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Member Services / Re: Ollivander's Wand Directory - REOPENED!
« Last post by Carys on Today at 05:57:13 PM »
I know nobody is nearly as geeked about this as I am but I still want to share that
at long last, the Wand Woods list is COMPLETE

Next up, finishing the Wand Cores ;)
I need to waste spend some time checking out the traits and tyes of magic attributed and how they suit my chars when it's not past my bedtime but

"capacity to learn and adapt, and eager for new experience, but may combust if allowed to get bored"/"adventurous, curious, vital" seems to suit @Hunter Street impressively well :D
Member Services / Re: Ollivander's Wand Directory - REOPENED!
« Last post by Taed on Today at 09:16:16 AM »
I know nobody is nearly as geeked about this as I am but I still want to share that
at long last, the Wand Woods list is COMPLETE

Next up, finishing the Wand Cores ;)
Private talk and discussion / Re: the gif game
« Last post by Oliver Rigby on Yesterday at 10:12:54 PM »
The Outside World / Re: [ISS] welcome to a new kind of tension [ashley]
« Last post by Jet Dylan on Yesterday at 07:05:38 PM »
Jet had meant it when he said it wasn't Ashley's fault. It wasn't like the man had any influence on the sexual tension, chemistry, whatever it was, that always seemed to be simmering between them in abnormally high temperatures. He flushed but smiled, when Ashley stepped close to him and threw his arm around him. Suddenly, he was close enough Jet could feel the heat of his body and it made him flush more.  The warmth of Ashley's body so close to his own rekindled memories and sensations from the summer before. Their past escapades played like a sizzling reel in his mind.

"Cheer me up?" He chuckled, a coy smile playing on his lips as he nudged Ashley's side with his elbow. He could feel his heart pick up in pace at the man's words. He knew well what the other meant by it, even if he didn't say it out loud. There was a part of him that was excited at the prospect, which proved to him further that this had perhaps been inevitable. "Just say you wanna get with me again." He teased, but it was a little flirtatious.

"I certainly have a few ideas, but I'm sure you also have yours," he teased a little, quickly falling down the rabbit hole. "What services can you offer, mhm, professor?" Fluttering his lashes up at the man, cheeky and a little thetratical on purpose, but still cute.
The Outside World / Re: [ISS] welcome to a new kind of tension [ashley]
« Last post by Ashley Morigan on Yesterday at 06:44:01 PM »
Ashley frowned a little when Jet stated that he wasn’t sure if he wanted to take his relationship with his boyfriend farther and that it was partly his fault. He moved closer, putting an arm around him. “How about I help cheer you up?” He asked, giving the other’s shoulder a squeeze.

“Can you think of anything I could do to help?” He asked, knowing well enough that Jet had a few ideas.

He knew whatever had been there last summer was still there, so it wasn’t hard to admit it to himself, especially not when Jet chose him to tell this to.
The Outside World / Re: [ISS] O Superman [ashley]
« Last post by Dorian Wolf on Yesterday at 06:41:25 PM »
"We're a pair of gossiping ladies, so down to get into the business of the students here." He joked. Dorian was a good fun, and he was aware of it. He's always been energetic, friedly and a bit of a jokester at times. He liked making people laugh, and he liked being around people. It was a win, win combination. He did enjoy hanging out with Ashley, although he haven't spent much time around him until this summer school. He remembered him from school, and they've interacted before, but not this long, not of their own accord.

"Still a raging libido then? Well, I'm not surprised, with your looks," he teased, laughing in good humour. "I'm surprisingly a relationship kinda gal," he chuckled, "but I do know how to have a good time." He smirked. He's had some adventurous and hot escapades, be it when he was single or when he was in a relationship. He just generally preferred the stability of a relationship. He was single for a reason right now.

He had a wide grin on his face when he saw the older man flush a little at his question. He knew he had seen it right. "A little bit," he agreed. "Especially to a bisexual guy like me, I know what to look for, or I suppose, how it looks when there's some sparks between two men." He admitted, still smiling. He was quite eager to hear about this finally, getting some interesting and fun information.

"So this year, have there only been eyes, or have you two?" He made a lewd gesture, grinning. "He's got a pretty nice ass. Both of you do, actually." He chuckled, unashamed of admitting it. He was rather blasé about giving out compliments. "Hey man, I'm not judging your taste, he definitely doesn't seem like much of a youngling around here...but you like them cute, huh?" He leaned back, playing idly with the neck of his guitar, his fingers tapping gently against the wood. He had to admit Ashley certainly had taste, because Jet was very good looking in terms of handsomeness.

