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Holden Emerson [ Hufflepuff ]
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Hufflepuff Quidditch
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Welcome, Badgers, to the Hufflepuff Quidditch tryouts! If you’re interested in playing, please post in this thread with the form provided. Let’s bring home the Quidditch Cup this year!

M A I N   T E A M

Beater: Jari Trickett
Chaser: Holden Emerson [CC]
Chaser: Hyacinth Reed [C]
Keeper: Jae Kim*
Seeker: Aase Trickett-Cassoway

Name [Year]: Your character’s name and Year in school.
First-choice position: If more people want a position than there are spots available then the RP sample/ IC suitability, the second-choice preferences, and the driver of the chosen Captain (or Co-Captain) will determine which position is awarded. If no Captain (or Co-Captain) is chosen before an IC match is played, the positions will be determined by the Hogwarts Admin.
Second-choice position: Your back-up choice.
Would you like to be considered for Captain?: Please note that at least two years (preferably more) of prior IC experience on the Hufflepuff Quidditch team is required. This may be retconned if appropriate but must be in the character’s sheet. Final decision will be made by the Hogwarts Admin.
RP sample: You may write this as though your character is taking part in the tryout in real-time, or provide a sample from a prior played-out Quidditch match that the character participated in.

Code: [Select]
[color=#655706][puff]Name [Year]:[/puff]
[puff]First-choice position:[/puff]
[puff]Second-choice position:[/puff]
[puff]Would you like to be considered for Captain?:[/puff]
[puff]RP sample:[/puff]

G A M E   S C H E D U L E
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Jari Trickett [ Board Mod ]
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Re: Hufflepuff Quidditch
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Name [Year]: @Jari Trickett
First-choice position: Beater
Second-choice position: Any!
Would you like to be considered for Captain?: not this term <33
RP sample:

Honestly, a year ago, Jari would have never thought he would be here, trying out for Quidditch, but here he was and excited didn't even begin to cover it. The teenage wizard wasn't the greatest at flying, but he loved games and especially those he got to play with friends. Team sports were right up his alley, especially now that he'd learned not to fall from his broom every few feet. It would be a lie to say that both Aase and Abby were trying out had nothing to do with it. It had quite a lot to do with it; actually, he loved to hang out with them and what better way to do it than by also showing off his house pride. Jari absolutely loved being a Hufflepuff, and with a little courage and a lot of luck, he hoped to do his house proud this term.

There were quite a few people on the pitch this afternoon, both those trying out and those spectating, but he decided to not let it distract him. He tried to keep his eye on the quaffle, and his body firmly attached to his broom as they ran some scrimmages. He nearly slipped a few times, but the teachings of Professor Blevins always kept him intact. She had an odd way of doing things, but it had seriously helped Jari learn how to fly and how to get better at it. He'd practiced all of the last terms, and it was certainly paying off. He was evidently far from the best out there, but he had a lot of heart, and he was adequate based on his age and lack of experience. Like most wizards his age, he'd been obsessing over Quidditch for some time, but this would be his first year on the team (if he made it).

Jari rooted on his friends and even the students he barely knew as they got their chance to show off their moves and take a shot at the keeper hopefuls. He was a good sport, always would be, and when the time came for him to show off what he could do, he took a deep breath, tightened his grip on the broom, and took off like a rocket. Catching the quaffle as he passed by the little group of students hovering off the center of the pitch, he made his run. It still felt awkward to tuck the brown ball under his arm, but he would grow to it in time. He thought about trying to be fancy and doing some trick shot, but he knew he'd end up overthinking it and making some mistake. Instead, he kept it simple and chucked the ball at the left hoop hoping by some miracle it'd make it in.

Aase Trickett-Cassoway [ Hufflepuff ]
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Re: Hufflepuff Quidditch
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oops I could have sworn I did this ages ago when I was putting all this together for the new term >>

Name [Year]: Aase Trickett-Cassoway
First-choice position: Seeker
Second-choice position: Chaser or Keeper
Would you like to be considered for Captain?: next term! not enough IC experience just yet
RP sample: {From November 2002's Gryffindor vs. Hufflepuff}
As she resumed her scanning flight pattern, she spotted Toby in her peripheral vision and felt a ripple of relief. With any luck, he’d not only be able to deflect anything that came her way, but he also might have an opportunity to turn a Bludger back on the Gryffindors and keep them busy. She certainly didn’t want anyone hurt, of course… just too distracted to properly look for the Snitch.

She had just completed a rollback turn to swiftly change direction when a deafening CRACK sounded from somewhere behind her, where she’d last seen Toby. Habitually, she quickly glanced in his direction so as to make sure she wasn’t in imminent danger of being inadvertently concussed or decapitated – and her heart stalled. The whistle had blown to signal another goal, but Aase wasn’t paying the slightest attention as to whom had scored.

