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Hogsmeade Shop Listing
« on: November 17, 2005, 11:26:11 AM »
hogsmeade shop listing

member-created/-managed shops

To those who own shops in Hogsmeade please post a description of your shop here. Please include at least the following:

Shop Name: {the name of the shop itself}
Street Address: {the specific location}
Owner: {the shop owner's name, whether played or NPC}
Employees: {include NPCs, if applicable}
Hours: {days of week and hours of operation from open to close}
Merchandise: {what is sold in the shop?}
Description: {the appearance of the shop, exterior and interior}

Code: [Select]
[b]Shop Name:[/b]
[b]Street Address:[/b]

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Hogsmeade Shop Listing
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Shop Name: Sterling Tomes
Street Address: 19 High Street, Hogsmeade Village, Scotland
Owner: Iain Sterling (NPC)
Employees: Nerys Hughes (NPC), co-owner
Gaheris Sterling (NPC), part-time
Hours: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm, closed from 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm.
Merchandise: Sterling Tomes sells all manner of books, scrolls, and other printed materials on just about every subject, but the variety is always changing and it is difficult to be sure what one will find when one walks in. Certain somewhat rare items may come and go.
Description: Sterling Tomes is a small family-run shop that is sandwiched on Hogsmeade's High Street in between several other larger stores and may be easily overlooked, as its tiny shop front is merely a door painted in faded, peeling, once-white paint set in grey stone and a small sign, weather-worn, that reads Sterling Tomes, est. 1879 around a picture of a book. Upon entry, there is a desk on the right that is always occupied by Iain Sterling, Nerys Hughes, or Gaheris Sterling, at which one might be able to inquire as to a suggested area in which to search for a given book. There is also a small round table on the left surrounded by a few chairs with a lamp, and some quills and ink, where a particular volume might be perused and some notes taken. It is full of shelves on which books of any age, shape, size, and subject may be found. They are generally classified by subject matter but there is also a general front-to-back organization of newly acquired merchandise to the older and still unsold merchandise. Rather poorly lit and quite dusty, it is nevertheless a place where collectors or people searching for an expert discussion on an uncommon subject could find much of what they are looking for, and certainly a place where one is unlikely to be questioned unless damage is being done to the books. There is a room in the back for storage of the few extra copies of books they own, as well as containing more fragile items that may be viewed on request at the front.
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Hogsmeade Shop Listing
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Shop Name: Acelyn's Ice Creamery
    Shop shorthand: Acelyn's
Street Address: 17 Hogsmeade Villiage
Owner: James Acelyn (npc)
Employees: James Acelyn (npc), Alice Acelyn and occasionally the grandparents.
    Septmber-June: Hogsmeade Weekends Only, 10am to 4pm.
    July-August: Closed

Merchandise: Acelyn's Ice Creamery creates its very own wizard-made ice cream from the finest ingredients for individuals to enjoy in the shop and at home. There are an assortment of flavors to pick and choose from ranging from the typical to the unusual as well as specialty made limited ice-cream that is rare to find anywhere else. Acelyn's serve baked goods like cookies, brownies, cupcakes that are occasionally left over from the creation process. Milkshakes can be wand stirred with the typical flavors or added toppings to a witch or wizard's choosing. Ice-cream can be topped with assorted toppings ranging from sprinkles to fruit and everything in between. A recently added item to the list Acelyn's provides is Butterbeer floats. Ice cream can be bought in various sizes of cones, bowls, and take-home cartons. There is a lot of bang for their Galleon when it comes to take-home carton's, as they are specially charmed to remain cold even on the hottest days so as to not melt. The range for typical scoops is anywhere between 1 scoop to 4 scoops depending upon the witch or wizard and can be of different ice-cream flavors if desired. Price range for Acelyn's varies depending upon individual orders, the standard typical flavors (found in the first column below) are cheaper than the others and 1 scoop is cheaper than 4. Acelyn's provides a wide range of availability for all witches and wizards, from the working class to the rich and influential as ice-cream should be enjoyed by everyone. Check your local Daily Prophet listings for coupons and advertizements.

