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[July-MP] Taking the bull by it jeweled horns {Open}
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Her loose curls bounced as she skipped from tented booth to booth. Each booth held treasures of the wizarding world most of which the young witch had not seen. Anything Unique she pointed to and asked about, although much to the annoyance of the venders. Although Sylvia's height made her look slightly older than her age, it did not mean much to them. They perceived any young teenager would not likely to buy much of their wears. Still quite a few entertained her questions during the lull. The isle had only a few wanders since rodeo had drawn away much of their business.

Sylvia's brother and mother were currently at the rodeo.?á Sylvia would have been there too if she did not beg to go with her father. She was not sure if she wanted to see the bulls and the other animals perform in the rodeo. The sweet nature girl worried that they were mistreated for sport and heard that wizards often get hurt during the event. Since her father had to skip the rodeo to see a south American plant vender there, she accompanied him.?á At the plant vender, the eleven year old girl soon found her fathers conversation about trouble breeding a pair of a south American plants boring. Yet it was not long that her father allowed her to wander down the isles to look at the other vendors wears. It was something her mother would have never let her do, so Sylvia wanted to take full advantage of her freedom.

Sylvia had to speak up over the cheers of the rodeo crowd when she asked about a mask. The exotic mask vender describe the use of a ÔÇ£Mama NegraÔÇØ Ecuador carnival mask in between chewed bite of a burrito, when a sharp crash came from the rodeo stand followed by series of shouts rang out before a distant scream. SylviaÔÇÖs mind wrote them off as just the rodeo eventÔÇÖs until she watched as the vender stopped mid-sentence. His eye squint as he tried to focus on just over her right shoulder. A second later his eyes?á widen and he began to draw out his wand.

The confused young Ilvermorny student turned in time to see a nearby boothÔÇÖs table over turn as the displayed content flew out into the air. Emerging from beneath the velvet table cloth were two long horns draped in jewelry. A long black tuft rectangular head with two huge flaring nostrils turn to SylviaÔÇÖs direction. Sylvia only had a chance to stagger back a few steps before the pounding hooves made contact with the gem strewn grass as the bull gained momentum in SylviaÔÇÖs direction.\' border=\'0\' alt=\'user posted image\' />

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