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{ddc} cast some light and you'll be alright {ezra}
« on: July 29, 2017, 04:35:10 AM »
They were hiding from their older sisters. Older sisters could be annoying. Everybody knew that. So they sat, cooped in the back of a kinda-dingy restaurant, reading some of the new books they'd picked up from the wizarding equivalent of a five-cent book resale shop down the street. Five cents was affordable for Aly and Ezra, and even if it didn't seem like much of a treat to other people, it was for them. And they hadn't stolen them, so there was a different kind of satisfaction attached -- the kind that you got when you bought something with your own money, not the adrenaline-rushy kind that you got when you stole something and made it past the store employees unnoticed. Even that, after awhile, was duller. It wasn't as scary shoplifting when one had done it for a million years. It was basic survival, really.

But this wasn't! It was relaxing, if not a little boring, since they'd been doing it for... well, truthfully, she didn't know, but it felt like hours. And it was nice, of course, to be able to spend time with her best friend after not having seen him much during the summer months. However, there were other ways to be passing the time. She was a bad influence on him, she knew, but anything that invoked intense feeling was worth doing.

"Hey, you know what, Ez." Aly paused, tucking her feet into her chest from the table so she had a line of sight to Ezra's face. "We should get out of here. Do something fun. I'm like, starved, you know?" The witch narrowed her eyes a little, tucking a frizzy, stray curl behind her ear. "Starved for some zest in my life. Sometimes I can get that with Annie, but nine times out of ten, it ends weird. Like... all moody and existential crisis-y." She tried to explain, probably unsuccessfully, gesturing pointlessly in front of her chest and catching the glints of the rings on her fingers out of the corner of her eye. Her jewelry was important to her. It was like a pathway to her inside thoughts. Each piece meant something different. It was the only thing she elected to wear on her body that could've hinted to strangers what she'd be like on the inside.

"Any ideas? Mine are usually crazier and more life-endangering, and since we can't use a bunch of magic, maybe you should pick."\' border=\'0\' alt=\'user posted image\' />


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