Ice cream flavors include but are not limited to:


Dark Chocolate
Brownie Batter
Cupcake Batter
Sugar Cookie
April Showers
Bubble Gum
Double Chocolate Fudge
Mint Chocolate Chip
Black Cherry
Apple Cinnamon

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Chocolate Cookie & Cream
Marshmallow & Caramel Swirl
Cherry Cream Pie
Tropical Island
Strawberry Cheesecake
Blueberry Muffin
Banana Split
Brownie Sundae


The outside of Acelyn's can be described as neat, orderly, and clean. Not a leaf sits near the entrance nor the patio and it's swept regularly. The small outside front patio has filled flower beds surrounding it with a semi-transparent awning covers the entire patio, as to avoid having customers immediately rush indoors if a light rain shower were to occur and also shields them partly from the sunlight. A dark wooden sign hangs above the entry way that is darkly engraved with "Acelyn's" in a soft cursive. A standing chalkboard can be found to the right of the door with the specials of the day or other announcements that pertain to the store. Windows line the front of the store, recently added for additional lighting.

The interior is chilly (to keep the ice cream from melting), but inviting with it's warmth of pale yellow color on the walls. The floor is marble-like speckled tile, for simplifying clean up. It's small in size, the maximum amount of people inside is only twenty. Upon entry into the store there is roughly six round wooden tables with two to four (sometimes six) wooden chairs each. Chairs can be moved around from one table to another. On each wooden table is a stack of napkins and a seasonal center piece depending upon holidays. The store is typically decorated for each major holiday that the wizarding kind celebrates. In the back is a counter island, the ice-cream displayed within it behind a glassed portion, and a counter lines the back wall with the cups, bowls, cones, spoons and toppings neatly and orderly placed. All of the utensils and additional items can be found in the cabinets somewhere.
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Hogsmeade Shop Listing
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S U G A R   A N D   S P I C E
C R I T T E R   C A F E


Shop Name: Sugar and Spice
Street Address: 1 Emerson Lane, Hogsmeade Village
Owners: Jonathan Emerson, Leopold Emerson

     Leopold Emerson, 26
     Ophelia Emerson, 22
     Duke Emerson, 20
     Roxanne Emerson, 17 (summers only)
     Meredith Emerson, 15 (summers only)
     Holden Emerson, 13 (summers only)

*volunteers and new hires welcome (OOC: PM Jonathan Emerson)
     Monday - Friday 1200-2000
     Saturday - Sunday 1000-2300

Merchandise: Sugar and Spice sells 'relaxation'. Patrons are charged an hourly fee to spend time with the animals that roam freely around the establishment. Cafe beverages are also sold, in addition to light meals, mostly consisting of sandwiches and wraps during the day, and simple pasta dishes during the evening dinner hours. Animal treats and a small, curated selection of animal-themed books are also for sale.

          Adult: 3 sickles per hour
          Child/Student: 1 sickle per hour

*All patrons are given a runic token that counts the length of their stay, essentially a magical tab. You may choose to add meals and other puchases to the token and pay it all when you leave or pay them upfront

          Cats, Kittens and Kneazles: From calicos to Turkish vans to kneazle crossbreeds, around a dozen cats rule the establishment
          Dogs and Puppies: Most of the breeds are small or toy dogs, e.g., Shiba Inus, Corgis, Pomeranians, Terriers, and Spaniels
          Hedgehogs: There is a small pen that houses six hegehogs
          Puffskein and Pygmy Puffs: Another pen carries around a dozen of the furry creatures
          Rabbits: There are six rabbits generally kept in a pen, but patrons are free to carry them about the cafe
          Unicorns: Two unicorns foals are held in a stable and grassy enclosure attached to the cafe

*Patrons are welcome to bring their pets provided they are well trained and can get along well with other animals


