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the day i got expelled [kirowan]
« on: August 10, 2023, 11:03:34 PM »
the day it all went down
the day it all got real
outside a secret corridor, hogwarts castle
thursday june 2nd, 2005

Killian was fairly sure he mucked it all up.

History! Regular History! His mum was going to kill him when he got home, probably, or whenever his marks were released (oh lord, what if it was before he got home? Or after he returned to Hogwarts? Killian was not altogether sure when GCSE results were posted, and it was too late to ask the proctors now -- he was already halfway down the alley around the corner from the school (a real school, with pencils, he hadn't stopped staring for the first hour on the first day and probably they all thought he was mental) and his wand was leaving his rucksack.

He Apparated back to Hogsmeade in one piece, which was a miracle given the amount he was not focusing on anything but the questions he was unsure of, if he wrote clearly enough, if his name was clear enough on the exam forms, if, if, if. Post-test doubt followed him into the secret passage, where he shucked the more obvious trappings of the Muggle world (digital watch, miracle it had lasted all term, erasers, ballpoint pens) into his bag and retrieved his robes.

Now all he had to do was make it back to Gryffindor Common Room without being caught. Sounds easy. Should be easy. Killian pushed open the back of a portrait, listening for footsteps. Nothing there, it seemed -- he let out a sigh of relief and dropped his bag to the ground, following close behind --

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand there it was. Killian blanched when he caught glimpse of the only other person in the hallway. Of course it would be Reinhardt. That was just his rotten luck.

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Re: the day i got expelled [kirowan]
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The impending end-of-term exams were rapidly approaching, and while many of her fellow students felt the pressure, Rowen maintained her poised composure. Unlike her peers, Rowen had diligently prepared for these examinations since the start of the school year, rendering the need for last-minute cramming unnecessary. Today, she had chosen a secluded corner of a forgotten corridor to continue her quiet pursuit of knowledge, far removed from the bustling crowds of the library. In this solitary haven, Rowen had lost track of time, her meticulous notes elegantly dotting small bits of parchment neatly stacked beside her. 

As the sound of rustling canvas and creaking frames reached her ears, Rowen glanced up from her book, her finely arched eyebrows drawing together. “Oh, it’s you,” she remarked, her voice laced with a level of condescension reserved exclusively for Killian Buckley. Nearly a year had passed since their duel, and Rowen was known to hold a grudge. “Sneaking around, I see,” Rowen’s gaze returned to her book, and she carefully placed a marker between its pages before closing it. After tidily stowing her notecards into her bag, Rowen gracefully stepped from the low window ledge she had been perched on. Her movements were deliberate, as if she had all the time in the world to uncover Killian’s intentions.

She couldn’t claim surprise at finding him sneaking into the castle at such a late hour. Rowen recalled Genevieve’s observations about the struggles of muggle-borns to adapt to the standards of the wizarding world. It often seemed they were perpetually bending or breaking rules and being rewarded for their transgressions. Standing with impeccable posture, Rowen turned her attention squarely towards Killian, her hands clasped before her with an air of innocence. “Killian, you must surely comprehend that Hogwarts is governed by a set of rules and regulations, and clandestine activities can lead to dire consequences.”

Rowen’s interest in Killian’s escapades remained minimal, but the visible pallor that washed over his face upon seeing her was undeniably intriguing. Like a moth drawn to a flame, Rowen couldn’t resist the temptation to cause him further distress. Drawing out her words for dramatic effect, she allowed a smirk to grace her lips as she addressed him. “What a lamentable occurrence it would be if you were apprehended and faced expulsion.” She paused, then added with an air of indifference, “Though, I must admit, I wouldn’t miss your presence around here.”
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