. The glass paneling continues downward to form the western-most wall of the library, rewarding the studious with a breathtaking view of the sunset and the valley below.

Courtyards & Greenhouses: The northernmost courtyard has a glass ceiling five floors above and houses the entrance to the Horned Serpent common room. The large and more central courtyard is open-aired and houses the Wampus common room.


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