     Physical Space
          On a lane that diverts from High Street, the end of the path leads to a spacious cottage house. The cottage is surrounded by a well-kept garden dotted with circular tables and chairs. Inside, the cottage has been turned into a cafe. Low tables are set around the middle area, surrounded by cushions. The low seating encourages patrons to sit and play with the animals. For those who prefer not to be on the floor, plenty of plush, comfortable sofas line the walls as well as more utilitarian wooden tables and chairs.  There are various posts, ledges, pens, props and toys all around, allowing the animals to climb, jump, nap, and play as they please. Smaller creatures are generally kept in enclosures but patrons are free to pick them up and carry them around, as long as they are safely placed back. The first level is very lively and encourages people to socialise.

For those individuals who would prefer more private, relaxing settings, the upper floor has three small rooms for people to play with the animals, and also function as lodging for travellers to Hogsmeade or individuals who wish to stay for an extended period with the animals. These rooms each have a small four-poster bed, a sofa, a dresser and mirror, and a tiny bathroom containing a toilet, washbasin, and a standing shower. The rest of the second floor and the attic of the cottage is closed off and reserved for the owners, as it is a family-owned business.

Outside, there is a back garden for people to drink, eat, lounge, and play with the animals. Runes are set at the border of the property to create a barrier, to keep the animals from running away. Attached to the left side of the cottage are stables and a ranch enclosure for the pair of unicorns.

          Thatcher and Ellis Emerson were casualties in the Second Wizarding War. With their passing, their estate was bequeathed to their eldest child. Leopold thought to sell the estate to provide some funds for his siblings, three of whom were still in school. As is common, he let his relatives know of his intent, in case any of them wished to purchase the lot. It was at this time that Jonathan was thinking of a way to help his sister recover from her own post-war trauma and decided to marry two of his sister's loves: cats and coffee. He bought the lot from his cousin, but after sharing his plans for it with Leopold, the two decided to partner up and turn the cottage estate into a critter cafe---a safe, relaxing space for anyone who needed to forget their troubles and simply spend a day loving and being loved by furry creatures. Leopold's siblings also decided to become part of the venture, and after a year of planning, the residential cottage was turned into Sugar and Spice.
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w e?á?á a r e?á?á m i r a c l e s?á?á a n d?á?á w e \' r e?á?á n o t?á?á a l o n e\' border=\'0\' alt=\'user posted image\' />\' border=\'0\' alt=\'user posted image\' />
j o n a t h a n?á?á e m e r s o n
y e a h ,?á?á t h i s?á?á i s?á?á h o m e

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Hogsmeade Shop Listing
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h o n e y d u k e s   s w e e t s h o p
s i n c e   s i x t e e n   h u n d r e d   f o r t y - o n e

i f   h o n e y d u k e s   d o e s n ' t   h a v e   i t
i t   h a s n ' t   b e e n   i n v e n t e d   y e t

Street Address: 3 high street
Owners: honey bea flume and fergie flume (silent partner)
  till and shelf-stocking; caoimhe ramsey, bridget smythe
  weekends only; randy hambleton, mable marsden
  weekdays; 13:00 - 19:00 (closed thursdays)
  weekends; 10:00 - 20:00
  hogwarts student weekends; 08:00 - 20:00
Merchandise: sweets, chocolates, confections (just a small selection listed below)


bertie bott's every flavour beans; every flavour, from apple to zucchini and everything in between, a risk with every mouthful.
chocolate frogs; frogs made with 70% croakoa. each package includes a collectible card featuring a famous witch or wizard.
fizzing whizbees; large sherbet balls that cause the enjoyer to float a few inches off the ground. burp to return to earth.
licorice wands; wands sold in a variety of licorice flavors.
sugar-spun quills; very delicate quills that can be enjoyed secretly in class.


