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Shackamaxon Shop Listing
« on: May 11, 2017, 11:12:21 PM »

To those who own shops in Shackamaxon please post a description of your shop here.

Please include at least the following:

Shop Name: (this is the name of the shop itself)
Street Address: (the specific location)
Owner: (the shop owner's name)
Employees: (a list of employees, NPC's included)
Hours: (hours of operation, from open to close)
Merchandise: (what is sold in the shop?)
Description: (the look of the shop exterior and interior)

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Shackamaxon Shop Listing
« Reply #1 on: February 22, 2019, 05:19:49 AM »

Shop Name:
Street Address: 15 Arbor Lane, South Shackamaxon

Owner: Trey Wilder
Employees: N/A

Hours: Officially, 10:00am to 4:00pm

(Unofficially, since the store also doubles as Trey's home and studio, Wildwood can be accessed at any time that Trey is working on a project within.)

All of Wildwood's merchandise is made up of wooden objects carved or created by Trey Wilder, ranging from small trinkets to large pieces of art and furniture.

For example:
-   Some small jewelry items such as pendants, rings, bracelets and wooden beads
Jewelry boxes and storage chests in various sizes
-   Furniture such as tables, desks, chairs and latticed screens
-   Walking sticks / staves / staffs
Smoking pipes
-   Figurines and statues (primarily of animals and magical creatures) including a range of Ilvermorny school pride items, featuring house animals
-   Carved wall murals

Whilst her primary interest is in showcasing the beauty of the wood she's working with, Trey sometimes embellishes her creations with paint, precious gems and metals. Some of her creations are enchanted to entertain (i.e. by moving, changing form or emitting noises / song) or have special features, however, a lot of her work is purely decorative. She also experiments with a variety of carving styles from different cultures.

Custom work can be requested and Trey can also be hired to add carvings to fixtures such as doorways, walls and stairs within domestic and commercial properties.


The Wildwood is a very new addition to the Shackamaxon artistic quarter. It is a small space, located on a side lane off the main bustling street. It is marked only by a carved wooden sign propped up outside the door. The young owner has embraced the theme of a 'wild wood' inside the store, decorating the inside to look like a forest. A soft brown carpet covers the shop floor, which muffles footsteps and other sounds. The walls are covered with wallpaper that displays a shifting pattern of leaves in a shade to match the season (i.e. shades of green in Spring and Summer, oranges and browns in Autumn, then darker browns and greys for Winter). The shelves have been crafted to resemble trees, with the merchandise sitting on or hanging from their branches. Above it all, the ceiling has been enchanted to give off a pleasantly glowing light, reminiscent of sunlight passing through foliage.

The layout of the shop floor is a little irregular and maze-like, following an organic pattern rather than a man-made one. At the rear of the shop is a small desk, intricately carved in the shape of a hawk taking flight. This desk is where Trey greets her customers and completes purchases. To the left side of the desk is a small spiral stairway that leads up to Trey's private apartment. The railing of the stairway is carved to resemble vines. At the back of the store, behind the desk, is a separate area covered in green tile where Trey works on her creations. Branches and hunks of wood are piled haphazardly along the walls, with smaller bits overflowing from a shelf which also holds some paints, gems and other odds and ends. A large round table is centered in this area from which she works. The floor around the table is often coated in wood dust and shavings. Trey sometimes blasts Wrock from her wireless at the back of the store while she's working, somewhat spoiling the atmosphere.

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