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    • Full name: Alexey Radosław Rzhevsky
      Pen name: Alexander Wolf
      Nicknames: Alex, Lexi, Pup
      Maternal family line:  Czajkowski
    • Blood status: Muggleborn
    • Nationality: British (by adoption), Polish (by birth)
      Ethnicity:  ½ Russian, ½ Polish
    • Date of birth: 05 February 1985
      Zodiac: Aquarius
    • Age: Twenty
    • Place of birth: Menzelinsk, Russia
      Current residence: Near Forbidden Forest, Highlands, Scotland
      Secondary residence: Knockturn Alley, London
    • Languages:
      Native: English, Russian
      Fluent: German, Polish, Latin
      Sexuality: Homodemisexual
      Romantic orientation: Homoromantic
    • Member group: Writer
    • Department/Floor: Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures
    • Job title:
      Primary occupation: Writer; Crime fiction and Werewolf-related topics
      Secondary occupation: Magical creature tracker, imitator and tamer
      Division: Beast Division, Creature Control
      Tertiary: Herbologist
      Face claim: Damian Galkowski
    • Approved special feature: Unregistered Werewolf (submit for re-approval)

    • Height: 180.34 cm / 5'11

    • Appearance:
      Alex's body is built of coiled compact muscles acquired through daily exercise and a considerable amount of time spent working manually. His body isn't afflicted with many negative issues surrounding the 'Werewolf curse' upon him, although perhaps it could partially be because of his young age. A certain setback in his everyday life to consider are his back problems, pains and aches which present themselves often around a full moon, at times more intense than others. Occasionally, Alex has to take some kind of pain-numbing potion to get some relief. His back isn't the only part of him to give him aches and pains, however.

      The man's turning hadn't been a pretty incident. His evidence is presented in the form of ten bite marks scattered across his body reminiscent of a grotesque painting. Most of these scars are pale with age but it is clear they once were painful and deep wounds, which are now all rather sensitive to touch and changes in weather.

      Most turned werewolves have one or two white-scarred bites on their bodies, not multiple, and definitely not as many as Alexey carries. His survival had practically been a miracle, little kept him away from dying that night and those intentions had in the end been anything but merciful of his fate. Some of the places where the teeth marks are branded into his flesh are shoulders, arms, his right calf, ankle, left forearm, lower abdomen and lower back. The last is vivid on his palm on both sides, where the teeth had sliced through. More visible scars are usually covered with spells, as Alexey isn't comfortable announcing to everyone what he is, or having people ogle at them.

      As an addition to the bite marks, Alexey’s body also bears a few scars left by claws, although they had responded to a potion regime much better and most of them are lighter and smaller in size - less of a horrific sight. The most prominent claw marks are three distinct lines over his shoulder and over his upper back. Hiding these scars has nowadays become less of a personal need than before. Alexey used to hate the marks marring his body. To his eyes, each scar sliced his soft and healthy skin apart like an ugly crater. He used to think they made him less appealing, but since then, he had accepted them. Although he still prefers keeping them private, with certain people he has no problem baring himself to their eyes anymore. Instead of shame, he learned to appreciate them and his body for being able to survive. They’re a timeless proof of an everlasting battlefield, all the fights he had clawed his way out of.

      Scarred and fit aside, Alexey’s body isn’t bulky or overly large. He is of a more slender stature with muscles packed tightly onto his skeleton, which makes him appear smaller despite his high physical strength; a body perfectly made to fit an apex predator. He has exquisite reflexes and a figure perfect for speed. When Alexey doesn’t hide his true nature he often has a certain air about him – feral and imposing. He doesn’t make a sound when walking, always light on his feet, something an untrained person might never notice.

      Further drawing away from his capabilities as a predator, Alexey’s looks would land him more on the cuter side rather than rugged and masculine. His visage is youthful and boyish. His face seems small in size with a rounded chin but a sturdy square jaw. He has small but full lips and an especially cute smile. Ears look a bit like elves', smaller in size and visible at all times since he cuts his hair very short. Only the longer parts on the top of his head clearly reveal the curly nature of his brown locks.

      Admittedly, most mesmerising are Alexey’s eyes. Round and large they grab attention with their expressiveness and are framed by long and straight lashes. The irises are a mix of green and orange-shaded brown, which sometimes bleeds into a bright amber of a wolf’s when Alexey gets angry or excited.