chocolate wands; exactly what it sounds like. available in white, milk, and dark chocolate varieties.
chocolate cauldrons; an assortment of filled chocolates sold by the box.
chocoballs; large dark chocolate balls filled with strawberry mousse and clotted cream. both iced and plain versions available.
truffles; many varieties, both filled and unfilled, in milk, dark, or white chocolate. rotating selection of flavors, customisations available.

baked goods

pumpkin pasties; hand pie filled with pumpkin. both savory and sweet versions available.
cauldron cakes; chocolate cake cauldrons filled with different flavors of "potions" (read: not actual potions). both the pre-packaged and made-fresh-daily versions are available.

special effects

drooble's best blowing gum; chew and blow bubbles that will not pop for days. guaranteed to not lose its flavour.
ice mice; small, minty, mice-shaped candies that will make your teeth chatter.
acid pops; these lollipops will hurt and leave a hole wherever you choose to put it. no refunds on this product for dissatisfied customers.
toothflossing stringmints; splintery mints that floss the teeth when sucked on.
exploding bonbons; no refunds if dental work is required after eating. contains 72% cocoa and 100% coconut dynamite.
peppermint toads; peppermint creams shaped like toads which hop realistically in the stomach.
pepper imps; tiny black pepper sweets that will make you smoke from your ears and nose. breathe fire on your friends!

unusual tastes

cockroach clusters; actual candied cockroaches, covered in chocolate, with peanuts and caramel.
bloodipops; for the vampire in need.
fudge flies; fly-flavored fudge in the shape of flies.

Description: with its bright pink, glass-paned front door and large rounded windows, the exterior of honeydukes is very inviting. the interior of the store is visible through the windows, and even the windows themselves are lined with shelves of sweets and treats. a bell hangs over the door, cheerily announcing the arrival of every customer.

the fixtures in the shop are just as bright and colorful as--if not more so than--the sweets sold there. there are six aisles separated by shelving, and every available inch of space is used for merchandise. glass jars line the shelves, each meticulously labeled and charmed to only hold one sweet so no mix-ups--or tedious unmixing--occur. chocolates are arranged neatly against one wall; another wall houses "unusual tastes" and "special effects" sweets in clear glass jars. muggle sweets and the more mundane options line the back wall. there are barrels filled with the bestsellers just inside the front door.

the front counter--with the till--has a glass-paned display case filled with baked goods and other air-sensitive sweets. the rafters above are filled with more jars; these sweets must be retrieved by a honeydukes employee. behind the front counter is another pink door that leads back to the kitchen. there is a large stockroom and an office, as well as a set of stairs that leads down to the cellar.

back in the main part of the shop and past the front counter is a pastel pink spiral staircase, leading up to the owner's flat, well warded against trespassers.
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Hogsmeade Shop Listing
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address: 6 high street, hogsmeade
owner: eddie and elspeth machrihanish (npc/laura)
employees: npc's, hiring.
hours: monday through sunday, eight am until late.
merchandise: pub

the unicorn and thistle was founded in 1734. it is known for having retained its scottish roots; serving traditional food and drink. over the years the pub has undergone several renovations, most recently following the second wizarding war, when new owners eddie and elspeth machrihanish took over. the unicorn and thistle serves a variety of local ales and spirits, both magical and non-magical, but their primary focus is good food. the pub has a reputation for great meals and a friendly atmosphere.

the exterior fits in with the rest of hogsmeade village; stone walls and shingled roof. the interior is lighter than might be expected and the venue is non-smoking. some walls inside are exposed stone, others have been painted white. the pub has a central bar, and a mixture of bar leaners and tables and chairs, all of which are made of oak, with soft furnishings such as curtains and seat cushions made from hogsmeade tartan (a light heather colour crossed with fresh green). crockery is handmade ceramic, and all glassware is goblin-made crystal.

m e n u  &  r e f r e s h m e n t s
beverages: local ales, stouts, and lagers; wine; scottish whiskies and gins; ginger wine; tea, coffee, and hot chocolate; fruit juices; pumpkin juice.

