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[TTD] je veux rentrer (Renata)
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14th December 2004

Mathilde didn't like Manoir Vertneuf. The place was dark and scary. Even with the spiders at Beauxbatons the castle still seemed more welcoming than this house which was more like a ruin. The dormitory was cold and draughty and Mathilde hoped that they wouldn’t have to stay here for a long time. It was strange to share the dormitory with more girls than before. The rooms had been magically enlarged and Mathilde thought that whoever had done it, had done a poor job - she could have sworn that the place was shrinking as the distance between her bed and Renata’s surely had been larger on their first night.

The common room wasn’t really big or inviting but it was  at least warmer than the dormitory. Since there wasn’t much furniture, Mathilde sat on a large
 burgundy red carpet . Diavolo, Renata’s cat, was curled up next to her. Until they had moved to this place, Mathilde hadn’t been aware that Diavolo existed. By now she considered herself the cat’s friend. The cat’s owner on the other hand was someone who intimidated Mathilde a little. There was something about Renata that scared and intrigued her at the same time.

She was patting the cat absently when Renata entered the room and spotted her pet. “Salut,” Mathilde said, letting go of the purring cat. “Do you know the Botanique class will be held? It’s starting in half an hour and I have no clue.” She blushed. Mathilde hated to admit how lost she still felt at this place but she had a feeling that Renata might have explored Manoir Vertneuf more than she had.

She reached into the pocket of her robes, hoping to find a treat for Diavolo but instead she just found a little bag of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans. “Would you like some?” she asked Renata. Truth be told, Mathilde wasn’t a big fan of these sweets but Trudy had sent them to her in a little ‘cheer up care package’.

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[TTD] je veux rentrer (Renata)
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 Unlike so many of her peers, Renata loved the ghastly new environment they found themselves in. She lived for creepy things, for finding the horror in everyday life, and the strange magic that seemed to bind this place together filled her with a buzzing giddiness. The spiders were great, but this was better. Even Diavolo seemed more at ease here, curling up next to a new roommate. Renata had hoped he’d tear at least one of their curtains to shreds, just to prove he could, but Diavolo was sweet to a fault. His lack of dastardly behavior left a lot to be desired, actually.

Entering the common room, Renata expected to find her familiar snuggled up to a warm body. The creature lived for pats these days. She waved merrily at Mathilde, shaking one of the jars full of bugs she was carrying at the other girl. “On the first level,” Renata answered with a confidence she hadn’t earned, because she was not one hundred percent certain that was the correct answer. “I saw a room of windows with lots of gnarly vines creeping up the glass. Rather dark for a greenhouse, but I think it fits the aesthetic of this residence. Don’t you?”

Renata stacked three jars – crickets, centipedes, and gooey slugs – on the floor between them as she sat down. Diavolo looked at the bugs as if they were treats, and Renata swatted the air in front of his face. “Don’t eat them.” She told the cat, as if he could understand. In the same moment, Mathilde produced treats, and Renata grinned with amusement. “Yes, please,” the perpetual sweet toothed teen would never turn down candy. And because this wasn’t the sort of offer that came with expected payment, Renata eagerly reached into the bag to pull out a few.

Black, red, and an orangish color with golden flecks… she chewed on her cheek as she considered the option, even though she knew which one she’d eat first. Renata never shied away from an adventure, even if it meant daring to eat the black jellybean.

She’d been hoping for something grotesque. Rotten flesh, ichor from a spider, something dreadful, but, alas, she wasn’t so lucky: “Licorice, yum.”


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