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there's a bad moon on the rise | genevieve
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Saturday, January 29th, 2005

Rowen arrived early to the The Three Broomsticks to secure her preferred table—not that she would ever tell Genevieve that she had a favorite in such a commoner establishment. The place was far cleaner than the Hog’s Head—(she had ventured there one time and one time only)—but it wasn’t as brightly lit as The Unicorn and Thistle. Saturdays were usually busy in Hogsmeade, with the influx of upperclassmen on the weekend, so Rowen knew better than to expect peace and quiet. She did however know a pleasant noise dampening spell.

Removing her embroidered half-cloak to drape it neatly on her chair, Rowen took a seat and made herself at home. She set her up mini-travel size chess set (enchanted to challenge her without having to play with another human being) and ordered tea while she waited. Unable to sit still or allow her mind to wander freely even for a moment, Rowen placed her Herbology textbook and notes the table, pulled out a black feathered quill, and a well of ink. She bounced between taking turns against a magical (invisible) chess opponent and reorganizing her notes to her perfect (nearly unachievable) standards. Hard at work, Rowen rewrote her notes to emphasize certain aspects. She used a charmed quill to write in two shades of blue, making them easier to read later.

Outside, light fluffy snow fell in blankets. The large hearth behind her kept the room warm and cozy, and made the old panes of the window next to her fogged up from the difference in temperature. Rowen didn’t grin, but she did feel contented today. Her seventeenth birthday was only days away, and though the young witch had everything she ever asked for, Rowen always desired more.

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Re: there's a bad moon on the rise | genevieve
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Genevieve could not remember if the Three Broomsticks had been there when she had attended school; however, she assumed it had been if the outside of the place was any indication of its elderly status. The young witch had only dared to leave the comfort of her dormitory room on the weekends when absolutely necessary, and if she did, it certainly was not to visit any of the poorly lit, poorly maintained, and, well, poor places that Hogsmeade had to offer. Nevertheless, the heiress was fond enough of the younger witch to venture out of her comfort zone this once.

After all, it was her birthday, and surely she needed proper company on her special day rather than that of the common folk of Hogwarts that she was often forced to keep the company of. While Genevieve wished the young witch had chosen a more appropriate time to be born, like the summer as she had been, the woman said little on the matter. Turning her nose up at the young man who greeted her as soon as she entered, she set off to find the younger woman, expecting her to have arrived. She walked onward with a neatly wrapped package under one arm and a handbag on the other.

Naturally, Rowen was easy to spot among the maddening crowd of chattering students and waitresses zipping by with trays upon trays of food and drink. Genevieve smiled a little as she approached her, the girl attentive to a game of chess and a textbook that she recognized as Herbology almost immediately; the cover was uniquely nature-focused. “Greetings, birthday girl,” she started, putting down her bags on the chair across from the young witch before taking off her gloves and beckoning her for a hug. “Come now, let me give you a hug; it’s been quite a long time, and such a pleasure to see you,” she offered with an uncharacteristically cheerful smile.

“Now tell me, what sort of girl spends her special day studying and playing a game of solidary chess?” She teased but similarly admired her academic interest and how easily she displayed her intellect. In a way, Rowen was fortunate to have found her identity within the Ravenclaw House. Genevieve had only wished as a younger person to have had the opportunity to be so openly intellectual as the younger witch was.

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Re: there's a bad moon on the rise | genevieve
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Hearing Genevieve’s arrival, Rowen immediately looked up from what she had been working on. She left the game unfinished, and her book closed once she stopped holding it open on the table, but none of that mattered. “Genevieve!” she said enthusiastically (but politely quiet) and stood up. Genevieve’s smile was infectious, and soon Rowen’s face was lighting up. “It is good to see you, too,” she explained, wrapping her arms around the slight woman for a quick hug. Rowen wasn’t typically a very affectionate young woman, but Genevieve was closer than family, so she saw a different side.

Genevieve’s question made Rowen’s smile flicker, but only momentarily. She was nearly seventeen now, Rowen was almost grown, and she felt confident that the picture she’d crafted of herself was a respectable one. Genevieve’s judgments were always taken more seriously. Rowen would likely never grow out of that, but she felt more capable of handling it now. Genevieve asked what sort of girl spends her day alone playing chess, and Rowen smirked, “A clever one.”

Rowen had told Genevieve before that she did not want to follow the debutante to housewife path laid out for witches of their caliber. That she wanted more. And that was part of why (even on her birthday) she was alone, employing her mind, instead of her heart.

“Besides, today isn’t my birthday. It is only the closest day we are allowed to see each other due to the ridiculous confinement of Hogwarts.” Rowen thought she should be allowed to return home (or rather, to Genevieve and Wolfgangs) whenever she chose once she turned seventeen and could safely apparate. However, her formal request with the headmaster had not been approved.

And maybe, if she asked just right, Genevieve might put her mind to getting Rowen special treatment. (Which, naturally, Rowen truly believed she deserved.) “Responsible students of legal age should not be restricted to Hogsmeade alone, would you agree?”
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