breakfast: full cooked breakfast with lorne sausage and black pudding; smoked haddock with poached egg on toast; porridge with milk or cream; scottish crumpets; fruit scones with jam and cream; haggis on toast.

lunch & dinner: scotch broth with crusted bread; mulligatawny soup; cock-a-leekie soup; mussels in whisky and cream; oysters three ways; seared scallops with black pudding and clapshot; potato scones with smoked salmon; crab salad; haggis, neeps and tatties; seared venison with pearl barley risotto; bangers and mash; arbroath smoked haddock; roast aberdeen angus beef; grilled langoustine.

dessert & treats: shortbread selection (chocolate & orange, lavender & honey, lemon thyme & vanilla, classic); clootie dumpling; ecclefechan tart with whisky and ginger cream; raspberry and rosemary cranachan served with cream; caramel shortbread with blaeberry compote; scottish cheese selection.
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t h e   s h r i k e   t o   y o u r   s h a r p   a n d   g l o r i o u s   t h o r n

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Hogsmeade Shop Listing
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Shop Name: Gibson & Sons Mortuary and Cemetery
Street Address: 89 9th Street
Employees: (npcs; contact Lianne )
    ❧ William Gibson II & Robert Gibson III, funeral directors & morticians
    ❧ Valerie Gibson, funeral attendant
    ❧ Ralph Racket, groundskeeper

Services: wakes & memorial services; graveside services; visitations; funeral planning/arrangements; burial & cremation; coordination with local caterers, florists, and musicians
Products: caskets; urns; headstones

Description: Gibson & Sons is not an especially gloomy or morbid property. Its architecture is solemn and Victorian, but not quite foreboding. Inside, it is handsome but unostentatious: the rooms are well lit and tastefully decorated, with flowers in nearly every room. There is a squat crematorium a few yards from the house; the mortuary is located in the basement, through three locked doors.

Behind the house sprawls the cemetery; it is enclosed in a tall iron fence. The ground is not especially even. Headstone styles vary, though the ones in the newer parts of the cemetery have become slightly more uniform. It is grassy, with trees throughout for shade and setting. Often there are flower arrangements at various graves.
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Hogsmeade Shop Listing
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chaque étoile dans le ciel brille

Business name: La Bourgade Academy of Dance
Street Address: 47 High Street, Hogsmeade
School year:
✺ Saturdays 10am - 4pm

✺ Saturdays 10am - 9pm
✺ Tuesdays/Thursdays 4-10:30pm
✺ Mondays/Wednesdays 4-7:30pm

Owner: Hilda Radziewicz, owner, artistic director, choreographer, instructor, rehearsal manager

Employees: (npcs; contact Lianne)
✺ Ianthe Morton, executive director
✺ Eileen Lee, choreographer, instructor, rehearsal manager, pianist
✺ Ignatius Campbell, choreographer, instructor, rehearsal manager, pianist
✺ Marissa Marchand, bookkeeper
✺ Raymond Marchand, janitor

Student tuition: 24 - 40 Galleons per year
Services: La Bourgade Academy of Dance offers students an opportunity to extend their dance and performance skills while attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Though it isn’t a professional-level ballet school and company, it produces experienced and versatile dancers, and puts on good quality ballet productions twice yearly: a story ballet, and a student showcase. Dancers often spend the first halves of their Hogsmeade weekends rehearsing; dancers in their first and second years are given smaller parts, and often seek out help from older dancers to rehearse.

During the summer, the schedule is more intensive, allowing students to pursue different forms of dance or to hone their skills. Adults are also welcome to take classes at La Bourgade; one of its more reliable sources of income during the slower months at the start of each year are yoga, Zumba, and ballroom dancing classes -- all aimed toward adults.

Students must be able to purchase their own rehearsal gear and dance shoes, and the school charges up to 400 Galleons per student per school year, which can be paid in staggered payments depending on families' financial needs. Through donations from affluent Wizarding families and prominent alumni, there are a limited number of scholarships available for exceptionally talented students who could otherwise not afford it.

