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Hyacinth Reed [ Hufflepuff ]
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Girls just wanna have fun! [open]
« on: December 17, 2020, 03:26:31 AM »
It was the night before they left for Christmas, so Hyacinth and her friends had planned something special in the commons. It was girls’ night! She was very excited. She had baked a few batches of cookies for the occasion, and had taken several bags of crisps from the kitchens with fizzy drinks, ice-cold pumpkin juice, and a thermos of hos chocolate. She had brought down her full supply of hair elastics and nail polish, and was cosy on the common room floor with her feetie pajamas, pillow, and blanket.

“Aase, stop wiggling!” She scolded playfully, trying to hold her roommate’s foot still as she carefully went over her toenails with a second coat of pearlescent blue polish. She had a white and silver polish pen for nail art, and planned on drawing a few swoops over the nail once it was dry, before she put the topcoat on.

“So, are you excited for Christmas and New Years this year?” She asked. She left out the part about her own plans. She was going to the Reinhardt Christmas party with Rowen, but spending most of the time with her sister in Azalea’s apartment. She loved her youngest older sister more than the others. They had always been close.

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Re: Girls just wanna have fun! [open]
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“Ahh I can’t help it – it tickles!” Aase squeaked, squirming in place (but keeping her foot as still as possible) as Hyacinth readjusted her grip on her foot. Being ticklish was highly inconvenient…

To distract herself she plucked a square of the gingerbread she’d made from the plate, cupping her free hand underneath to catch the crumbs before popping those into her mouth as well. the dark-haired Trickett wasn’t typically one to brag… but she made a delicious gingerbread, if she did say so herself. Her back was to the merrily-crackling fire; once she’d finished her gingerbread she leaned back slightly, hands splayed behind her, and closed her eyes dreamily as the warmth washed over her shoulders and top of her head.

“Mhm, always,” she replied, opening an eye just enough to peek at Hyacinth, still intent on her work. “We have a big party every year with as much of the family as can make it, usually at my grandparents’ in Tinworth. We call it ‘Trickmas’.” She grinned. Learning that she was part of such a large family was among Aase’s best memories.
“What about you guys?” she asked the group at large.

Spotting Hyacinth’s bag of hair-ties, she reached for them and began sifting through. Aase herself had a few, but none were anywhere near as fun as her friend’s collection.
“Soléy, want me to braid your hair?” she offered, wiping her hands on a napkin then wiggling her fingers. “No gingerbread crumbs, promise!”
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Re: Girls just wanna have fun! [open]
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Girls' night was such an awesome idea! This was probably one of the best things she'd done all school year. It had been a rough year and she was ready to go home. How thoughtful it was of the older Hufflepuff girls to invite her. It meant so much to her that when they invited her, she couldn't help but jump onto them with a big hug. She needed this. It was nice to be reminded that she was wanted and had friends.

"I'm going to stay with my oldest brother!" Patty didn't hesitate to chime into the conversation. "He's an artist! Does lots of drawings. I'll see if I can bring some of his work back for everyone."

"You know, Hyacinth," she sighed a little frustrated. "I know my name is Patience but I don't have much patience for my nails." She was trying to paint her nails alternating red and green with white dots. What she hadn't thought of was securing her hair back before she began so her loose long blonde hair continued to fall into her face. Her nails had been messed up twice already because ahe HAD to get her hair back. It was frustrating she had to start over so many times now.

"Could you braid my hair for me with this poofy braids I've seen you do? The inside-out ones. I've always wanted to wear them," she continued on addressing Hyacinth while Wini and Aase had their own conversation. Patty adored the older Hufflepuff. She was so gentle and sincere. She was smart too. Those were just a few things that Patty admired about her. Secretly, she aspired to be like her.

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Re: Girls just wanna have fun! [open]
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Soléy's contribution for a 'snack' was Cornish honey cake with heavy clotted cream, the only thing she learned how to bake from her mum. She's supposed to bake it for Christmas this year as well, so tonight was good practice in case something went wrong for the actual day. They were all lazing comfortably by the fire, and Soléy glared at Benji, an annoying presence in her year who looked like he might've wanted to come over, before turning her attention back to the girls.

"And sadly in most cases all of them can," Soléy commented dryly at Aase's mention of Trickmas. It was no surprise that she didn't always enjoy all of their family' traditions– she wasn't the most 'Trickett-like' Trickett of the bunch, and she's always had a terrible time fitting in when she was still growing up. Even now she found it sort of awkward to be affectionate to most of the adults when that window of opportunity has already passed; it really wouldn't be appropriate for her to sit on Uncle Alberich's lap at her age now.

Still, it was sort of nice to have concrete plans and traditions for the holidays instead of wondering what she'd do instead. Soléy liked the stability and constant nature of her large family. "What about you, Hyacinth? Any fancy parties this year?" She tried to keep the jealousy out of her voice; she knew Hyacinth had a whole other group of friends from other pureblooded families who often thought they were better than everyone else. She shook out her glossy blonde hair and nestled deeper into the velvet pouf she was leaning against, angling her head so that Aase could braid her hair. Typical of Slytherins.

She glanced at Patience from the corner of her eye, "I didn't know your older brother was an artist. Is he any good?" Of course, she didn't even know Patience had an older brother, but she made a promise at the start of the year that she'd try to be nicer to the younger students in their house, and she intended to make good on that promise.

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