      As a werewolf, Alex isn't overly enormous, but he’s big and intimidating enough to make a normal wolf look like a puppy. A beautiful mix of grey and amber-coloured fur sprouts from his body, very thick and shiny and just as curly as his hair in the human body. In this form, Alex is faster and lighter on his feet and likes to stand on two legs quite a lot. His ears are a little bigger and his muzzle is shorter than the average.

      Dressing style:
      Alexey has a rather relaxed, almost cavalier attitude towards clothing, or the lack thereof, within the confines of his residence. He strides around in various states of undress which might seem eccentric to some, but to Alexey, it’s liberating, especially considering how warm he tends to run. However, this carefree habit occasionally bleeds into his outings. Forgetting a shirt or misplacing a pair of pants isn't uncommon for him, and while he’s adept at concealing his scars, it's often someone else's raised eyebrow or startled remark that reminds him of his partial nudity.

      Outside of his home, when Alexey doesn’t forget to dress appropriately, he clothes himself with intent. His athletic figure is draped in comfortable fabrics and clothes that offer a tactile experience. You won't catch him in the edgy leather so typical of rebels; instead, he leans towards softer materials—and denim. Whether it’s the cosiness of a cable knit sweater or the luxurious touch of cashmere, Alexey’s wardrobe is a comfort to him weaved in with practicality.

      For this reason he doesn’t wear robes often—has rather dislike for them. Their flowy, all-encompassing nature finds little favour with Alexey, deemed restrictive and at odds with his love for movement and flexibility.

      Describing Alexey’s style isn’t straightforward. It’s a mix that marries the refined look of academia, the neatness of preppy, and the laid-back and more colourful vibe of a 90s hipster. Earth tones and muted tones of light or dark blues and greens, whites and reds dominate his wardrobe.

      Alexey also has his favourites he can be seen wearing often, often a combination of something looser with a different piece that hugs his figure. He has a distinct preference for layers, often donning a shirt under a tweed car coat or trench coat, with a cable knit sweater thrown on for good measure. Footwear oscillates between formal dress shoes and casual Vans or sneakers. Denim, in its many avatars – from jackets to overalls – finds a special place in his closet and is probably the biggest part of his wardrobe.

      His bottoms range from casual slacks and loose denims to sinfully tight jeans, complementing his frame. And when summer arrives, Alexey exchanges long pants for denim shorts which end in the mid of his thighs unlike the usual length which comes down to knees. Alexey finds it much more comfortable and less restrictive, unconcerned about showing more skin.

    • MBTI Personality type: ENFJ-A; The Protagonist

    • Personality:
      Alexey is a man of complexity—fierce intensity and soft vulnerability, showing his gentle nature weaved together with inherent wildness and non-conformity.

      His feral quality is immediately evident. There’s an undeniable fire in his eyes, a raw, uninhibited spirit that refuses to be tamed. It's this rawness that can make him come across as unhinged, supported by his frequent jolly and daring nature, but it’s softened by an inherent gentleness present in him. It would be akin to a wolf dressed in sheep’s skin, only for that to be the expression of his true nature instead of a mask to hide his claws behind.

      To a point Alexey wears his heart on his sleeve around the people he trusts, hiding from the rest. He is kind-hearted and generous and it isn’t that hard to see he is also deeply compassionate. Alexey is tender and nurturing, a trait often overlooked in apex predators or animals at the top of their hierarchy. He might be standing at the top of his pack, but Alexey is aware of the responsibility that comes with it, contrary to the delusion of many people. While empathy and softness are often seen as weakness or something not befitting ‘real’ men (something Alexey finds dumb), it's precisely this softness, juxtaposed with his leadership, that makes him so captivating and compelling.

      In a pack, an ‘alpha’ wolf leads by example, and in most instances has a calming effect on their family. They don’t puff. They don’t attack. There’s no need to prove anything because they’ve already proven it. Alexey acts similarly. His life had been riddled with battles and scars harsh enough to prove to himself his tenacity and strength, and at the core he has a heart of gold he managed to nurture rather than harden through his experiences.

      A man of few words, Alexey's silence often speaks louder than any speech. He's private, almost to a fault, but this silence isn’t borne out of indifference. On the contrary, it's a testament to his observant nature. He perceives the world in shades of grey, nuanced instead of black and white and this worldview combined with his creative thinking lets him come up with ideas that go over other people’s heads, way ahead. This neutral stance and ability to think out of the box can sometimes be misinterpreted as apathy or naivety, but in reality, it's a reflection of his experience and quiet intelligence.