Description: There are seven rooms at La Bourgade Academy: three rehearsal studios, a dressing room, a waiting room / lobby, and a small office. It occupies a tall one-story brick building, and the interior is brightly lit and artistically decorated. The rehearsal studios are lined with mirrors; there is a piano and a gramophone in each, and barres along three walls.
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i'm sad but not like sad enough to be a good painter or whatever

Hogsmeade Shop Listing
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Shop Name: Graffiti Is Art Two
Street Address: 12 High Street
Owner: Gregoire Cartier
★ Tattoo Artists: A muscular but all too sweet Goblin named Jackal who looks tougher than he really is and an English wizard who almost made it big in the underground wrock scene until he had a falling out with his former band-mates and loves to tell the story, both NPC.
★ Apprentice: A twitchy purple haired witch fresh out of Beauxbatons named Renée Chevalier, NPC.
★ Sales Clerk: A less than detail oriented Goblin woman named Nucleah who chews her gum way too loudly while reading the latest gossip magazines, NPC.
★ HIRING! Open Positions: Tattoo Apprentice, Sales Clerks, Local Artists wanting to Showcase their skills.
Hours: Tuesday thru Saturday 12 pm to 11 pm & closed on Monday.

★ Magical Tattoos: As a pioneer in the field Gregoire has years of experience with magical and enchanted tattoos. With magic the possibilities are endless but some popular charms are moving tattoos, dancing women, ships that sail, tattoos that can disappear if needed, ink that changes depending on mood, and so much more.
★ Traditional (muggle) Tattoos: For the authentic experience.
★ Piercings: And a large collection of body jewelry.
★ Various Art Supplies: Including but not limited to paints, charcoal, chalk, ink, parchment, canvas, brushes, cameras, & film.
★ Local Art: Completed works by local artists are on display and always for sale in the window, Gregoire does not keep any of the proceeds.

Description: The second of two locations this branch of the company focuses more on the needs of students with things like quills, parchment, and how-to books for beginning artists. The shop is cleaner (at least for now) than it's sister shop in Diagon Alley and has much less paint spilled all over the floor. It is a tiny little brick store front with other shops on either side and as always a bright magical sign hanging above the door. Wizard wrock pumps through magical speakers on the walls, paintings and art work hang from the purple walls and in the window, and the front counter is all glass with various goods displayed beneath. In the corner opposite the sales counter there are mismatched well-used chairs and a vintage (torn up) sofa for lounging. There is one small room in the back of the store for tattoos and piercings furnished with a red leather chair and a rolling stool.
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Hogsmeade Shop Listing
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Street Address
10 High Street, Hogsmeade

  • Marina Carroll (founder and owner)
  • Jade Carroll (co-owner and toy creator)
  • Frida Trickett
  • hiring a student as temporary help for Hogsmeade weekends
Tuesday – Friday: 1 pm to 8 pm
Weekends: 10 am to 8 pm

  • Plushies with special effects when one cuddles them
  • Toy figurines
  • Board games
  • Card games
  • Children's books
  • Magical toy blocks
  • Children's brooms

There's also a small section of muggle toys in the basement.

Located on High Street in Hogsmeade the Wonderland of Toys is easy to spot because of its dark berry coloured door and the large sign above it. The shop windows are usually lit and exhibit a selection of the best selling and newest toys.

Upon entering the shop a cheerful twitter announces the new customer. Near the entrance on the right side there are the plushies nicely decorated on a large wooden table and some shelves. Further into the shop there are figurines and toy blocks on shelves, those are painted in different colours to reflect the different target groups.

The entire left side of the shop is filled with board games, card games, toy brooms and the like. Near the window on the left side there's the counter.

Quite in the centre of the shop there is the prototype of a room height climbing wall that is sort of like a treadmill, you can climb and climb and never reach the ceiling.

The basement is divided into two parts – the storage area which customers cannot access and a comparably small area with muggle toys.

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