There, by his foot!!

She had hesitated for no longer than the span of three heartbeats as her brain worked to catch up, but somehow it felt like eons. It seemed to happen in slow-motion – and then, quite suddenly, everything jumped straight to double-speed. The next thing she knew she was rocketing towards her teammate, silently hoping he’d managed to place that Bludger somewhere in the vicinity of the opposing Seeker. Aase couldn’t afford to look; in truth, she was reluctant to even blink for fear of losing sight of the speck of gold.

For an instant, caught up in the thrill of being so close to the Snitch, Aase completely forgot everything she’d practiced so diligently over the past few weeks. She got hasty. Instead of a controlled and strategic approach, she took a wild swipe at the tiny golden ball when she was barely an arm’s length away, desperate to close her fingers around it – and missed entirely, nearly unseating herself in the process which forced her to swerve sharply to recover. She inhaled sharply as she did so, unconsciously gripping her broom handle so tightly that her knuckles turned white. But somehow – with a fouetté-turn-like head-swivel that may even have made her cousin Soléy proud – the dark-haired Trickett managed to keep an eye on the elusive object.

Yanking her broom around as quickly as she could, the Fourth Year shot off in hot pursuit, mentally kicking herself the entire way. She knew what to do; they’d practiced so many times, but she’d still managed to lose her head entirely and get ahead of herself as soon as she got within range. She was annoyed, but did her best to put it out of her mind; at least until the end of the match. After all, how could she expect to be successful when she was too busy beating herself up over her mistakes?

By this point in the match, a few of the shorter pieces of her hair had thrown in the towel; worked free from her ponytail and dampened by the mist yet perpetually tousled by the wind, they now whipped at her face like tiny vines with entirely too much ‘snap’ for their own good. One even caught her rather smartly right in the eye – or, rather, what would have been her eye if not for her goggles. Thank goodness she’d taken that upperclassman’s advice and worn the silly-looking things…

The small Hufflepuff’s frustrations were a roller-coaster, heightening as the distance between herself and the Snitch grew and plummeting as she closed the gap. She had initially worried about running into the other players on the pitch, but just a few minutes of this high-speed pursuit was proof enough that people cleared out of the way pretty quickly when the match was down to the wire.

Aase zigged and zagged as the Snitch zagged and zigged, clinging on for dear life when she did one or the other a bit too overzealously in her desperation to keep just ahead of the Gryffindor Seeker. She tried to make herself as small and as streamlined as possible, her chest nearly glued to her broom as she urged it forward under her breath. Her back was beginning to ache with the effort and her fingers had gone numb a long time ago – but there’d be time enough to sit by the fire and stretch her stiff and tired muscles.

Finally she’d managed to close the gap more than she had to-date, and she knew this was it. She couldn’t fend off her opponent for much longer; her adrenaline surge was waning, threatening to leave pure exhaustion in its wake. All she could hear was a roaring in her ears that was either coming from her blood or the wind or both; all she felt was the sting of the wind (and her hair) on her cheeks; all she saw was the flutter of silver-white wings. She let the sensations consume her, drive her forward.

A few times she hesitantly lifted her hand from the broom but quickly retracted it again. Not too hasty; she wouldn’t make the same mistake again.

Two feet away.

Releasing her dominant hand from her broom she waited, poised, for the Snitch to come into range. Her whole arm began to ache with the effort, but Aase set her jaw and breathed through it, chanting a mantra in her mind.
‘Almost there. Almost there. Almost there.’

One foot away.

Now her steering hand had begun to cramp with how tightly she was clutching her broom. She ground her teeth harder, trying to make the ache in her jaw worse than the ache in her arms. A similar concept had helped her concussion headaches, oddly enough.

Just inches, now. She reached out…

Suddenly the Snitch banked hard to the right, but Aase was already there. Quick as a cat, and before she could quite register what she’d actually done, the Fourth Year felt the sudden presence of smooth, cool metal in her palm.

It was though someone had cast a Sonorous Charm: the crowd erupted, so loudly that she felt it vibrate deep in her chest. And Aase, beaming, raised her gently-closed fist high in the air, the Snitch’s madly-fluttering wings tickling her fingers. Dizzy with exhaustion, relief, and exhilaration all crashing down on her at once, she laughed out loud and promptly flopped down on the muddy pitch.

They’d done it!!
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Jae Kim [ Hufflepuff ]
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Re: Hufflepuff Quidditch
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Name [Year]: Jae Kim
First-choice position: Keeper
Second-choice position: Chaser/Beater
Would you like to be considered for Captain?: no
RP sample:

(will fill this in soon!)