      While he might be vocally less expressive, Alexey's actions resonate loudly. He believes in the power of touch, gestures, and shared moments and it is also what works the most for him in turn. A comforting hand on a shoulder, a protective embrace, a kiss or a playful nudge – his affection manifests in myriad ways and of varied intensities. And for those rare moments when he does speak, he doesn’t limit himself in both politeness and sarcasm, a dry wit that many find endearing.

      Alexey makes for a very captivating and mysterious man. Unpredictable yet exciting, he's the kind of individual who keeps you on your toes, always guessing, always intrigued, but not too much, so that he doesn’t become a threat, unless that is his intention. This mysteriousness isn’t a deliberate façade; it's simply a reflection of his reserved nature. He’s uninhibited in his passions, yet there's a restraint, a protective wall that he's built around himself over the years and few get to peek behind.

      Unlike one might expect after the hardships Alexey had gone through, he is often a bundle of positive energy, likened to a ray of sunshine on a gloomy day.  The weight of the world can drag many down, in its natural unfairness and penchant for testing everyone’s capabilities, dousing their spirits with gloom. Alexey isn't one of them. He carries a mix of optimism and realism that tethers him down to earth. His bright outlook can be almost out of place given the challenges he's faced. Perhaps it is precisely those challenges that have shaped his ability to see beginnings where other people see endings; where others see pitfalls, he only identifies opportunities. While he is quiet and reserved, his laughter and unyielding zest for life help him appear radiant and friendly. His unwavering positivity isn't a mask or facade and its source is his steely determination and ability to live authentically outside of societal conformity.

      Infected at a meagre age of four, Alexey has never known the luxury of an ordinary life, unburdened by the weight of wolf's instincts. Yet, as if a testament to his resilience, he not only embraced his reality but also moulded it into strength. While his dislike and incapability for consuming Wolfsbane potion further distanced him from a simpler life, Alexey wrought his life path towards making his identity a home rather than enemy like many others.

      In many ways, Alexey is a minimalist. He finds solace in simple things and nature, preferring the authenticity of the wilderness to the shallow materialism of urban life. This frugalness and adaptability are what makes him so tenacious. Alexey is more than just a Werewolf; he's a fighter and a survivor, both metaphorically and literally. Drop him on a deserted island, and he'd not only survive but might also build himself an empire thanks to his resourcefulness and flexibility.

      His predatory senses, sharpened over the years, make him skilled in gauging his opponent's vulnerabilities. One might think with his softer good-looks he is only a threat when transformed but his impressive skills in kickboxing beg to differ, only furthered by his abnormally heightened strength and senses. Alexey might not shine in academic settings, but his genius is unmistakable when under pressure. His sharp instincts, good common sense, and ability to strategize makes him a formidable opponent.

      He is alert, creative and individualistic, and feels suffocated by people who invade his peace by pushing their opinions and ideas onto him. A fiercely independent soul, Alexey treasures his freedom. His heart also hides a simmering fury, prevalent especially when confronted with discrimination against werewolves. While he appears usually as someone cool and calm, the rage brews just a layer beneath. Alexey often likens his anger to a caged beast—always there, lurking in the shadows, demanding constant vigilance. It's a testament to his self-awareness and determination that he tries to channel this rage through constructive avenues, using it as fuel to drive him forward rather than letting it consume him. He’s managed to control this side of him through therapy and meditation, his years of dedication showing even some improvements in the temperament of his lupine side, despite the general narrative.

      Much like the misunderstood wolf, Alexey is often more timid than aggressive. The world often perceives wolves as fierce beasts that will attack humans on sight, but in reality, they are creatures shy, elusive, cautious, and hesitant. Alexey embodies this duality perfectly. His exterior might often radiate strength and confidence, but deep down, there's a timidity and cautiousness, a vulnerability that he seldom reveals.

      Another trait he shares with his lupine counterpart is a fierce protectiveness. His loyalty is unparalleled. Once he bestows his trust upon someone, which can be quite a challenging feat, he's bound to them for life. He feels the inherent need to protect and care for those he loves, yearning for their affection to fulfil his sense of belonging, and this can manifest in overprotectiveness—one could say he’s almost territorial. Truth is Alex likes his space and doesn't like uninvited individuals invading it. He can be very possessive of people or things he considers his, and the closer he is to his transformation, the louder these instincts are. There's a subtle greed inside him, a desire to claim, not control, certain things – be it possessions or people – as exclusively his.

      He is also rather at odds with human power structures and hierarchies, chafing against his free spirit, leading to an often taut relationship with those in power or rejection of concepts he finds constraining or dumb. He is rather stubborn and doesn’t back down easily, and is unlikely to limit himself by criticism or rejection. Alexey holds the notion that there's always a blueprint for success, and it’s only a matter of trying and finding the right tools to reach his goals. He isn’t competitive and prefers to seek things out due to his passion and ambition rather than anything external.

