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John Henry Bird VII
[thd] this is my kingdom come. [ezra]
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"THAT IS STUPID HOT!" The shouts of a chunky little wizard with hair like tumbleweeds rang out across the little courtyard that housed the Black Bolt Brewery & Restaurant. John Henry swung haphazardly from one of the many swings that wrapped around the restaurants counter and desperately tried to swallow before his tongue fell off. Whatever he had just eaten, he was pretty sure they had called it chicken, felt like it was burning a hole through his mouth. Jumping awkwardly from his chair his baseball cap fell from his head and he managed to catch it as he ran to the end of the counter. Short legs wobbled him unattractively to the end as he snatched the first vial of liquid he could see sitting out near the drinks.

He used the hand not carrying his prized head wear to slam back the glass of frothing liquid and he felt the relief almost immediately. He felt a rush of bubbles rising through his nose and he shivered from it before giggling a little. Now that the burning had subsided he felt almost euphoric and he quickly turned to tell the closest person he could find about the entire ordeal. "Don't trust the chicken, they say its poultry but I think its part hellfire demon." He said in a matter of fact way as he expertly folded the bill of his cap, smoothed down his curly hair, and plopped the hat back onto his forehead. His brown locks fluffed out on each side of his head like a bad clown wig but Jack was more interested in the appearance of the person in front of him.

The young wizard had so impulsively drank a potion that he had no idea what he had just consumed. It wasn't exactly like him to read labels before doing things. One of the witches in a swing near where he was standing began to rummage through the vials on the counter and he heard her mumbling something about how she'd left her potions project sitting out on the counter. Too bad he was staring at the person in front of him, a goofy grin on his face as the love potion began to kick in. If he was a cartoon character his eyes would be shaped like hearts right about now. The young wizard had no idea what love actually was an so his magical infatuation with the person in front of him was innocent but it was embarrassing and annoying just the same. "Do you like baseball?" He asked, wanting to become best friends with this new person.;u=25036' rel='nofollow noopener' target='_blank'>@Ezra Hale


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