Dorian's eyebrows quirked up in genuine interest. "Jet, huh? Cute name for a cute guy," he said, turning the name over in his mind.
The Outside World / Re: [ISS] welcome to a new kind of tension [ashley]
« Last post by Jet Dylan on Yesterday at 06:14:38 PM »
Jet didn't see Ashley's smile, but he could hear it in the way he talked. He listened, pursuing his lips in thought, while simultaneously tried to not to overthink things. He took a few second to collect his thoughts on how to answer. He was certain Zane had noticed something going on. He knew enough about his thing with Ashley to have picked up on their mutual googly eyes. It didn't help that he did not feel nearly as guilty as he though he should for being on a break. Shouldn't he be more bothered that Alexander and him were broken up for the moment?

Instead, his head was full of Ashley.

Jet turned around, too look at the American, leaning against one of the empty cages. He worried his lower lip between his teeth and couldn't help but smile a little, at seeing the man smile. He ran a hand through his hair, leaving it a little dishevelled. He felt a wave of warmth at the nickname, feeling some redness travel up to his cheeks. Angel, was so sweet, and only Ashley called him that.

"No, not directly," Jet replied with a soft sigh. "Zane and I... well, we were together but also not officially, like, exclusive, but not in a serious relationship since February and," he shrugged, "he wanted to take things further, make it official, you know? He asked me about it, and I just..." He paused, searching for the right words, "I hesitated. It's not that I don't like him, I'm just not sure." He admitted.

He fiddled with his fingers a little, letting out a small chuckle, a little sheepish. "And then there's you," he continued, a little flustered. "As much as I want to say it has absolutely nothing to do with you," he made a face, "we had something last summer and it's not gone and it's been giving me a hard time." He flushed a bit more, admitting that. "It's not actually because of you, but more because of me, being affected, I guess."

He looked at Ashley, his eyes a little curious, a little hungry. "And I don't know if I can be a good boyfriend, when I'm having such a hard time not trying to think know. It's not fair on him, it's not fair on me...I'm pretty sure he's noticed, but he didn't say anything. He does know about last summer."
The Outside World / Re: [ISS] O Superman [ashley]
« Last post by Ashley Morigan on Yesterday at 05:45:01 PM »
Ashley laughed a little at Dorian. He was amusing, and Ashley found that he had some kinship with the younger boy. Dorian was around Indy’s age, and he vaguely remembered him from school–wasn’t he close with Indiana’s friend Lucien?--but they had never really hung out of their own accord until now. Indy was getting some sleep on his night off, so Ashley had guard duty with Dorian, and was not doing a great job of it. He was definitely drinking, gossiping, and teasing the other.

“I know what you mean. I was insatiable at that age, but hell, I’m no better now either–at twenty-eight.” He laughed, his mind flickering the Jet and their shenanigans last year.

When Dorian called him out on it, though, he blushed a bit despite himself. “Obvious, huh?” He teased, making fun of himself a little. “We, uh, knew each other before camp last year, but I taught then, too. We might have gotten a little closer during camp but you definitely didn’t hear that from me. He’s almost twenty, you know. Not a little kid.” He felt the need to add that part.

“His name’s Jet. Works at an animal sanctuary that I sometimes deliver to.” He shrugged.
The Outside World / Re: [ISS] welcome to a new kind of tension [ashley]
« Last post by Ashley Morigan on Yesterday at 05:33:24 PM »
Ashley couldn’t help but admit that Jet was just as cute, if not cuter, now than he had been the previous summer. Despite the many things that had transpired between then and now, he realized there was certainly some sort of lingering attraction between them. He had noticed it the first time the two of them locked eyes, and every moment since seemed to make it more and more noticeable. He thought Jet was cute, even if he wanted to deny it. He hadn’t been with a man since Jet, or even really thought about it. Indiana had been annoyed by their tryst–mostly because it could have gotten them both fired from teaching, but had said nothing much about it in months. Ashley thought this had gone away, but clearly it hadn’t… and it clearly wasn’t one-sided.

Ash smiled a little as Jet began talking. During their trip, in front of the other students, it had been all business aside from some roaming eyes. Now, Jet seemed to be offering him a bone of some sort. “That’s too bad, angel.” He said, though his light smile didn’t indicate that he thought it was bad at all. “What happened with you two?” He wondered. He finished his cleaning, and turned his focus to the other more directly. “Not our eye-fucking, I’m sure, right?”
France / [paris] there's a few lines that I have wrote [lucien]
« Last post by Dorian Wolf on Yesterday at 07:54:20 AM »
end of july 2005
paris, france
@Lucien Landry

The sultry atmosphere of the Parisian nightclub enveloped the crowd like a warm embrace. The thumping beats, strobe lights, and electric energy combined to create an ambiance that was both heady and intoxicating. Front and centre, Dorian, was a beacon in the bright lights, playing with his band Banquet, his performance and raspy voice an embodiment of electricity. Shirtless, the heat and exertion from the performance had turned his skin a flushed shade, sweat trailing down his chest, glistening under the neon stage lights.