      He can struggle with social cues sometimes, he has an easier time understanding animals, which he regards with much more respect and expectation of complexity in their behaviour and personality than many people. He has a talent of imitating behaviours and sounds of other species, similarly to tigers, who lure in prey through lulling them with familiar sounds with deceptive ease. Many dangerous creatures, sensing both his respect and ferocity, act with more docility around him, or had allowed Alexey to work with them easier.


      Travelling: Alexey has an insatiable thirst to explore and see the world. He is curious and enchanted by new  experiences, cultures, animals, and natural wonders the world presents. Whether it's the intricate labyrinths of bustling cities, pulsating with life, or the tranquil embrace of the mountains where bears outnumber humans, every journey satiates a bit of Alexey's relentless curiosity.

      Kickboxing: Alexey likes physical activities and after what he experienced, therapy hadn’t been enough to channel his anger, which is why he had taken up kickboxing. His guardian had plenty of money to secure him a former kickboxing champion to coach him, which now shows in Alexey’s skill.

      Nature: Wilderness, for Alexey, is a realm of solace. Amidst the towering trees, undulating hills, and sprawling landscapes, he finds peace. As a werewolf, the wild had cradled him during his tumultuous years following his first transformation.

      Mountains: Mountains, in particular, have a special place in his heart. The rugged terrains and breathtaking vistas hold an allure that's hard to resist. For Alexey, few sights rival the ethereal beauty and freedom of mist leisurely cloaking a hillside.

      Kissing, cuddling and physical affection/intimacy: Alexey places a lot of importance on physical affection and contact. He loves to cuddle with people he is close to and likes to hug people and scent them so they smell like him. He also likes any type of kisses, be it platonic or of romantic nature. Alexey gets more passionate when feelings are involved beyond just shallow physical attraction—it dials up his desires up by a hundred.

      More likes: werewolves, being undressed (fully or partially), being barefoot, working with his hands, camping, hiking, travelling, rock climbing, alcohol, plant medicines, honey, animals, the stars, the moon, mist, thunderstorms, wolves, urban exploring, rivers, family, loyalty, gardening, writing, reading, road trips, jumping in puddles, meditation, herbs, cooking, mystery games (solving fictional crimes), muggle crime movies, drive-in movies, cemeteries (they’re quiet), dawn and sunrise, flower crowns, denim, storm chasing, piercings (wants to get one, but haven’t found the courage yet), likes stubble on guys (especially Ashley)


      Fenrir Greyback, his pack and Voldemort’s ideals: The cruel treatment and torture at the hands of Fenrir Greyback, his pack and other werewolves who were part of Voldemort’s army, under the twisted ideals of Voldemort’s, left scars. These memories breed contempt for bloodpurism, twisted ideals and prejudice against muggleborns like him.

      Back pains: Occasional back pains trouble him, sometimes sharp on pain after his transformations. Alexey had hurt his back before and the strain of his physical change can sometimes put strain on his body. The discomfort is undeniable, a pesky reminder of life's little irritations.

      More dislikes: werewolf discrimination, floo travelling, closed spaces, cages, handcuffs, being trapped for full moon, Wolfsbane potion, prejudices, bloodpurism, homophobia, gay people who make their sexuality their main personality trait or don’t know how to take no, heavy perfumes or overly sweet and spicy perfumes (he has sensitive sense of smell), overcrowded places before full moon (sensitive senses), mismatched socks, leather pants (too warm), rooms full of posters, fireworks (only from up close, why are they so loud?!), flashing lights

    • Spouse/Significant Other:
      Has the feels for: Ashley Morigan; 26; Pureblood; Thunderbird Alumnus; Magical Beast Specialist and Hunter
    • Parents:
      Adoptive Guardian:
    • Siblings:
      Older brother: Stepan Rzhevsky; 32; Muggleborn; Werewolf
      Other family members:
      Related by adoption:
      Related by adoption:
      Related by adoption:
      Packmates (current and future):
      Alexey's status: Alpha
      Wolf pack: Alex's family, live around his house, considering their location and abnormal intelligence, some could be Werewolf-born cubs
      Graham Kerr; 28; Pureblood; Gryffindor Alumnus; Freelance Cursebreaker and Archeologist
      Mallore Haverkamp; 25; Halfblood; Bellefeuille Alumnus; Independent Herbologist & Potioneer
    • History:
      Pre-birth and early childhood

