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{have you got color in your cheeks?} honey
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 Ros gave her the okay, and Honey returned her grin before she poked the web with enthusiasm somewhere between gentle and kid in a sweetshop. But she quickly became more focused on what Ros was doing. All the colors.

She should be asking what everything was for–red, gold, black, yellow–but she was getting distracted now, thinking about work. She could use this sort of design somewhere, surely– she moved through her mental inventory, figuring out what it might work for. Chocolate something.

Honey snapped out of it when Ros spoke. She blinked and looked at her with a nod. “Right.” She shifted her gaze to the spot Ros was talking about, then nodded again because she was a good listener (sometimes). She held out her hand, palm up, and brought it up to hover under the stone. It took a long second before it glowed, but when it did she brought up her hand. A shiver ran down her spine.

The stone stopped glowing after maybe ten seconds, and Honey rubbed her hand on her jeans as she took a step back. “How far gone is it?” She hoped that was enough for Ros to work with; the sensation hadn’t been exactly unpleasant, but she didn’t want to do it again.
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Re: {have you got color in your cheeks?} honey
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It was always a bit rewarding, to see someones reaction to the intricacies of warding for the first time. She wished this was something they taught at Hogwarts, an elective to get to the heart of such wonderful magic. It was a difficult and mysterious branch of magic and she'd been lucky enough to be exposed to it from an early age. There were a few old families she knew had a certain knack for the discipline. Her farther had been lucky enough to apprentice under Master Danvers in Italy for a decade, learning the ins an out of it before moving back home. Some of the stuff he'd been able to pass down to her brothers, Aiden, and her was still held in trust under the original apprenticeship clause.

She wasn't held to it all as strictly because she'd never been officially apprenticed but she also did not know nearly as much as her brothers and cousin. Maybe if she ever retired, she mused, the thought of days running the bookshop and learning rather tempting. She probably didn't even have to wait so long if she wanted. Something to think about, at any rate.

She hovered over Honey as she latched onto the ward stone, eyes sharp as she studied both it and Honey to make sure everything was going accordingly. Fergie would probably be a mite upset with her if she accidentally sent Honey to the hospital due to magical exhaustion. Once Honey let go she paused for a second. "You feeling okay?" she checked in, wanting to be certain, before she settled her gaze on the ward stone. She made a considering noise and with a click and a swirl of her wand the stone gave out a little pleased-sounding thrum that reminded her a lot of Honeys happy giggle.

The brunette witch huffed a little in laughter, finding it amusing the ward stone had imprinted on its new 'owner' if you will. She resisted the urge to make a bald 'Congratulations, its a ward stone!' joke like Honey had acquired a child. It wasn't totally surprising, considering Honey was fairly warm-natured and she figured the imprint of her magic left upon the ward stone would be equally as impish. "Looks like it just needed a little boost." she said, still amused, as she slowly ran her wand over each color string. You could see remnants of Honeys magic shimmering visibly through each of the threads like little fireflies fluttering against a clear tube. "Looks like it was all in good condition, likely drawing strength from the ambient magic." she murmured, noting that it hadn't been as depleted as she thought. Not starving by any means, but akin to having a hearty meal after a few days worth of manual labor.

"I just want to give it a moment to settle, then i'll set it back in its place." she assured, looking back at Honey with a bit of a grin.
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Re: {have you got color in your cheeks?} honey
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“Aye,” she said, sure she would have lied if she had been feeling anything other than okay. She felt like she could work, and that was what really mattered, anyway.

Honey watched the stone, eyes going wide when it made a noise. “Cool,” she said with a crooked smile, still staring at the stone in case it did anything else; she didn’t want to miss it. Ros laughed, and Honey raised her haze to look at her, but it wasn’t anything she had done. Ros was just pleased with her job— she knew how that went. Honey smiled somewhat more genuinely before lowering her gaze.

It had just needed a little boost, apparently, and Honey nodded as if she had suddenly become an expert in warding theory. (She had not.) “Good,” she said, now watching the colored threads of magic as they thrummed gently at Ros’s prodding. “Aye, plenty of that here,” she said with another quick glance up. Ambient magic, plenty of it.

“Right, yeah,” she said with another nod, matching Ros’s expression. “Thanks again. Really.” This was way easier than dealing with the Ministry properly, but she didn’t say that aloud. “And the hearth?” She didn’t know if the apparation spot had been a part of all of that— she still wasn’t clear on what had just happened, exactly, the pretty colors aside.
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