The vibrations of his guitar melded perfectly with his passionate voice, which poured out raw emotions into the lyrics of each song. With every strum and note, Dorian became more engulfed in the music, losing himself in the rhythm and the memories they evoked, and letting himself get pumped by the excitement of the crowd.

And then came that song. He usually left it until the end.

The melody started slow, melancholic, building in intensity as Dorian’s face grew sombre. It was one he had penned during a lonely night in a cheap motel room, a product of the torrent of emotions he had felt after the night with Lucien. Their drunken escapade, the vulnerability, the warmth of Lucien's arms – followed by the sharp pain of Lucien’s words and his regret of ever leaving, even for a moment. The pain was fresh and pulsed. Dorian had tried to find solace by pouring his emotions into this song, capturing every ounce of his longing, confusion, and newfound feelings. So far, this was also one of their most popular songs.

"You'll be the saddest part of me
A part of me that will never be mine, iIt's obvious
Tonight is gonna be the loneliest
You're still the oxygen I breathe
I see your face when I close my eyes, it's torturous
Tonight is gonna be the loneliest"

As he came onto the verse, Dorian's blue eyes skimmed the crowd, a habit he had picked up since Lucien’s disappearance, always hoping, always searching, although he didn’t really believe it to be possible. What were his chances? Lucien could be anywhere in the world right now, and Dorian didn’t believe he could have luck like that. At least he could dream, eh?

"There's a few lines that I have wrote
In case of death, that's what I want, that's what I want"

And tonight, amidst the sea of dancing figures and swaying bodies, he almost stopped singing, when he found him. Lucien. Their eyes locked, and the world around Dorian seemed to blur and fade away. His heart sped up, picking up miles per second, his hands suddenly feeling clammy on the strings and he didn’t dare look away, if, for any reason, his best friend were just a slip of his imagination and longing.

"So don't be sad when I'll be gone
There's just one thing I hope you know, I loved you so"

He clenched his jaw for a second, blinking, his voice changing a little, at the realisation that it was him. The lyrics of the song suddenly felt more vulnerable from his mouth, raw and charged—almost heavy. Doran shifted, stepping forward on the stage, drawing the eyes of his bandmates as he shifted his grip on his guitar, all of them clearly sensing something changed. He sang every single bloody word from that point on only to Lucien – baring himself that way.

"'Cause I don't even care about the time I've got left here
The only thing I know now is that I wanna spend it
With you, with you nobody else here
Tonight is gonna be the loneliest"

Dorian's heart raced, not from the thrill of the performance, but from the intensity of the moment. The spotlight seemed to shine brighter, his skin seemed hotter, the crowd's cheers grew distant, and all he could focus on was Lucien's piercing gaze, looking back at him and making Dorian feel like he could perhaps see deeper than ever before. If Lucien disappear after this, without Dorian getting the chance to see him, talk to him, he knew he would fucking cry, and he wasn’t ashamed of admitting it to himself.

“I'm sorry but I gotta go
If you'll ever miss me give this song another go”

He would bawl his eyes like a fucking baby without excuses. Part of him wanted to jump off the stage and make his way to Lucien just to make sure the other would stay, would stay real—yes, there was still a tiny sliver of him who doubted but hoped. However, he was aware Lyra would punch make him eat dirt if he tried crazy shit like that. He could almost feel the imagined sting of her knuckles against his ribs, should he dare to up and leave the stage now. So, he planted his feet firmly, stayed tooted to the spot despite the onslaught of tumultuous feelings threatening to sweep him away. His torso was glossy with sweat and his pants stuck to him in places he didn't like, but he continued singing—nervous, excited, elated, terrified.

“And I just keep on thinking how you made me feel better
And all the crazy little things that we did together
In the end, in the end, it doesn't matter
If tonight is gonna be the loneliest”

He continued onto the chorus again, followed by Damon playing a guitar solo, and as the song reached its emotional climax, Dorian's voice wavered slightly, the magnitude of the moment catching in his throat. The last note lingered, echoing in the charged silence that followed. For a heartbeat, there was stillness—a collective holding of breath—as if the audience and the performers were connected by the invisible threads of shared emotion. And then, the dam broke. The hall was filled with the deafening roar of applause, cheers, and whistles. The problem was, Dorian was barely taking anything of it in, he felt like he went deaf and his eyes were still stuck on Lucien.

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