      The change

      Werewolf Army

      Adoption and inheritance

    • School/house: Other
    • Other School/house: Homeschooled due to his dislike and allergy for Wolfsbane Potion, would have been a Gryffindor
    • Magical strengths: Herbology, Care for Magical Creatures, Potions, Charms, Astronomy
    • Magical weaknesses: Transfiguration, History of Magic, Divination, Defence against Dark arts
    • N.E.W.T.s:
      Charms: Outstanding
      Defense Against Dark Arts: Exceeds Expectations
      Potions: Exceeds Expectations
      Transfiguration: Exceeds Expectations
      Herbology: Outstanding
      Care for Magical Creatures: Outstanding
    • Wand: Chestnut 10 ⅓ inches Phoenix Feather Rigid
    • Pet:
      Tanya: Female boreal owl
      Chester: Male barn owl
      Patronus: Gray Wolf
      Boggart: His brother
    • Quidditch position: Not interested
    • Affiliation: Neutral

    • Roleplay sample: Alexey was curled close with the weak and pitiful wolf he had found inside his woods earlier that night. His frame was unhealthy and self-inflicted wounds seeped the blood smell, which made his snout itch. His scent was bitter, laced with the stench of Wolfsbane, which made him bristle in something close to disgust. He tried to give it more warmth by snuggling in closer, and when it pressed close to him with a whimper, he couldn’t leave it alone for some reason. There was a movement behind him Alexey ignored, a few wolves pressed to his flank, the others scattered around them.

      He breathed deeply, amber eyes trained on the slight figure as it started to change and whimper. He stayed still as the wolf-human scuttled to his feet, looking all wobbly. What a fragile thing. He rumbled low in his throat but didn’t move. He didn’t want to scare him. He knew he’d be changing soon too.

      Their eyes met for a moment, the other’s hazy and confused. The werewolf snorted. Perhaps he was feeling amused; he wasn’t sure. Certain emotions were hard to identify sometimes in this form. He inclined his head to the right when the wolf-human started vomiting, watching it bend over and hoping it-he wouldn’t hurt himself. Again, he made a snorting sound as a pup began to weave through the wolf-human’s legs. Like this, he could really fall over.

      At that moment, he felt a tug inside his gut. Rolling over with a quiet whine, he knew it was time to turn back. He watched and whimpered as his paws started to shift back into hands with fingers, the claws disappearing. Fur disappeared too and shifted into smooth and silky skin kissed by the sun from being outside all the time. His body burned, pain pulsed in waves through his body as his limbs grew more petite, but he endured – like many times before.

      There was sweat on his forehead when the shift stopped, and he was back in his human body. His mind was a little scattered, but it was nothing a few meditations wouldn’t calm. A wet snout nudged him and sniffed at him, making Alexey smile. He scratched the animal behind its ears, intelligent eyes watching him, and the boy knew she was worried. Mothers always were.

      He stood up, legs sure and strong, his body sore all over. He could feel an ache in his back and knew if he didn’t do something about it soon, he’d be bed-ridden with sharp pain. He hated when he got back pains. Those really were annoying. He had potions and salves ready for when he got back home, though, so he knew he should be okay. The question was the man in front of him. He watched him shuffle and hesitate, and although part of him wanted to ask what is was he wanted, he waited if he would pick up his courage to do something first.

      His bare state didn’t phase him. He was in a much similar predicament, although his body was healthy and muscular. Alexey had smelt, could still smell how sick his wolf was, though, so he wasn’t really surprised it showed on his human body too. Like it or not, he and the beast were connected.

      What he wasn’t pleased about was not having any glamours on. Alexey didn’t like that the man could see all of his scars, but his wand was back at his house. So were his clothes – he hoped they weren’t too far away from there. He knew the sight of his scars, so many bites, even more, claw marks (although they were paler) were…shocking.

      What happened last night?

      Alexey wasn’t sure if he should be surprised or not that he didn’t seem to remember a thing. He thought for a second, taking a bit of time for things, the flashes of memories to come to him. “I found you in a cage trying to tear yourself apart. You were yowling in pain, and you smelled all sickly. I took you out before you decided to kill yourself. You seemed happy to be able to run with us.”

      “I’m Alexey. And you?” A wet snout bumped against his hand, and Alexey smiled at the wolf, scratching its head with contentment and warmth spreading through his chest. He had a few of the animals pressing against him, covering him up in the process a little. This was the best. “You’re in the same forest I found you in. I’m guessing we’re just on the other side of it, I have a home here. There are not usually any other werewolves around. Where did you come from?”

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