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moving mountains [john henry]
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Now that they had managed to return the spider safely back to its home out doors Jack felt a surge of accomplishment that was strange for him. He rarely finished any of the things he started but this task had been easy. He didn't have to strain too much in order to save a helpless creature after all. "NO WAIT!" He said as she agreed to his chocolate proposal and then raised him a race to the finish line. He wobbled to a standing position and his chubby legs carried him in a fast slow pace toward the back door of the shop.

"I wasn't ready!" He called out after her as he tossed the plastic cup in the waste bin next to the door and used his arms to try to propel himself faster yet. The inertia of his movements had his curly hair bouncing wildly and soon his cap flopped off of his head and onto the floor. He scrambled to stop, skidding across the tiled floor, and turned back for his hat. He could never leave that hat behind. Roaring with laughter he snatched up the hat and shoved it back onto his head.

One hand holding down his hat and the other making swimming motions through the air in front of him as he ran he skidded into the break room and joined her for a chocolate celebration.



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