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[ttd] To the Black sea, swimming with me [aase]
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Jet had been eating an apple. An apple he now noticed to have disappeared and he was having a hard time coming up with an explanation for that. He only wandered away from his things for a little while and unless another student stole his clearly half-eaten apple (which, ew) he had no other plausible ideas on what could have happened.

The explanation turned out to be much more random than he had thought. He knew, of course, that Thestrals were somewhere around here…he’d fed a few of them before, being one of the people who could actually see them. They were kind of Addams family vibes, but cute and Jet liked petting them and interacting with them. There were all kinds of rumours about these creatures but although they looked a bit weird, they were not scary.

Back to the apple. He figured out what happened to it, when he saw an adult Thestral marching it happily towards Aase Trickett who was sitting a little further away from his spot, clearly studying. He spotted the apple kicked off suspiciously far for it to have just been an accidental collision. He wasn’t sure why this particular Thestral wanted to kick his food like a ball, but he wouldn’t be finishing that thank you very much.

The animal nosed at Aase’s things and it took Jet a moment to realise she couldn’t see it, but it was too late to warn her. One of the books got yeeted a nice few feet away as the creature…threw it? With its mouth?

What in Merlin's beard was going on?!

“That was a Thestral,” he told the girl, watching the animal walking around. “I don’t know what it’s doing but it kicked my snack into the dirt before coming over here.”

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