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[mp][cemetary] daylight is waiting for you. [polina]
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Despite being born and raised in a place where the temperature was below freezing more often than not Konrad somehow still felt chilly in Massachusetts. The fog and damp chill seemed to seep all the way into his bones and the large wizard couldn't stop himself from shivering. Maybe it was his anxious nerves making him shake but he refused to admit it. Ignoring his own emotions and focusing on everyone else came easily to the young man and today would be no different. Since they had arrived at Ilvermorny the Koldovstoretz students had learned all about the strange holiday D?¡a de Muertos and what it meant to the witches and wizards around here. The idea of communing with the dead in peace and especially during a party, seemed outrageous to the Swedish boy and even a little bit creepy. A strange curiosity pushed him forward though, he had to know if the rumors were true but most importantly he had to know if his own parents would be there.

A part of him had signed up for this excursion simply to ensure that his younger brother didn't. He knew how painful this could be for Anders and he had been so focused on that that he had completely forgotten that he shared that same pain. There was a knot forming in his stomach as the iron gate creaked open and the small group of students began to break into even smaller pieces. It seemed like the Ilvermorny students knew exactly where to go and how to find their loved ones. Most of the Koldovstoretz students followed along, shadowing their new buddies and hoping for some glimpse into the strange culture, and this left two of them standing in their wake. A thick fog rolled through the graveyard and suddenly Konrad felt even more alone than he did on most days.

"This is stupid." He mumbled to himself, scorning himself in a typical fashion and running his hand nervously through his blond hair. "I shouldn't of come here." His words made him sigh and then he realized another was still standing beside him. "Oh," He said, his face turning to a slight frown before shrugging his shoulders. He hadn't meant to put his foot in his mouth but there it was. "Sorry..." He trailed off awkwardly. He usually felt confident in social situations but it seemed like everything was out of whack this morning. He was unusually cold but mostly he was somehow strangely hopeful and unbearably pessimistic at the same time. All he wanted was to see his parents one last time.;u=25265' rel='nofollow noopener' target='_blank'>@Polina Konstantinova
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Polina Konstantinova
[mp][cemetary] daylight is waiting for you. [polina]
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She regretted coming to Ilvermorny. She shouldn't have bowed to peer pressure, even if the Russian witch had told herself that she'd only agreed to ensure her family's safety. Polina was so very homesick; homesick for Koldovstoretz, homesick for Russia and even homesick for the Czech Republic, though she only visited there on occasions. The Medvedev student was sure that the USA was absolutely lovely, and when she'd been asked on her opinion of the country (which was literally every day that she had been there) she expressed as such. In reality, however, Apollinariya hated it. An anxious girl by nature, the eldest Konstantinova sibling was simply frightened of the country that she was unfamiliar with. She just couldn't get the shadows of Durmstrang out of her mind, no matter how hard she tried. The poor Russian was even more reserved and concerned when she had found out what event was to be occurring that day, the day of the dead. Polina had seen more than enough of death for her liking, and she shuddered involuntary at the thought of the death of one of their own at the elitist school.

Apollinariya's eyes darted through the crowds trying to find her family. Any one of them would do, she couldn't explain it but she just needed to know where they were. Pulling her hat down further on her head, the protective witch figured that maybe if she kept following her overly-enthusiastic Ilvermorny partner, she'd be bound to bump into Lenka or Just?¢na or even Milana eventually. As the huddle moved into the cemetary, Polina felt the chill wash over her. It was so... gloomy and dull and the fog certainly wasn't helping. It was almost spooky. Feeling the cold, the Russian shivered, which caused the bag containing her journal to almost slip of her shoulders. She shrugged it back on, narrowing her eyes as she did so. She felt dizzy or lightheaded and she wasn't sure why.

The gaggle of Ilvermorny students and their Koldovstoretz partners swept quickly along the cemetary, the fog making it look like they were almost gliding along. The anxious witch decided that it was too much. She was too scared to go any further, and so she was quickly left standing there, and the only thing that betrayed her as a living being was the occasional visible puff of air. A mumble to her side informed her that she was not alone, and she quickly put on a polite smile, hiding herself behind a mask, as usual. She stood just beside the foggy figure before recognising him as Konrad... or Anders, she wasn't sure which one. Polina did not know the brothers well, but this one had always seemed fairly nice.

"It's okay," she soothed, fingers running through her hair. She was somewhat confused by his apology. "I didn't mean to interfere or intrude." Polina finished politely, unsure whether her presence would be welcome or not. The Konstantinova witch did want to be kind to him though and she wondered if she could help him somehow. He seemed upset about something and the empathetic girl wanted to make him happy. "I think I understand?" Her voice rose into an inflection, though she hadn't originally intended her statement to sound like a question. "This place does seem a little... well, freaky." Apollinariya's teeth chattered together, the bony girl easily feeling the cold, and she huddled into herself a little more, almost burying herself into her coat. "I don't really want to go any further," she admitted, "I only came because of my partner. She seemed so excited, I didn't want to let her down."

Now that she had established herself as friendly, Polina wanted to get down to business. "You seem down though... Konrad, right?" She definitely needed to make sure she knew his name, or he probably wouldn't tell her anything! "Do you want to talk? I'm an excellent secret keeper." She offered warmly. Apollinariya didn't think she had many talents, but she knew that she was, for sure, a trustworthy person. She hoped her companion wanted to talk... she didn't want to be left alone in a creepy cemetary.


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